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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Fuuto Date: Park (English Translation)

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Ema: Today, I want to go to the park.
Fuuto: Hmm. Well, I don’t really mind.

Option 1:
Ema: It’s always nice to take it easy in a place like this.
Fuuto: Really? I’m not used to it so it feels strange to me.
Ema: Do you hate to take it easy once in a while?
Fuuto: I never really gave much thought to whether I liked or disliked it…
Ema: Hmm…
Fuuto: Spending my days off like this make my work days feel surreal.
Fuuto: Even though I know I’ll be pressed for work from tomorrow onward…
Ema: (So even Fuuto-kun thinks about this…)

1A: Do you dislike work?
1B: You should just take it easy today.
1C: Thank you for today.

1A: Do you dislike work?
Ema: Do you dislike work?
Fuuto: Huh? What made you think that? I started doing it because I like it. There’s no way I could dislike it.
Ema: O-Of course…
Fuuto: Is what I’d like to say, but there is work I sometimes don’t like doing.
Ema: So even you think that way sometimes.
Fuuto: …..
Ema: Fuuto-kun?
Fuuto: You’re right. To tell you the truth, I’m in a mood in which I don’t feel like working right now.
Ema: Really…?
Fuuto: Well, it doesn’t really matter. Even if I didn’t say anything, you’d just tell me to do my best.
Ema: Huh? But I didn’t…
Fuuto: If it’s you, I know you’d say something like, “Good luck with your job!”.
Ema: (H-How did he know that…?!)
Ema: (He said it already but I do wish him the best of luck with work!)

1B: You should just take it easy today.
Ema: You should just take it easy today.
Fuuto: Were you thinking about easing my pain? If you do, I’d do my best with work tomorrow.
Ema: E-Ease your pain…?!
Fuuto: Now, what is it you’ll do?
Ema: U-Um…
Ema: (H-His face is so close so I can’t think of anything…!)
Fuuto: Come on, hurry up. If you don’t say anything within 3 seconds I’ll kiss you.
Ema: W-Whaaaat…?!
Ema: (K-Kiss me…?!)
Fuuto: 3.
Ema: W-Wait a minute!! That’s not enough time…!
Fuuto: 2.
Ema: I can’t think of anything…!
Fuuto: 1.
Ema: S-Stop! Stop!!
Fuuto: 0.
Ema: A-Ahhhh!!
Fuuto: …Just kidding.
Ema: Huh…?
Fuuto: Hahahaha! You seriously believed me! I got you!
Ema: H-Hey!! Fuuto-kun!
Fuuto: Thanks for giving me a real treat. Hehe.
Ema: (Jeez! Fuuto-kun!!)

1C: Thank you for today.
Ema: Thank you for today.
Fuuto: Why are you thanking me?
Ema: You decided to accompany me today even though you’re already busy.
Fuuto: I only came cause I thought I should. It’s annoying to have you thanking me so freely.
Ema: Whaa…!
Ema: (This is first time I’d thanked him and he got annoyed about it…!)

Option 2:

Ema: Wow! There’s lot’s of energetic children playing.
Fuuto: Aren’t they just annoying?
Ema: Fuuto-kun, you shouldn’t say something like that…!
Fuuto: Only because it’s the truth.
Ema: But look how much fun they’re having playing sports.
Ema: They’re playing basketball and soccer over there! And look! The kids over there are practicing dancing!
Fuuto: I’m not interested.
Ema: I see…
Fuuto: …….
Ema: Oh, that reminds me…
Fuuto: What?
Ema: You’re not part of any after school clubs, right?
Fuuto: Obviously not.
Ema: But what if you were to join a club?
Fuuto: Huh? I’ve never thought about it…
Ema: (Hmm…he has a good athletic ability. I’m sure he’d be good at some sort of athletic club.)

2A: How about the gymnastics club?
2B: How about the basketball team?
2C: How about the dance club?

2A: How about the gymnastics club?
Ema: How about the gymnastics club? Didn’t you do a somersault on TV the other day?
Fuuto: You saw that? …While I can do back-flips, I only practiced it because it was for work. Otherwise, I’m not interested.
Ema: I see. Then…perhaps the baseball club?
Fuuto: Our school’s club full of tall people with shaved heads? No way.
Ema: Then the soccer club!
Fuuto: I don’t like working with a team.
Ema: Hmm…the Kendo club!
Fuuto: There’s no way I’d work with such heavy gear.
Ema: The boxing club!
Fuuto: I can’t work with a damaged face.
Ema: …something that suits you best!
Fuuto: There’s nothing left to choose from.

2B: How about the basketball team?
Ema: How about the basketball club?
Fuuto: Absoooolutely not!
Ema: W-Why?
Fuuto: I never want to play a sport both that idiot and the muscle-head play.
Ema: …Muscle-head and idiot?
Fuuto: Subaru and Yusuke.
Fuuto: I’d be disgusted enough to play the same sport as those two’s gloomy existences.
Ema: (That’s a pretty harsh way to talk about them. Besides, that’s no reason to not play the sport…)

2C: How about the dance club?
Ema: How about the dance club? I like the way you dance, Fuuto-kun.
Fuuto: That’s a sudden topic for you to bring up. Don’t expect me to get all giddy because you praised me.
Ema: T-That’s not why I brought it up…
Fuuto: Well, I don’t dislike to dance. But there’s no need to join the club. I make a lot of progress dancing throughout my job.
Fuuto: Besides, I have a professional who can teach me. In that sense, practicing is much different.
Ema: How so..?
Fuuto: Idols get paid so it’s necessary to please the audience and show you can dance professionally.
Fuuto: In order to do that you must practice as if it’s a matter between life and death. There’s also the pressure of not making any mistakes.
Fuuto: The dance practices of the club would not be taken as seriously, so in that sense it would differ from my actual dance work.
Ema: I see, so that’s what you meant…
Fuuto: *sigh* I only talked about this because you said something strange…
Ema: I did…?
Ema: (Was Fuuto-kun actually glad that I brought up dancing…?)
Fuuto: Anyway, we were talking about “what if’s” here.
Ema: Seems like a wasted opportunity. But, if you didn’t have work to worry about work,  what would you join?
Fuuto: Hmm…
Fuuto: …The archery club…
Ema: …I-I think that’d suit you
Fuuto: You just said that without a second thought, didn’t you?
Ema: Huh…?
Fuuto: You only mention club activities that you like.
Fuuto: When we’re talking about assumptions then it’s just a waste of time. It’s not like it mattered in the first place.
Ema: What…?
Ema: (He doesn’t have to put it that way. But, I do think Fuuto would look nice in a hakama…)
Ema: (I’d like to see Fuuto-kun trying out club activities at least once.)

Option 3:

Fuuto: This is awful. I’ve witnessed something I did not want to see.
Ema: Huh…? What is it?
Fuuto: Besides, why are they even here?
Ema: (In the direction Fuuto-kun was looking at just now…)
Ema: Yusuke-kun and Wataru-chan!?
Fuuto: ……Looks like it. What are the odds of us bumping into each other here…?
Ema: What should we do…?

3A: Let’s talk to them.
3B: I’m a bit curious.
3C: Stay with just the two of us.

3A: Let’s talk to them.
Ema: Let’s go talk to them!
Fuuto: Huh? Just forget about them.
Ema: Jeez! Don’t say that.
Ema: Yusuke-kun! Wataru-chan!
Wataru: Ah, Onee-chan!
Yusuke: Hm? Why are you…Gah! Fuuto!!? What are you doing here!?
Fuuto: You’re annoying, idiot. I should be saying the same thing.
Yusuke: What’d you say!?
Ema: (*sigh* Those two are the same as usual…)
Ema: What are you two doing?
Wataru: Me and Yuu-kun we’re practicing playing soccer!
Ema: That’s impressive!
Wataru: Oh! Onee-chan and Fuu-tan should play with us!
Ema: Ah, that sounds fun.
Yusuke & Fuuto: Why should I play with him!?
Wataru: …..?
Yusuke: Besides, it’s not like Fuuto can even play soccer!
Fuuto: Huh? I can do that much. And at least I can play better you, idiot.
Yusuke: What was that!?
Fuuto: How about we have a match? I’ll crush that so called pride of yours into pieces.
Yusuke: I’ll rid of this daily resentment here and now!
Wataru: Woah! A battle between Yuu-kun and Fuu-tan! Sounds fun!
Ema: (It seems grown out of proportion but… I’ve never seen Fuuto-kun play sports with his brothers. I’m a bit excited to see!)

3B: I’m a bit curious.
Ema: I’m a bit curious.
Fuuto: About what? All they’re doing is practicing soccer. What’s the point in interrupting their brotherly sport time?
Ema: But you’re also one of those brothers. I think it’d be a good idea if you joined them…
Fuuto: If you want to go over there so much then go yourself. I won’t go no matter what you say.
Ema: What!?
Fuuto: So, what’ll it be? Me? Or them?
Ema: I can’t choose something like that! But, since I’m already with you, I won’t go over there if it’ll upset you…
Fuuto: I see. That’d be the proper choice. If you chose them I would’ve forever ignored you.
Ema: Huh? No way…!
Fuuto: It was a joke. Well, no point in just standing here. Let’s go somewhere else.
Ema: Okay…

3C: Stay with just the two of us.
Ema: (But I’d like to stay with just the two of us.)
Fuuto: …? Are you going?
Ema: Yeah.
Fuuto: Huh, I seriously thought you were going to go talk to them.
Ema: Hmm…I was a little anxious. But…
Fuuto: But?
Ema: You went through the trouble of spending time with me, so I want it to be just the two of us today.
Fuuto: Hmmm…?
Fuuto: Then, shall today be the day you please me?
Ema: Huh…?
Fuuto: How will you please me I wonder? I’m looking forward to it.
Ema: P-Please you…!?
Fuuto: What kind of technique will you use?
Ema: F-Fuuto-kun!! W-What on earth are you thinking!!?
Fuuto: What? Weren’t you just thinking the same thing?
Ema: I-I wasn’t…!
Fuuto: Yeah, yeah. I know. You’ll be found by them if you shout here.
Fuuto: Shall we go some place we’ll be alone? That way you can shout all you want.
Ema: F-Fuuto-kun!!


Fuuto: It’s about time we head back.
Ema: (He’s right. Time flew by pretty quickly.)

Option 1:
Fuuto: Ah, I have business I can’t be late for. I’ll be going ahead.
Ema: (It seems he left. I wanted to return together but I guess have no choice but to return by myself.)

Option 2:
Fuuto: Well, that wasn’t so bad I suppose.
Ema: …Huh?
Fuuto: This day off wasn’t a total waste of time.
Ema: Really!?
Fuuto: More or less.
Ema: (Thank goodness. To have Fuuto-kun say so makes me really happy.)
Fuuto: What are you doing? I’ll leave you behind.
Ema: Ah, wait! I’m coming now!

Ema: (It was a really fun date today. I’m glad we’re able to return together.)
Fuuto: It seemed to fly by pretty quickly.
Ema: …Huh?
Fuuto: Well, it wasn’t a waste of my day at least. I guess it was fun in its own way.
Ema: (Wow…for him to say something like that…!)
Fuuto: Its getting late so I’ll send you to your room.
Ema: Huh?! What did you just say…?
Fuuto: I said I’d send you to your room!
Ema: T-Thank you.
Fuuto: Well, I’m not doing it for free.
Ema: Huh…?
Fuuto: You know what it means for a man to send a woman to their room, don’t you, Nee-san?
Ema: F-Fuuto-kun…!?

Back in your room
Ema: (Fuuto-kun is always so busy, but I was able to talk to him a lot today! I should invite him out again sometime!)

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