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Cosplay 101 Sewing Guide: Getting Ready To Sew (Getting Started)

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The tools you’ll need:

Sewing Materials

  • Fabric scissors/shears for cutting fabrics and trimming such as interlining, elastics, etc.
    Quality fabric scissors/shears have tempered steel or stainless steel blades that will create an even cut along the entire length of the blade. The blades are joined by a screw, not a rivet, which means that the scissors can be adjusted or repaired if they are damaged. Fabric shears generally have blades which are more than 6 inches or 15,24 cm in length.
  • Stitch scissors or snips for cutting threads and trimming surplus fabrics during the sewing process.
    The tips of both blades should be pointed to enable you to unpick unwanted stitches. The scissors should be easy to handle but large enough to cut through layers of fabric.
  • Stitch snips are used for unpicking stitching, trimming threads and trimming surplus fabrics.
  • Tape measure used to accurately measure seam allowances, body and garment dimensions.
    The tape should be non-stretchable but flexible with centimeter markings.
  • Tailor’s chalk for marking the garment pieces on the fabric and marking locations which are key to the sewing process.
    This chalk will not leave a permanent mark on the fabric; it is used to mark the garment pieces or locations such as dart ends, hem lines, etc. on the fabric. When the marks are no longer required, the chalk marks will brush off , leaving no residue behind.
  • Pins used for temporarily attaching fabric pieces together.
  • Set square for marking straight lines and cutting strips of fabric for binding.

Getting To Know The Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine 1

Sewing Machine 2

Sewing Machine 3

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