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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Fuuto Date: Shopping Mall (English Translation)

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Ema: Today, I want to the shopping mall.
Fuuto: Hmm. Well, I don’t really mind.

Option 1:

Ema: (Ah, the clothes displayed there are cute. But that brand is pretty expensive. There’s no way I’d be able to afford it today.)
Fuuto: What? You’ve been anxious about that shop for a while. Did you want those clothes?
Ema: W-Well…

1A: I want them.
1B: I don’t want them.
1C: I was interested. (hearts)

1A: I want them.
Ema: I was thinking I may have wanted them.
Fuuto: *sigh* Guess there’s no helping it.
Ema: …?
Fuuto: So? What color do you want?
Ema: What?! I-I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it like that…!
Fuuto: You do know I earn a hundreds times more than your part-time pay, right?
Ema: …Uhh
Fuuto: And knowing you, who knows when we’d finally leave. You’d be looking at them forever.
Ema: I-I wouldn’t do that…!
Fuuto: Sure, sure. Don’t bother with the excuses. Hurry up and choose what color you want.
Ema: But…
Fuuto: If you don’t hurry up and decide already I’ll buy all of the colors.
Ema: A-All of them?!
Ema: (T-This is more of a hassle than I wanted it to be…! Jeez! I feel like he’s forcing me to. But for him to go through the trouble…)
Ema: T-Thank you Fuuto-kun.
Fuuto: This is nothing. Well, I guess I have no choice but to make it a loan. That way you can give in return something 10 times more worthy.
Ema: R-Right…

1B: I don’t want them.
Ema: No, I don’t want them.
Ema: (They aren’t on reserve anyway, so there’s no reason to mention I’d like to have them.)
Fuuto: I see.
Ema: Anyway, apparently there’s a new shop that opened up. Let’s go there.

1C: I was interested.
Ema: Hmmm. I mean I was only curious but…
Fuuto: What?
Ema: …They’re not even on reserve today.
Fuuto: Hmm…
Fuuto: Should I just buy them then?
Ema: What?! T-Thats fine. You don’t have to buy them for me…!
Fuuto: Oh? So even you decline like everyone else?
Ema: It’s normal to hesitate if a younger boy is offering to pay!
Fuuto: Haha, I may be younger but I make several hundred times more money than you do.
Ema: I-It’s not about money! It’s about how it makes me feel…!
Fuuto: Feelings, huh? Fine, I get it.
Ema: (Thank goodness…)
Fuuto: Then I’ll buy it as a present for you.
Ema: Whaaat?!
Fuuto: You said it was about how it makes you feel, right? Then how about I reward you with a gift?
Ema: R-Reward…?
Fuuto: You said you’d decline if I offered to buy it, right?
Fuuto: I figured most women would give no second thought to it. But since that’s not the case for you, I’ll give it to you as a reward of respect.
Ema: (I don’t really get it but…)
Fuuto: But I do have one condition.
Ema: A condition…?
Fuuto: That’s right. You can only wear these clothes when we’re together.
Ema: ….!!
Fuuto: I’ll take your silence as a “yes”. Now, let’s get going.
Ema: Ah…!
Ema: (Fuuto-kun can be really forceful. But even so, I feel a little happier…)

Option 2:

Fuuto: Ah, these clothes are nice so I’ll buy them. But, these are too so I’ll buy them as well.
Ema: (I’ve thought about this before but, Fuuto-kun sure is a shopaholic.)
Fuuto: Oh, it’s new in stock. I’ll buy it to. Come on, let’s go over there next.
Ema: O-Okay.
Ema: (I understand he likes fashion because he’s an entertainer. But this goes on forever. He must be a little tired…)

2A: Um, how about a little break?
2B: I’m completely drained.
2C: …I won’t say anything. (hearts)

2A: Um, how about a little break?
Ema: Um, Fuuto-kun. How about a little break?
Fuuto: Huh? Are you serious?
Ema: I-I am…
Fuuto: We were just getting into it. Do you think this is the time to ask that?
Ema: S-Sorry…
Ema: (Did I make him angry?)
Fuuto: …Just kidding.
Ema: Huh?
Fuuto: You’re tired aren’t you? We’ll continue shopping after we take a break.
Ema: Okay.

2B: I’m completely drained.
Ema: …I’m a completely drained.
Fuuto: Huh?
Ema: Ah, um…I mean… how about we take a little break?
Fuuto: Alright, fine. We can go our separate ways here. I’ll continue shopping while you take your break.
Ema: (He already left. I wonder if I angered him…?)

2C: …I won’t say anything.
Ema: (I can’t say anything after all. I’ll just continue shopping with him.)
Fuuto: Are you okay?
Ema: …Huh?
Fuuto: You look like you’re about to drop dead. If you’re tired just say something.
Ema: T-Thanks. But I’m okay.
Fuuto: Are you sure?
Ema: Y-Yes.
Fuuto: Hmm…..
Fuuto: On second thought, I’ll stop!
Ema: What!?
Fuuto: Let’s stop shopping and go over to that cafe to eat a parfait.
Ema: (Could it be he was worried about me…?)
Fuuto: Also, I won’t accept any complaints.
Ema: Thank you, Fuuto-kun.
Fuuto: Huh? It’s not like this is for your sake. It’s only because I wanted to eat right now. Don’t jump to conclusions.
Ema: Hehe. Okay, sorry. I’d also like to go eat a parfait
Fuuto: Yeah. So let’s hurry up and go.
Ema: Okay!
Ema: (His words are sharp, but today he’s was a little more kind than usual…)

Option 3:

Ema: (…Phew, we walked a lot today.)
Fuuto: Hmm. I’m getting tired of shopping.
Ema: Yeah, what should we do after this…?
Fuuto: Well, is there somewhere you want to go?
Ema: (Let’s see…somewhere I want to go…)

3A: Let’s go sing karaoke. (hearts)
3B: Let’s take a rest in a cafe.
3C: Let’s go bowling.

3A: Let’s go sing karaoke.
Ema: Want to go sing karaoke?
Fuuto: Karaoke, huh? Well, I don’t mind. Thankfully it’s inside so it’s not too conspicuous.
Ema: Good!
Fuuto: An idol and karaoke don’t exactly mesh well you know.
Ema: (T-That’s true but…!)
Fuuto: Oh, and I’ll tell you beforehand that I don’t intend to sing any of my songs without permission.
Ema: A-Alright…
Ema: (I honestly wasn’t really expecting much…)
Fuuto: Well, if it’s just one song, I don’t mind hearing out your request just this once.
Ema: Really!?
Fuuto: But as payment…
Fuuto: You need to give me a satisfying service.
Ema: S-Service!?
Fuuto: Yes, a stimulating service in a room with just the two of us.
Ema: T-There’s no way I can do that!!
Ema: (I’d be way too nervous if we did something like that…!)
Fuuto: What are you imagining?
Ema: I-I wasn’t imagining anything!
Fuuto: Oh…? Well, you can expect whatever you like, Nee-san.
Ema: F-F-Fuuto-kun!!

3B: Let’s take a rest in a cafe.
Ema: How about we take a rest in a cafe?
Fuuto: That’s fine as long as they have delicious cake.
Ema: Hehe. You sure have a sweet tooth, Fuuto-kun.
Fuuto: What? Is that bad?
Ema: No, it’s just…I find it a bit cute.
Fuuto: Did you honestly think a guy would be pleased if you called him cute?
Fuuto: I’d rather work until I die than hear you say that.
Ema: Oh…sorry…
Fuuto: …Well if the cake is delicious, I’ll permit it.
Ema: A-Alright!
Ema: (It’ll be good if Fuuto-kun is pleased with the cake…)

3C: Let’s go bowling.
Ema: How about we go bowling?
Fuuto: What!? Are you trying to make me more tired than I already am? I’ll pass.
Ema: I-I see…I guess it would. Sorry.
Fuuto: Now I’m even more tired because of your terrible suggestion. Let’s go find a cafe somewhere.
Ema: Ah, okay…
Ema: (That was a complete failure…)


Fuuto: It’s about time we head back.
Ema: (He’s right. Time flew by pretty quickly.)

Option 1:
Fuuto: Ah, I have business I can’t be late for. I’ll be going ahead.
Ema: (It seems he left. I wanted to return together but I guess have no choice but to return by myself.)

Option 2:
Fuuto: Well, that wasn’t so bad I suppose.
Ema: …Huh?
Fuuto: This day off wasn’t a total waste of time.
Ema: Really!?
Fuuto: More or less.
Ema: (Thank goodness. To have Fuuto-kun say so makes me really happy.)
Fuuto: What are you doing? I’ll leave you behind.
Ema: Ah, wait! I’m coming now!

Ema: (It was a really fun date today. I’m glad we’re able to return together.)
Fuuto: It seemed to fly by pretty quickly.
Ema: …Huh?
Fuuto: Well, it wasn’t a waste of my day at least. I guess it was fun in its own way.
Ema: (Wow…for him to say something like that…!)
Fuuto: Its getting late so I’ll send you to your room.
Ema: Huh?! What did you just say…?
Fuuto: I said I’d send you to your room!
Ema: T-Thank you.
Fuuto: Well, I’m not doing it for free.
Ema: Huh…?
Fuuto: You know what it means for a man to send a woman to their room, don’t you, Nee-san?
Ema: F-Fuuto-kun…!?

Back in your room
Ema: (Fuuto-kun is always so busy, but I was able to talk to him a lot today! I should invite him out again sometime!)

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