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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Kaname Event 3: Special Place (English Translation)

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Ema: Hah….
Juli: What’s wrong, Chii? Sighing heavily like that.
Ema: It’s nothing….
Juli: Are you really alright? Lately you’ve been zoning out a lot.
Ema: I’m fine, I’m fine! Sorry to make you worried. Shall we go take a bath and sleep soon?
Juli: …As I thought you’re a bit strange. Earlier after dinner, Tsubaki told you to watch a late-night anime and you agreed to do so, didn’t you?
Ema: Ah–… y-yeah. You’re right….
Ema: (Right, today the anime where Tsubaki-san is casted in will be broadcasted… so I was thinking to watch it….)
Juli: Chii, if you’re feeling unwell, isn’t better to have Masaomi check on you? …Even though I resent to have you get examined by that dunce.
Ema: Ahaha, I’m alright, Juli.
Ema: But, I should be more careful about my health and sleep early. I feel bad for Tsubaki-san, though….
Juli: You won’t die even if you don’t watch anime. So obviously it’s preferable that you rest soon.
Ema: Ahaha….
Ema: (It’s Juli who said it but…. Certainly, maybe I act a bit strange lately.)
Ema: (Since the summer trip, I become more aware about Kaname-san….)
Ema: (Like during tonight’s dinner….)

Kaname: Hey, Imouto-chan. Can you pass over that soy sauce to me?
Ema: ….
Kaname: Ooi, Imouto-chan?
Ema: Y-yes…!? W-what is it?
Kaname: Hm, that over there. I want you to pass the soy sauce over to me.
Ema: Soy sauce, o-okay, I’m sorry. Right, here you go.
Kaname: Thanks.
Ema: …-!
Yusuke: Whoa-!?
Ema: Ah…. I-I’m sorry, Yusuke-kun! Did I spill the soy sauce onto you?
Yusuke: Ah, it’s just on my arm.
Ema: I… my hand slipped….
Kaname: Alright, Yu-chan. Wipe off the soy sauce with this.
Yusuke: Oh, thanks, Kana-nii. …Wait, this my t-shirt, isn’t it?! Where did you take it from!?
Kaname: It’s-a-secret ♪
Ema: Y-Yusuke-kun, there’s wet tissues here… so wipe it with these?
Ema: I’m really sorry….
Yusuke: D-don’t feel so down…. I’m alright so don’t worry about it.
End of Flashback

Ema: (That time…as I was about to hand over the soy sauce to Kaname-san, my fingers brush against his….)
Ema: (I did something bad to Yusuke-kun, who sat between us….)
Juli: Hm? Who is it, at this hour? Chii, be careful.
Ema: Ahaha, it’s alright.
Ema: Yees, I’ll open it now.
Ema: …-!
Kaname: Good evening.
Ema: K-Kaname-san….
Kaname: I’m sorry for visiting at this hour. Can I have a moment?
Ema: …W-What is it…?
Ema: (What to do…for the real person to suddenly appear like this….)
Kaname: Whoa, please don’t put up a look that plainly says you hate it. I feel a bit hurt~
Ema: I-I didn’t put a hating look…!
Ema: (It’s just… somehow, this feels awkward….)
Kaname: Really?
Ema: R-Really!
Kaname: Then that’s fine. Actually, I want to invite you for a drive. I want to be accompanied right now.
Ema: A drive!? Right now…!?
Kaname: Yeah. I’ll take you to a good place.
Ema: A good place….
Kaname: Huh? Seems like you’re doubting me?
Ema: …Well, yeah….
Kaname: Whoa, you don’t even beat around the bush. I’m hurt~
Kaname: It’s a good place with an amazing view. That’s why, I want to show it to Imouto-chan.
Ema: ….
Kaname: If you think that I’m being suspicious, you can notify Kyo-nii before leaving.  Then, after 30 minutes he’ll contact us. How does that sound?
Ema: (To a place where he really want to take me to that he even make such requisites….)

1: Go with him (hearts)
2: As expected it’s impossible

1: Go with him
Ema: … If you even went so far to say that.
Ema: (He even say to notify Ukyo-san, so I guess it’s alright…?)
Kaname: Really?
Ema: Yeah….
Kaname: Haha, thank goodness.
Kaname: This is because since we returned from the trip, Imouto-chan seems to act cold toward me. I was worried that you’ll turn me down.
Ema: (Eh…. Even a person like Kaname-san feels worried…?)
Kaname: Well then, I’ll go notify Kyo-nii about it. Imouto-chan, go get ready, okay?
Ema: Ah… I can leave right away.
Ema: (Will it be alright to tell Juli about it, I wonder….)
Kaname: Huh? Is that so?
Ema: Yeah. Besides…it’s alright not to notify Ukyo-san about it.
Kaname: …Hmm? Do I finally gain some of your trust?
Ema: …I-I’m just thinking that we’ll trouble Ukyo-san if we go to his room at this hour…!
Kaname: Fufu. Is that your indirect way of criticizing me about coming to your room at this hour?
Ema: Eh…-? Ah, no, that’s not it…!
Kaname: I’m sorry. But, putting the troubling part aside, there’s a value in taking you to that place, so I want you to see it.
Kaname: Let’s go then. You definitely won’t regret it.

2: As expected it’s impossible
Ema: E-eerh… I’m sorry but I can’t today. S-Soon… I’m going to watch the anime that Tsubaki-san casted in….
Kaname: …Haha, I see. Then there’s no helping it.
Ema: (After all… with this kind of mood, I can’t go together with Kaname-san….)
Kaname: Sorry for asking you the impossible. Then, good night. See you tomorrow.
Ema: Yeah… good night.

Continue for Choice 1
Ema: W-whoa…!!
Kaname: See, it’s pretty, isn’t it? Surprised?
Ema: Yes! This is the first time I see such a beautiful night view…!
Kaname: Good thing that you like it. This is my secret place, after all.
Kaname: I never tell anyone about it. Only special to Imouto-chan.
Ema: Eh…?
Ema: (Only special…to me?)
Kaname: I said it before, but you acted cold since the trip. So this is an apology for hurting you back then.
Ema: (… A-apology…! G-geez. This guy is really…!)
Ema: E-even though you said that…. Aren’t you actually always taking ladies to come here?
Kaname: Nothing less from Imouto-chan, you saw through me?
Ema: …-! S-so it’s really like that after all!
Kaname: Now, now, I’m just kidding. You’re really the first person I ever brought here.
Ema: …I can’t, believe that….
Kaname: Haha~! You’re really blunt about it. …Aah, I see. Could it be….
Ema: …?
Kaname: You’re jealous, aren’t you?
Ema: W-why do I have to…-! Or rather, who’s jealous!?
Kaname: I see, I see. That makes me a little happy.
Ema: Really, I’m not jealous at all!
Kaname: But, you’re becoming conscious of me, aren’t you?
Ema: Eh…?
Kaname: At least it’s enough to make you drop the soy sauce when our fingers touch.
Ema: (Wha…! He realized what happened during today’s dinner….)
Kaname: Haha~! Sorry, sorry. Was I being too mean with my words? Please don’t get angry.
Ema: (Geez, it’s bad… I’m so embarrassed…!)
Kaname: Beside… I feel bad that you’re angry, but, your face is really adorable right now.
Ema: Wha…!
Kaname: I’m weak against that kind of look. …Hey, can I kiss you once again?
Ema: K-Kaname-san…w-what are you saying…?
Kaname: Just like that time at the beach…once again. Please…?
Ema: Y-You can’t…!
Kaname: Why not? Kissing with me feels really bad?
Ema: Good or bad or whatnot… is not the problem here…!
Ema: (That’s not the problem… W-What’s the meaning of this?)
Ema: (Or rather, w-why is Kaname-san doing something like this…?)
Ema: (What to do… what should I do… my head is spinning….)
Kaname: You know, I was really happy. Kissing with you.
Ema: …-!?
Kaname: That’s why…please?
Ema: (…I-It’s impossible after all!!)
Ema: U-uhm! S-shall we go home now? If Ukyo-san notices that I’m not around, I think he’ll get worried!
Kaname: It was you who said that it’s alright not to notify Ukyo-san, though? To begin with, I think he won’t immediately think that we will be going out at this kind of hour.
Ema: (…T-That’s right!)
Ema: B-beside…today, the late night anime where Tsubaki-san played a role in is being broadcasted….
Kaname: Right now, Tsuba-chan has nothing to do with this, right?
Ema: (U-Ugh….)
Kaname: Hey, Imouto-chan. Isn’t it against the rules that you speak of another man’s name when you’re with me?
Ema: (Eh…-!?)
Ema: Hya………-!!!
Kaname: Fuh….
Ema: P… please stop this, Kaname-san-!
Kaname: Don’t wanna. I won’t stop, okay.
Ema: It…It tickles…!
Kaname: Mm, that’s because I want to tickle you. Because it seems like my little sister here needs a little punishment.
Ema: (A little punishment-… what!?)
Kaname: Your ears are weak? Is this the first time this spot gets touched by a man’s tongue?
Ema: …-!
Kaname: Answer me?
Ema: It’s, my first time…. That’s why, please… let me go already, Kaname-san!
Kaname: Then, once again will you kiss with me… shall we?
Ema: (K-Kaname-san… is he doing it for real…!?)
Kaname: …Hey, Ema. Let’s do it…?
Ema: (…-!)
Ema: (H-huh…?)
Kaname: Well. Shall we go home?
Ema: …E-Eh!?
Ema: (That, just now, nothing happened…right?)
Kaname: What, you were letting out strange noise just now.You want to watch Tsuba-chan’s anime, don’t you?
Ema: …???
Ema: Y-Yes….
Ema: (After that, Kaname-san accompanied me until my room, but…. I was so nervous that I couldn’t look at Kaname-san’s face….)
Ema: (Saying ‘let’s kiss’, then suddenly stopping…. Just what is Kaname-san thinking, I don’t think I can understand it….)

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