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Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Custom Fighters

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse allows you to join the DBZ universe, with your own character! Built in the beginning of the game, your character can grow throughout your journey, acquiring new gear, skills and powers. Make sure to consider what kind of character you want to play, as your race can have a large impact on your play style and stats.



You’re race in Dragon Ball Xenoverse is very important, as each race has special characteristics. Below is a list of the races, and what they can do.

  • Earthlings – They have balanced stats for both offense and defense. Ki refills automatically and attack power rises while maxed out.
  • Namekian – Low attack, but they have high health and Stamina refills quickly. Items are also more effective, and health will regenerate when near death.
  • Friezas Race – Fast speed, but low attack power and can paralyze enemies with Ki blasts. Speed rises when HP is low.
  • Saiyan – A warrior tribe that has low health, but high attack power. Attack power rises when health is low, and all stats rise if revived during battle.
  • Majin – High defense, but slow stamina recovery. Defense bonus while stamina is maxed. Stats differ by gender.


Your custom character is able to build out his stats however you choose. Each battle you complete rewards you experience, and once you have enough, you can level up. Each level gives you three points to spend however you want. Remember to take into consideration your characters race, and to build on the bonuses your race gives you.

  • Health – Increases your starting health pool.
  • Ki – Increases your total Ki by 10 points at a time.
  • Stamina – Increases your total Stamina by 10 points at a time.
  • Basic Attacks – Increases your basic attack power, such as punching and grabs.
  • Strike Supers – Increase the power of super attacks that use physical hits, such as punching, kicking and grabs.
  • Ki Blast Supers – Increases the power of super attacks that use Ki Blasts.


Every time you battle, you earn Zeni. This can be used in the hub area to purchase new equipment for your character. Some will be cosmetic, but many pieces will have an effect on your character. Again, it’s important to consider the kind of character you want to play.

A lot of gear can also be unlocked through missions. You can check rewards to see which ones can be unlocked by a certain mission, and of course we will have it listed as well. These pieces aren’t always rewarded right away, and sometimes require you to complete a mission a specific way or using certain characters.


Your skills are the special powers you have access to during battle. There are two primary types, with sub types in those categories.

Super Attacks

Your super attacks are the staples of the Dragon Ball universe. Supers are moves such as the Kamehameha, Galick Gun and Masenko. During battle, you can use a super attack at any time, so long as you have enough Ki to do so.

Super attacks come in dozens of shapes and sizes, such as energy beams, explosions and even melee focused attacks. They also have various charge times, with the Kamehameha taking several seconds to charge, where as the Double Sunday is instantaneous.

The five sub types of Super Attacks are:

  • Strike Supers – Melee oriented supers that have you beat your enemy to a pulp.
  • Blast Supers – Large energy attacks that often take time to charge up.
  • Reinforcement Supers – Supers that give a buff to the user for a short amount of time. (eg. the Ginyu Poses)
  • Transformation Supers – Moves that allow the user to power up significantly for a short period of time. (eg. Kaio-Ken)
  • Miscellaneous Supers – Techniques which when performed have a myriad of different effects and don’t fit into any of the other categories.

Ultimate Attacks

Your ultimate attacks are the most powerful tools available to you. You have two sub-types, Offensive and Evasive. Much like Super Attacks, your ultimate attacks can come in different shapes and sizes as well as having energy based ones or melee ones.

Ultimate attacks take much more Ki to launch, often requiring 300 or more. They also trigger small scenes, and generally can’t be cancelled once they have begun.

The Evasive Ultimate Attacks are what you expect, special skills to get you out of bad situations. Sometimes they are knock back explosions, or teleportation abilities.


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