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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guide: Cell Saga Do Not Let Hercule Die

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Recommended level – 28+

Your ally during this match is: Hercule.

This fight can be tricky, as Cell is much stronger than Frieza was, so before continuing with the story, it’s suggested you take some time to level up.

During the fight, you will need to keep Hercule safe, as he is incredibly weak. Cell will usually focus on you, but Hercule tends to get in the way and can get himself killed. Cell is also a pain to deal with, as he has an auto block that will make him hard to stagger. The best way to deal with this, is to slam him with Super Attacks.

Bringing a few health items will help, but if you find yourself struggling, it’s really best to take some time and level up, as this is only the beginning of the difficulty spike, and from here on in, the game gets much harder.



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