Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Shuu Dark Epilogue (English Translation)
Diabolik Lovers, Haunted Dark Bridal, Otome Games

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Shuu Dark Epilogue (English Translation)

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Female Housekeeper: Shuu…Shuu-sama! Where are you?
Shuu: Hahaha, I’m over here~!
Female Housekeeper: Ah, there’s a pond over there! It’s very dangerous!
Shuu: Don’t worry. Look, there’s a lot of fish!
Female Housekeeper: Please stop! Don’t stick your head like that!
Male Housekeeper: Shuu-sama. Listen to her.
Shuu: Ah.
Male Housekeeper: If anything happened to you, we would have to explain to your parents.
Shuu: Really…you’re just incessantly worrying about me too. Then if I can’t do this, what can I do?
Female Housekeeper: Shuu-sama doesn’t need to do anything.
Male Housekeeper: You just need to live here quietly. That’s all.
Male Housekeeper: You mustn’t spy upon the human’s filthy world.
Shuu: But…I want to go outside and play.
Female Housekeeper: Shuu-sama…
Beatrice: Shuu, what are you doing here?
Shuu: Mother…!
Beatrice: You are your father’s heir. It’s better if you don’t look at the filthy outside world.
Beatrice: Everything you want is here. Don’t trouble the housekeepers.
Shuu: Yes…

Shuu: …hah…hah…
Shuu: …hah…I’m very far from home now.
Shuu: If I’m here, not even the housekeepers will be able to find me.
Shuu: If they find out that I sneaked out to play, I’ll probably get scolded.
Shuu: But, I wanted to come out here for a bit…
Shuu: ! W-who is it?!
Boy: Ah, it’s just a person. I thought it was a rabbit.
Shuu: Eh…?
Boy: Hm? I’ve never seen you before. You’re not from our village, are you? Where do you come from?
Shuu: Eh…?
Boy: Also, you shouldn’t be here. Up ahead is the vampire’s forest, so you can’t go close to it. No one told you this?
Shuu: Ah…that’s because I don’t really leave the house much.
Boy: Hah? There’s actually someone like you.
Shuu: Yeah…what are you holding in your hand?
Boy: Eh, this thing?
Shuu: Yep.
Boy: To even ask me what this is…this is a hunting rifle. It’s my old man’s. I’m just borrowing it.
Shuu: Hunting rifle…?
Boy: What, you don’t even know what this is? Everyone here has one to protect against the wolves.
Boy: Though I have to say, your costume looks rather…unique.
Boy: Which family are you from?
Shuu: Um…that’s…
Boy: If you’ve never seen a hunting rifle before, I’ll let you see it. Here, this is how you use it.
Boy: Watch this! You squeeze the trigger…
Shuu: Whaa!
Boy: Haha, you were so scared. Don’t worry. This guy protects us from the wolves.
Shuu: It’s so cool!
Boy: I know, right? This guy can even be used to catch deer. I even shot a rabbit once!
Shuu: Wooooow, how amazing!
Shuu: T-then…can I also do it?
Boy: Of course. No matter who it is, they’ll be able to do it with practice. Well, how about I teach you, then?
Shuu: Really? Then please teach me!
Boy: It’s settled, then. My name is Edgar. And yours?
Shuu: Ah…my name is Shuu.
Edgar: Hmm, Shuu? What an interesting name. Okay, from now on, we’re friends, Shuu!
Shuu: Fr…iends?
Edgar: What, you don’t even know what friends are? What an interesting fellow.
Shuu: Interesting…?
Edgar: Yes. You’re very interesting.
Edgar: Friends are people whom you do fun things with. Someone who you have a bond with.
Edgar: So? You don’t want to be friends with me?
Shuu: You and me…friends…
Shuu: I do! I want to be friends with Edgar!
Edgar: Okay! Let’s talk more from now on, Shuu.
Shuu: Yep!
Edgar: Then, let’s shake hands.
Shuu: Shake hands…?
Edgar: Oi oi, you don’t know what shaking hands is? Just put out your hand like this. This is a way to confirm our friendship.
Shuu: Edgar’s hand…is very warm.
Edgar: Speaking of that, isn’t your hand too cold?! And it’s so thin, too! You have to eat more!
Shuu: Ah…okay!

Shuu: …
Yui: Ah, Shuu-san, you woke up.
Yui: You really can fall asleep everywhere. It can really be considered a talent.
Shuu: …Edgar…
Yui: Edgar? Who’s that?
Shuu: …nothing.
Yui: Are you not fully awake yet? You still look half asleep…well, we’re going to eat soon.
Shuu: …
Yui: Ah, Shuu-san? Why do you keep starting into space? Did something happen?
Yui: Okay, I’m going to the kitchen. I’m hungry.
Shuu: …okay.

Shuu-san woke up, though he was still half asleep.
He’s an indescribable person,
Living life simply and innocently.
Sometimes, he’d continuously stare at me
And say that I’m a strange person.
I don’t know what he means by that.
Only he knows, hidden deep in his heart,
Along with the memories of his past.

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