Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Shuu Maniac 1 (English Translation)
Diabolik Lovers, Haunted Dark Bridal, Otome Games

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Shuu Maniac 1 (English Translation)

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Ayato: We’re finally here. It’s driving me mad to sit in here with all seven of us.
Kanato: Ayato, you’re annoying. Hurry and get off the car.
Ayato: You’re the one who’s annoying, you hysterical bastard.
Kanato: What? Ayato, do you want to die here?
Yui: If you two have time to argue, then hurry up and get off the car. We’re going to be late.
Ayato: You stupid woman, what did you say?
Yui: See? The bell is ringing already.
Subaru: Move, Ayato! You’re in my way.
Reiji: To think that we would be late…it is a humiliation to the family name. Please exit the car quickly.
Ayato: Tch…what a bunch of bastards.
Shuu: …
Yui: (Ah…he fell asleep again.)
Yui: Wake up, Shuu-san.
Shuu: …
Yui: Shuu-san, everyone already left for class.
Shuu: …what do you want?
Yui: It’s time for class. If you don’t hurry up, you’ll be late.
Shuu: …it’s bothersome to get off the car.
Yui: This is bothersome as well? The school is right in front of you. Please hurry up and come.
Shuu: No, I don’t want to move. I’ll go home then. You go by yourself.
Yui: You really…
Yui: (He doesn’t look like he has any energy at all…)
Yui: But I heard that Shuu-san’s attendance is already very bad. You have to go!
Shuu: That has nothing to do with you…well, it has nothing to do with me either.
Yui: It does have something to do with Shuu-san…I guess I have no other choice…
Shuu: …what are you doing…
Yui: Since it’s come to this, I have no choice but to bring you there by force.
Shuu: Ehh…you think that you can drag me there all by yourself?
Yui: I should be able to at least drag you out of the car.
Shuu: …ow.
Yui: Please deal with it.

Choose: This way, I can…! (Correct choice)
Choose: So… heavy…

Yui: I-I’ll drag you all the way to the classroom like this!
Shuu: …do whatever you want.
Shuu: …hey.
Yui: What?
Shuu: I have something to do right now.
Yui: You’ve finally decided to go to class?
Shuu: No…I want to play with you.
Yui: Kyaa!
Yui: W-why did you push me down?!
Shuu: No particular reason. You were there, so I just did.
Yui: P-please let go! Doing this kind of thing…we’re supposed to be in class…
Shuu: I don’t want to go to class. Weren’t you planning to forcibly drag me to class?
Shuu: Then isn’t it the same thing if I forcibly remove your clothes?
Yui: (W-what kind of reasoning is that?!)
Yui: E-excuse me! Please help me!
Chauffeur: …
Shuu: …are you an idiot?
Yui: W…what…
Shuu: No one can mind what I do. Try to scream more pleasantly for him to listen to.
Yui: What…
Shuu: So annoying.
Yui: Kyaa!
Shuu: You can’t go to school now.
Yui: What did you do…
Shuu: Though, you can go if you want to.
Shuu: That is, if you want to wear those tattered clothes and present yourself to everyone at school as a lewd woman.
Yui: How could I do something like that!
Shuu: Then just give up.
Yui: W-what are you doing…
Shuu: …ngh…ngh…
Yui: Ah!
Shuu: …how delicious. Compared to your chest or your waist, your blood really is the best quality of yours.
Yui: T-that wasn’t really a compliment…
Shuu: I wasn’t trying to compliment you.
Yui: Besides, you said that it was bothersome to get off the car. Isn’t it bothersome to push me down and suck my blood as well?
Shuu: It can’t be helped. You were right in front of me.
Yui: This is my fault?!
Shuu: If not, then whose is it? You let your clothes get ripped and even had your blood sucked. This all happened because you tried to boss me around.
Shuu: If you had simply left and went to class, none of this would have happened.
Shuu: Do you know the saying, “You made your bed. Now lie in it?” What a stupid woman.
Yui: Your reasoning is still weird…
Yui: Ah…
Shuu: Was that the bell?
Yui: …yeah.
Shuu: Well, it doesn’t matter if you go or not….though, it’d be more fun if you were struggling underneath me.
Yui: How can you say that…
Yui: Ah!
Shuu: Let me suck your blood a little more…you find it comfortable as well, right…?
Yui: Stop…
Yui: (Why is this happening…I want to resist, but I can’t move…)
Yui: (My whole body is aching…though, my body seems to be agreeing with what Shuu-san said…)
Shuu: Heh…your expression is becoming better and better.
Yui: (In the time I spent with Shuu-san, my body seems to have been gradually changing…it’s very scary…)

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