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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Fuuto Event 1: Shooting Of Drama (English Translation)

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Ema: Hey, Juli.
Juli: What is it?
Ema: Do you mind if we walk a little further?
Juli: Are you done playing in the sea?
Ema: Yeah. I swam a lot in the morning. I wanted to take a peaceful stroll this afternoon.
Juli: Well, if its just along this beach, I don’t think you’d get lost.
Ema: Wait? What do you mean by that?!
Juli: I mean what I just said.
Ema: …..
Ema: (I’ve decided to make Juli’s dinner tonight extra hot curry!)
Ema: …Oh.
Juli: Huh? What is it?
Ema: Look over there! There’s a huge crowd!
Juli: There’s a huge camera and lights. Is this some sort of shooting?
Ema: Oh! Could this be Fuuto-kun’s shooting spot…?
Juli: Come to think of it I remember it being mentioned it was around here. Are you going to check it out?
Ema: (The shooting spot of Fuuto-kun…)

1: I’ll check it out (hearts)
2: I won’t check it out

1: I’ll check it out
Ema: Okay, I’d like to check it out. But, in secret.
Juli: In secret? Why?
Ema: I’m sure Fuuto-kun would tell me to pay an observation fee or something.
Juli: Oh, I see. Okay then.

2: I won’t check it out
Ema: No, I won’t bother.
Juli: I don’t mind, but are you sure?
Ema: Yeah. I’m sure Fuuto-kun would hate it if I tried to see him without permission.
Juli: That certainly sounds like him. Not to mention it’d mean having to hear that foul mouth of his.
Ema: That’s true. I’ll just forget it and continue walking some more.
Ema: (In the end, I decided to stroll along the beach until sunset.)

Continue for choice 1
Ema: Oh, those are Japanese style clothes!
Fan 1: Are you a fan of Asakura too?
Ema: I…um…
Fan 1: Here he’s shooting a school drama that takes place at a fireworks festival! And he’s wearing a kimono!
Fan 2: We’re so lucky to be able to see him film on a day like this!
Ema: Y-Yeah…
Fan 2: Is that all you have to say? You are a fan right?
Ema: W-Well, I guess…
Fan 1: His performance is so good! Ah, he’s so cool!
Ema: (It’s true he really is amazing. Plus, he always looks good no matter what he wears…)
Fan 1: Do you think he’ll look over here?
Ema: By the way what’s Fuu–I mean, Asakura-kun’s role?
Fan 2: For being a fan you sure don’t know much do you? Well I suppose I can tell you.
Fan 2: He’s playing the role of someone who is in love with his close friend’s lover.
Ema: Oh?
Ema: (A drama with a complicated love, huh? It seems like a difficult role…)
Fuuto: Come on, you should end it already. Since I…can’t hold back any longer.
Fuuto: I can’t keep acting like its nothing. So…!
Director: Alright, cut!
Ema: (His expressions are so different as an idol. Unlike at home.)
Fuuto: Sorry, director. But I’d like to do that take one more time.
Director: Huh? I thought that take was great.
Fuuto: But I wasn’t satisfied with it. Sorry, but I’d like to do it again.
Ema: (Fuuto-kun really takes this seriously.)
Ema: (Hm…?)
Fan 1: Ahhh! I saw Asakura look this way just now!
Fan 2: Yeah he definitely did! I’m so happy!
Ema: (Huh…?)
Ema: (Did Fuuto-kun just…)
Ema: Juli, should we get going now…?
Juli: You’re right. Let’s head back.

Ema: (Still, I can’t shake off this feeling Fuuto-kun was looking at me just then. Was it just my imagination?)
Ema: (This is from Fuuto-kun…!)
Ema: (“You were at the shooting location, weren’t you? Did you watch without permission?” Jeez, there he goes with that attitude!)
Juli: Hm? What is it Chii? Why are grasping your phone so tightly?
Ema: I-Its nothing.
Juli: ….?
Ema: (He did see me after all. I guess I was found out…)

1: Try to call him (hearts)
2: Reply by text

1: Try to call him
Ema: (Maybe I could try calling him. But, what if he’s too busy? I wonder what I should do…)

2: Reply by text
Ema: (I’ll reply by text…! Hmm, but what should I say?)

Ema: (T-The phone! Its from Fuuto-kun.)
Ema: H-Hello…?
Fuuto: Took you long enough to answer.
Ema: I had only just sent that text…
Fuuto: You don’t honestly believe one minute of your time is the same as mine do you?
Fuuto: Unlike you, I’m an entertainer and don’t have time to spare with a commoner such as yourself.
Ema: Wha…!
Ema: (He has a foul mouth as always! But I can’t let him get to me.)
Fuuto: Besides, you decided to secretly watch my shoot.
Ema: T-Thats…!
Fuuto: I shoot at a private beach so I get distracted if relatives watch. Is that so hard to understand?
Fuuto: Because of that I couldn’t pay proper attention. Talk about an insensitive fool you are.
Fuuto: I should really make you pay for seeing it.
Ema: ….!!
Ema: (He isn’t completely wrong. But I’m losing my patience here…!)
Ema: …I-I’m really sorry…
Fuuto: Well, whatever. Still…
Fuuto: How lucky of you to see me wearing a kimono.
Ema: Huh…?
Fuuto: For someone like yourself to witness myself like that is a rare opportunity.
Ema: (I didn’t like the way he said but I have to agree that he did look good in it…)
Ema: You looked really nice in a kimono. It suited you well!
Fuuto: Huh? You didn’t even have to say so. Of course I know I did.
Ema: But…
Fuuto: What?
Ema: It’s not just the kimono. Your acting was really good too!
Fuuto: Huh…?
Ema: I was surprised at how dedicated you were with your work! I look forward to seeing the drama!
Fuuto: Oh…?
Fuuto: Oh, that’s right. I’ll be there soon so go ahead and prepare dinner for me.
Ema: What? You’re visiting?
Fuuto: You intruded on my shoot because you wanted to see me didn’t you?
Fuuto: Doesn’t seem like too much trouble for your precious younger brother, right?
Ema: Wha–!!
Fuuto: And don’t forget you wasted precious time of mine by calling me. You understand don’t you? I’m not allowing you to refuse.
Fuuto: This isn’t a request. It’s an order.
Ema: W-Wait a minute…!
Fuuto: Anyway, talk to you later.
Ema: (He hung up…!)
Juli: That was Fuuto, right? What did he say?
Ema: He’s coming to visit later so I need to prepare dinner for him.
Juli: W-What’s that?!
Juli: I don’t see how he’s an idol. How arrogant of him to make you prepare a meal for him through the phone!
Juli: He’s the one who should be cooking for himself not you…!
Juli: Chii? Where are you going?
Ema: …The kitchen.
Juli: C-Chii, you can’t seriously be making a meal for him can you?!
Ema: Yeah, I don’t have a choice.
Ema: (Besides… I was still able to make lots of memories from this trip…)

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