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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guide: Ginyu Force Saga Goku Clashes with Ginyu Force

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Your allies during this battle are as follows: Goku.

Recommended level – 15+

This battle begins with you and Goku fighting Captain Ginyu. This part of the fight should be simple, and once you lower his health, the battle will pause as Jeice and Burter show up. The fight can get a bit harder now, but don’t worry as the battle will pause again shortly.

This time, history will get messed up as your body is swapped with Ginyu’s. The switch can be …awkward. He will gain access to all your skills, so be cautious. You will be fighting as Ginyu now, so make sure to take a second to look at your skills. Ignore fighting yourself, in order to finish the mission you need to kill Jeice and Burter. Once they are dead, the mission will end as you fly away for help.


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