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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guide: Return of the Saiyans Saga Arrival of the Saiyan Warriors

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This mission begins directly after Infestation! Saibamen Scourge


You will have four allies over the course of this battle: Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin and Goku

Recommended level – 5,6

This battle will begin with you and Piccolo fighting Nappa. This stage is simple, as you only need to get Nappa down by 20% of his health. Once you do, Piccolo will die.

The next part has Gohan and Krillin helping you. Again, you just need to whittle his health down to a certain point. Once you do, Goku will show up, and will be your only partner. However, he won’t have time to help you, as Vegeta has now entered battle as well.

During this last part you need to be very careful. Fighting Nappa alone is dangerous, he hits very hard for how early in the game you are. Be prepared to block or dodge his attacks, and if possible, fire beams at him from afar.


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