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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Kaname Event 2: On The Beach At Night (English Translation)

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Ema: (A lot of things happened today….)
Ema: (I was surprised to hear that Wataru-chan went missing, but I’m really glad nothing bad happened.)
Ema: (That aside… somehow I just can’t fall asleep…. Even though my body feels tired, my eyes are wide awake.)
Ema: (Maybe… it’s because of Kaname-san…. I just can not stop thinking about Kaname-san….)
Ema: (The feeling of being embraced by his large arms still won’t disappear….)
Ema: (Hmm, I guess it’s bad for me to drink three cups of coffee after dinner.)
Ema: (Talking to everyone is fun that I stayed way longer than I should in the living room….)
Ema: (Aah, it’s no good…! If I keep thinking too much, then my eyes will stay clear. What to do….)

Kaname: Huh? Imouto-chan? What are you doing at this hour?
Ema: ! … Kaname-san.
Ema: Well…I just…can’t fall asleep. Kaname-san too, what are you doing here?
Kaname: I was thinking of enjoying the night breeze around here for a little bit. Aah, that’s right. How about you come along too, Imouto-chan?
Ema: Eh…?

1: Come along (hearts)
2: Don’t go

1: Come along
Ema: Ah… alright. If it doesn’t trouble you….
Kaname: Haha. I’m the one who invited you, so of course it’s not a trouble! Well then, let’s go.
Ema: … Yes.

2: Don’t go
Ema: Eerh…. I think I’ll try to lie down again. I want to wake up early so I can play again tomorrow….
Kaname: Haha, is that so. It’ll be nice if you can sleep soon.
Ema: I’m sorry, even though you offered it to me.
Kanamem: It’s fine. Then, I’ll go out now. Good night, see you tomorrow.
Ema: Yes, good night.
Ema: (Maybe it’s rude for me to turn him down…)

Continue for choice 1
Kaname: It’s a good thing that the rain had stopped.
Ema: Yes…. The night breeze also feels nice.
Kaname: You’re right.
Ema: ….
Kaname: ….
Ema: (A gentle breezes blows, brought along with the sound of waves.)
Ema: (Tonight Kaname-san seems to talk less… his expression as he gazes at the sea is very gentle.)
Ema: (I feel like this is my first time seeing such expression on Kaname-san….)
Kaname: Hey…. it’s alright if you want to laugh and think it’s nonsense.
Ema: …Yes?
Kaname: I love the the sea at night.
Ema: The sea…at night?
Kaname: Yeah. When it becomes so dark, the boundary line between the sky and the sea seems disappear, see? Throwing everything out to the vast sky, and my heart seems to be groundless…it feels kind of nice.
Ema: It feels nice to…feel that your heart is groundless?
Kaname: Yeah. Standing in a place where you can feel the power of nature like this…. It makes you fully aware that humans are powerless, and they only exist because of the blessing of gods.
Kaname: Fussing over small problems then get crushed due to it, is very trifling, I think.
Kaname: That’s why, sometimes just like this, I go and watch the sea at night. I’m able to empty my heart because of it.
Ema: ….
Ema: Kaname-san is….
Kaname: Hm?
Ema: Also thinking about things like that, huh….
Kaname: Hmm? What does that mean?
Ema: It feels kind of unexpected. I was thinking that the inside of Kaname-san’s head is only filled with things about ladies….
Kaname: Eeeh? How cruel. Even though I look like this I’m still a monk, see. I’m usually thinking about world peace and mind peace, and sometimes about the ladies, okay?
Ema: See! So you’re thinking about it too.
Kaname: Haha, I got caught.
Ema: Fufu. …But.
Kaname: Hm?
Ema: About what Kaname-san was talking earlier…. If I throw myself into such a dark place like this, I think I’ll be a bit frightened.
Kaname: Right, it’s frightening.
Kaname: But… it’s alright. Before you start crying in fear, I’ll rescue you.
Ema: Huh…?
Kaname: Just like today when you did all you can to find Wataru despite getting lost…. If anything were to happen to you, I’ll definitely go to save you.
Kaname: Thank you for what happened today. I’m really glad that I get to have a little sister like you.
Ema: (Aah, that’s right. I get it. Even though Kaname-san is usually always laughing lightly and joking around…)
Ema: (Today, somehow he seems… very kind….)
Kaname: Hmm~! Then I guess I’ll enjoy the night sea some more!
Ema: Eh… Kaname-san…? It’s dark, so it’ll be dangerous if you go further into the sea!
Kaname: It’s alright~!
Ema: (The Kaname-san who said that while laughing somehow feels like a little kid…. Knowing another expression of his makes my heart… throbs a bit faster.)
Ema: (…I wonder why…?)
Kaname: Whoa!?
Ema: Eh-…! Ka-Kaname-san!? What’s wrong!?
Kaname: …Puwah!
Kaname: W-whaat…? What’s this, seaweed? I got caught by it and tripped?
Ema: …! Fufu! Kaname-san, you’re dripping wet!
Kaname: What the hell, geez…. That was so uncool of me….
Ema: Fufu, are you alright? If it’s okay with you, you can hold onto my hand.
Kaname: Thanks. But, Imouto-chan. Just now, you were laughing at me?
Ema: Eh~?
Ema: (The hand that I reached out for Kaname-san, is strongly pulled forward. And then….)
Ema: …Puwah!
Kaname: Haha! That’s for laughing at me.
Ema: Wha… t-that’s cruel! Now I got soaked too…!
Kaname: Haha, that’s right! But….
Kaname: It was hot all day so, doesn’t it feel…kind of nice?
Ema: …-!!
Kaname: Huh? What’s wrong, Imouto-chan? Your face is all red. You’re still hot?
Ema: I-i-it’s not hot at all-!!
Kaname: Haha! Well, I got to have my revenge on Imouto-chan, so I guess we should go back to the cottage soon.
Kaname: It’ll be bad if you catch a cold~ ♪
Ema: G-Geez…!
Ema: (He was being rude in some parts, but…. I’m glad that I get to know an unexpected  side of Kaname-san….)
Ema: W-what are you saying… ah–.
Ema: (When I look up, Kaname-san’s face and chest are right before my eyes….)
Ema: (At noon… I suddenly remembered of the time I got embraced by him….)
Ema: (My heart beats so noisily again….)
Kaname: Your face…is all red. You’re still hot?
Ema: I-It’s not hot, at all….
Ema: (At that time…something enters my field of vision.)
Ema: …H-Huh? Kaname-san, that… on your right collarbone, isn’t that….
Kaname: Hm? Aah, this? It’s a tattoo.
Ema: Tattoo? Ah… I just now got a close view of it. Uhm, that’s the Cross, isn’t it?
Kaname: Eh…. Aah, no. This is actually a sword.
Ema: Ah…. I-I see. There’s no way it’s a Cross when you’re a monk…. I’m sorry….
Kaname: ….
Kaname: Hey, Imouto-chan. Just for you, can I tell you a story?
Ema: Eh? What is it…?
Kaname: Something related to the sword.
Kaname: Before, in a play made in England, there’s a line saying that ‘a pen is mightier than a sword’.
Ema: Pen? Sword…?
Kaname: Right. It has a meaning that speech is stronger than mere force.
Kaname: However, there is something stronger than swords or pens in this world.
Ema: (… I wonder why. Kaname-san’s face is slowly getting closer….)
Kaname: And that is―― love.
Ema: (――――?)
Ema: (What….)
Ema: (――――What is happening….)
Kaname: … Mm.
Ema: (Kaname-san’s lips, a…are on my lips….)
Kaname: …Even though, I emptied my heart just now…
Kaname: Now, I want it to be filled with you….
Kaname: Can I…? Ema….
Ema: …-!!!
Kaname: …-! Imouto-chan!?
Ema: (Losing in myself, I thrust Kaname-san away.)
Ema: (Far away――though absorbed by the sound of waves behind me, I feel like Kaname-san is calling out to me…. But, I really can’t turn back now.)
Ema: (I can do nothing but run toward to the cottage….)

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