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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Hikaru Event 2: Dinner Together (English Translation)

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Ema: (Alright. Time to get preparations for dinner.)
Hikaru: Good evening.
Ema: Huh? Good evening, Hikaru-san. So you came to visit?
Hikaru: I’m sure you’d notice by looking at me that I came by during work. By the way, what’s for dinner?
Ema: Today’s dinner is fried chicken with stir-fried vegetables. I intended to make corn soup with an egg.
Hikaru: Hm? So your making it yourself today?
Ema: Yeah. I usually make it with Ukyo-san but apparently he’s going to come home late today.
Hikaru: So you intend to make it all by yourself?
Ema: Its not really a problem…
Hikaru: It’s a huge job for one person like yourself. Are you sure you’re up for that task?
Hikaru: What about everyone else? Are they not capable of lending a helping hand?
Ema: U-Um, I don’t really mind. I like to do it anyway.
Hikaru: Even so…
Ema: It really is fine. Besides…
Hikaru: Hm?
Ema: Um, I’m not sure how to say this but… no one else but Ukyo-san is all that great at cooking.
Hikaru: Ah, I see. So in other words, anyone else helping out would just be a hassle, no?
Ema: I-I wouldn’t put it that way…!
Hikaru: Oh? Is that not it?
Ema: Uhh…
Hikaru: Ahahaha! You really are honest.
Hikaru: To be honest I’m hungry as well. How about I help with dinner instead?
Ema: Do you cook your own meals, Hikaru-san?
Hikaru: Nope.
Ema: What?
Hikaru: I hate to say it but my best dish would be cup noodles.
Ema: Um, Hikaru-san? It’s okay if you just watch TV in the living room. It won’t take me long to make it.
Hikaru: Thank you! I’ll do just that~!
Ema: (There. It was a bit of work for just myself but I managed! Oh, I wonder if this is enough chicken…?!)
Hikaru: Looks good! I can’t wait to eat.
Wataru: Hehe.
Ema: You look really happy, Wataru-chan.
Wataru: Yeah! Cause we’re together with Hikarun today!
Hikaru: Ah, how nice of you to say. Here! For being such a good child I’ll give you some of my fried chicken. You better eat it all!
Wataru: Thank you, Hikarun!
Ema: (I wonder if Hikaru-san gets along with everyone else? He seems to adore Wataru-chan. And he talks fairly well with Kaname-san…)
Ema: (Ah, but no so much with Ukyo-san…)
Hikaru: Speaking of which, you are a high school student aren’t you, Ema?
Ema: Yeah I am.
Hikaru: So do you by any chance go to Hinode High School?
Ema: Hm…? H-How did you figure that out?
Hikaru: When I first saw you I noticed your uniform. It was a pretty nostalgic feeling.
Ema: (Nostalgic…?)
Hikaru: That reminds me, isn’t Yusuke enrolled there as well?
Tsubaki: That’s right. Not to mention Yusuke and Ema are both in the same class!
Hikaru: Oh really? That means classmates becoming family. Amazing! Its as they say, a fact is stranger than fiction.
Hikaru: How lucky for you, Yusuke!
Yusuke: What’s that supposed to mean?!
Hikaru: Ah, there’s no need to raise your voice now! Ahaha!
Yusuke: Tch…
Hikaru: So as a high school girl there must be different types of clothes you like, right?
Ema: Huh?
Hikaru: Is there something trending at your school? Do you have a boyfriend?
Hikaru: Who’s your favorite celebrity? What type of music do you listen to?
Ema: U-Um…!
Kaname: Now, Hii-chan. I think you’re overwhelming her a bit.
Tsubaki: That’s right! You’re troubling our cute little sister!
Hikaru: What do you mean? I’m just asking a few questions.
Hikaru: You guys live together so you can speak to her anytime. Thats not the case for me.
Tsubaki: Don’t force yourself to answer, Ema!
Ema: (Should I answer Hikaru-san’s questions…?)

1: Answer them. (hearts)
2: It’s a bit overwhelming.

1: Answer them.
Ema: It’s okay, Tsubaki-san. I’d also like to speak with Hikaru-san.
Hikaru: Hehe, such a good girl. It’s so kind of you to say so.
Hikaru: Now, will you go ahead and answer my questions?
Ema: Um, do you think you could repeat them? There were quite a few.

2: It’s a bit overwhelming.
Ema: (It was a bit overwhelming to be questioned like that all at once.)
Tsubaki: See! You did overwhelm her!
Ema: No, its okay. I was just a bit surprised. So what were you saying?

Hikaru: I’d like to hear about your high school life as a girl!
Azusa: Why would you want to hear about something like that?
Hikaru: I’ve decided to gather some info. It’s not so easy to talk to high school girls at this age of mine.
Ema: Gather info…?
Hikaru: That’s right. I write novels so I need to gather info.
Ema: Novels…?
Kaname: Yep. His occupation is a novelist under the pen name “Asakawa Hikaru”.
Ema: So that means you’re a novelist?!%
Hikaru: It’s not all that special. I’m not the most notable writer out there.
Ema: But if you’re a novelist then that means you write books and they get published.
Hikaru: I suppose so.
Ema: That’s amazing! I’d like to read some of your works!
Hikaru: Oh? Hmm, I doubt it’d be a genre that’d perkthe interest of a high school girl though.
Hikaru: Well, there are few volumes here so be sure to check them out when you can.
Ema: I will!
Ema: (It really is nice to hear about everyone’s different work styles.)
Hikaru: Oh, I almost forgot! How about telling me the answer to those questions, Ema?
Kaname: Hii-chan, you’ve had enough chitchat. It’s about time I got my turn!
Hikaru: Huh? I’ve yet to hear her answers. You always get your chance to talk, Kaname.
Wataru: I wanna talk with her too! Today, I got a perfect score on my test today! Aren’t I smart?
Tsubaki: Isn’t it past your bed time? Anyway, Ema. I have a new role as a butler in an upcoming anime.
Wataru: You’re mean, Tsu-kun! Its not time for me to go to bed yet! I have plenty of time to talk!
Ema: U-Um…?
Azusa: If you all talk to her at once, there’s no way Ema can answer.
Iori: I agree with Azusa-nii. You shouldn’t trouble her so much.
Hikaru: Hmm, I see. So you all must find her pretty important.
Ema: Hm? What was that, Hikaru-san?
Hikaru: Don’t worry about it. I’m just a bit interested in you is all.
Ema: You’re interested in me…?
Hikaru: Don’t mind it too much. But from here on out I wouldn’t mind spending some time for dinner again.
Hikaru: I give you my best regards until then.
Ema: R-Right…
Ema: (I wonder what he meant by those last words…)
Ema: (Hikaru-san seems to be a very peculiar person…)

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