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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Masaomi Event 2: Summer Memory (English Translation)

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Ema: Phew.
Ema: (Before I knew it, the third day of the trip ended.  I know they say that times pass by fast when you’re  having fun, but to think that the trip will be over by tomorrow…)
Masaomi: Hm? Did you just get out of the bath?
Ema: Ah, Masaomi-san.
Masaomi: The ocean breeze feels nice, doesn’t it.  But be careful so you don’t catch a cold after the bath.
Ema: That’s true, thank you very much.
Masaomi: How was the trip? Did you have fun?
Ema: Yes, I had a lot of fun!
Ema: I had so much fun, it ended in a blink…
Ema: To think we’re going home tomorrow,  I feel somewhat sad.
Masaomi: Yeah, me too. I feel a bit sad too, thinking about how the trip is going to be over soon.
Masaomi: How about it? I was thinking of making some memories. I found something good, so do you want to go the beach with me?
Ema: Something good…is it?
Masaomi: Mhm, I think you’ll like it.
Ema: I see…

1: Accept the offer (hearts)
2: Refuse

1: Accept the offer
Ema: Okay, let’s go together.
Masaomi: Alright. But, like I said earlier, be sure not to catch a cold. If you feel cold, tell me right away, okay?
Ema: Okay, I’ll do that. …Even so, Masaomi-san, are you going to be alright with a t-shirt?
Masaomi: Mhm. Actually, I just got out of the bath too, so I thought it would be a good idea to cool down.
Masaomi: Well then, let’s go. The beach at night is dark, so watch your feet.
Ema: (Masaomi-san certainly is kind…)

2: Refuse
Ema: Sorry, I’m a bit tired today, so I was thinking of going to sleep.
Masaomi: I see. Mm, don’t worry about it. There’s tomorrow too, so going to bed early may be better.
Ema: That’s true. Good night.
Masaomi: Good night.

Continue for choice 1
Masaomi: Hm, I wonder if this area’s good.
Ema: …?
Ema: That reminds me, earlier you mentioned about finding something good. What is it?  It’s whatever is in that bag, right?
Ema: Wow! Fireworks!!
Ema: That reminds me, although we came all the way to the ocean-side, we haven’t played with them.
Ema: I like fireworks, so this makes me happy!
Masaomi: I’m glad you like them. Let’s start then.
Ema: Okay.
Masaomi: It’s pretty, isn’t it.
Ema: Yes, it is…
Masaomi: To tell the truth…
Ema: …Yes?
Masaomi: I was planning to invite Wataru as well, but he went to sleep first…  Are you okay with just the two of us?
Ema: (How should I reply Masaomi-san…?)

1: Bring Wataru along next time
2: It’s fine (hearts)

1: Bring Wataru along next time
Ema: It would be nice to bring Wataru along to play with fireworks next time.
Masaomi: That’s true. Not just Wataru, we should bring everyone along next time.
Ema: Yes! It would so much fun!
Masaomi: Mhm, it’ll be fun.

2: It’s fine
Ema: It’s fine.
Ema: It’s fun, together with Masaomi-san.
Masaomi: Really?
Ema: Yes. Besides, it’s rare to be able to play with fireworks alone with you… that’s why, I’m happy.
Masaomi: Mhm, I see…

Ema: Oh, the firework finished.
Masaomi: Mhm. Fun times pass by in a flash, after all.
Masaomi: This is the last sparkler. Let’s use it together.
Ema: Okay…thank you very much.
Ema: I spent alot of time alone, so… It’s the first time I had such a lively trip.
Masaomi: I see… Did it tire you out because it was too lively?
Ema: No, not at all! I had a lot of fun.
Masaomi: Then that’s fine.
Ema: Of course, my trips with Papa are fun too, but…
Ema: I have definitely longed for a trip like this, together with all our siblings. That’s why… one dream was granted.
Masaomi: They’ll be granted.
Ema: …Huh?
Masaomi: Your dreams will be granted, from now on to the future.
Masaomi: That’s why, let’s make a lot of memories together with the entire family.
Ema: …Okay.
Masaomi: Good, good. That’s a nice reply.
Ema: (He said I am part of the family, like it’s obvious… He also smiled at me really kindly… Masaomi-san is a wonderful brother.)
Masaomi: It finished. Let’s head back then.
Ema: Okay.
Ema: Thank you very much for inviting me out to play with fireworks. It was a lot of fun.
Masaomi: You too, thank you. Let’s have fun next time too.
Ema: (On the final night, I made another unforgettable memory.)
Ema: (Spending next year like this, together with Masaomi-san, together with our family.  It will be nice if we could be like this forever.)

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