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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Masaomi Event 5: On The Day Of The Culture Festival (English Translation)

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Wataru: Oneechan!
Ema: Wataru-chan? Are you here to see me?
Wataru: Yep! Maa-kun is here, too!
Masaomi: How is the cafe? Is it doing well?
Ema: Masaomi-san…!
Ema: Yes, thanks to the both of you! I’m glad you came!
Wataru: Oneechan became an Usa-tan! How cute! So cute!
Ema: Oh, you mean my bunny ears?
Wataru: Yeah! They suit you! Right, Maa-kun?
Masaomi: They’re really cute.
Ema: (I’m glad to hear him say that but… it makes me a little nervous…)
Masaomi: Is everyone working here wearing bunny ears?
Ema: Only the females have ears. But because of that, the cafe’s been busy since it opened.
Masaomi: …Because of that?
Ema: Yes, the customers took a lot of pictures…
Masaomi: …Pictures?!
Ema: Y-yes…
Ema: (Wh-what’s going on, why does Masaomi-san look so serious?)
Wataru: Hey, Oneechan, can we go together?
Ema: Yeah, I’d just about started my break.
Wataru: Yay! Let’s go! We’ll bring Yuu-kun, too!
Masaomi: Just as Wataru said, it’d be great if we see the festival together.
Ema: Of course! But…what about Yusuke-kun…
Masaomi: Hmm…I’d expected him to be here, but he isn’t…
Ema: Oh, I think he took his break earlier, so he could be with his friends now…
Ema: Yes.
Ema: (Wataru-chan is enjoying himself, and Masaomi-san thought I was cute… I have to thank Maho-chan for this…)
Wataru: Culture festivals are fun! I wanna get into high school, too!
Ema: (Yep, he’s having fun. Oh, someone’s coming!)
Mahoko: Hina, you on break? W-what’s with this kid? He’s adorable!
Wataru: ……?
Ema: Maho-chan!
Mahoko: Hey, don’t tell me he’s yours!
Ema: I-it’s not like that!
Masaomi: Haha, what an interesting friend you’ve got!
Mahoko: The father?
Masaomi: Absolutely not!
Wataru: Maa-kun is my brother, you know!
Mahoko: Your brother?
Ema: I’ll introduce them. Masaomi-san is the eldest brother. And Wataru-chan is the youngest.
Masaomi: My name’s Masaomi Asahina. Thanks for taking care of Yusuke and my sister.  Wataru, go greet her as well.
Wataru: I’m Wataru Asahina!
Mahoko: Nice to meet you! I’m Hina’s friend, Mahoko Imai!
Wataru: Hina?
Mahoko: It’s just what I call your sister. I got it from her surname, “Hinata”.
Mahoko: And amazingly, there’s “Hina” in “Asahina”, too, so it works even better!
Wataru: Wow, that’s so cool! I hope we can be good friends, Maho-Maho!
Mahoko: Maho-Maho?! Aah, he’s cuter the more you look at him!
Ema: Haha.
Mahoko: So, who’s your favorite?
Ema: Huh? Wh-what are you talking about?
Mahoko: Just tell me!
Ema: What favorite…?
Mahoko: Okay, let’s try this: who do you want to see the festival with?
Ema: Oh um…
Ema: I guess…Masaomi-san…
Mahoko: I knew it.
Ema: …Ooh.
Masaomi: Er…
Ema: Oh, um, it’s nothing! Ahaha…
Mahoko: Hey, Wataru-kun, we’ve got cotton candy over here, wanna come with me?
Wataru: Cotton candy?! I wanna eat!
Mahoko: Okay, shall we go?
Mahoko: Hina, I’ll be borrowing Wataru-kun, okay?
Ema: Ma-Maho-chan…?!
Masaomi: …They’re gone.
Ema: (Just as Wataru-chan was headed away, Maho-chan turned back and mouthed, “Take your time.” Honestly…)
Masaomi: Ema-chan? What is it?
Ema: Oh, it’s nothing! Do you want to get some cotton candy, too?
Masaomi: I don’t mind, but…
Ema: ……?
Masaomi: I kind of wanted you to take me around the school. It’s been a while since I’d seen a culture festival, so I hoped we could see things together.
Masaomi: …Don’t you want to?
Ema: …Oh, it’s not that. Sure, let’s go!
Ema: (I’m so happy my family came to see me during a school event…)
Ema: (And seeing the culture festival with Masaomi-san will serve as a good memory!)

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