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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Fuuto Date: Amusement Park (English Translation)

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Ema: Today, I want to go to the amusement park.
Fuuto: Hmm? Well, I don’t really mind.

Option 1:
Fuuto: Wow, its pretty crowded.
Ema: Probably because its Sunday…
Fuuto: I don’t want to enter in such a large crowd…
Ema: O-Oh thats right. It’d probably attract attention.
Fuuto: So? What attraction do you want to visit?

1A: Tour boat
1B: Ferris wheel (hearts)
1C: Parade

1A: Tour boat
Ema: How about the tour boat?
Fuuto: Haha. Its just like you to want to do something as plain as that.
Ema: (How is it like me…?!)
Fuuto: Hmmm. Its not really a bad thing, but there’s a lot of people on that boat.
Ema: T-Thats true. In that case…
Fuuto: But if you really want to go, we can go together.
Ema: Huh?!
Fuuto: So which is it? You want to go or not?
Ema: I-I want to go!
Fuuto: Alright. Then lets go on it.
Ema: Okay! Thank you!

1B: Ferris wheel
Ema: How about the Ferris Wheel?
Fuuto: Well, I guess thats fine. It is away from the public eye.
Ema: Thank goodness.
Fuuto: Plus, we get our own privacy.
Ema: Huh!?
Fuuto: That’s how it is isn’t it? In the gondola it’ll only be the two of us. No one can leave or enter.
Ema: That’s true but…
Fuuto: Could it be you had something special in mind?
Ema: What?! N-No! I only chose it because its a ride that won’t attract attention…!
Fuuto: But you know there are things like haunted houses or mazes. Yet you specifically chose the ferris wheel…
Ema: Only by chance! It’s not like I had any reason in particular!
Fuuto: Hmmm. Well, its fine either way since we won’t be seen.
Ema: Huh…?
Fuuto: No matter what I do, it won’t be seen by anyone.
Ema: (No matter what he does…? What exactly did he have in mind?!)
Fuuto: Hehe, I’m looking forward to having our very own privacy.
Ema: F-Fuuto-kun!
Ema: (He doesn’t intend to do anything does he…?)

1C: Parade
Ema: Why not go watch the parade?
Fuuto: Listen…
Ema: …?
Fuuto: I told you I don’t want to attract too much attention! With so many people here it’s like you want me to be seen.
Ema: S-Sorry.
Fuuto: Think about what you say next time.
Ema: (That was clearly a bad suggestion…)

Option 2:

Ema: Today was a lot of fun.
Fuuto: It was so-so. I had a decent amount of fun. I’m more tired than anything though.
Ema: (As usual he says more than necessary…)
Ema: Oh! I wanted to look at the souvenirs before we left. Is that okay?
Fuuto: You have way too much energy.
Ema: (But we went through the trouble of coming here. I only wanted to take a look…)

2A: Let’s buy something together.
2B: Help me choose something.
2C: We should just go home instead… (hearts)

2A: Let’s buy something together.
Ema: Let’s buy something together to remember this day by.
Fuuto: Huh? That sounds so lame.
Ema: H-How is it lame..!?
Ema: (But, Fuuto-kun is the type of  person to think that way…)
Ema: I see…
Fuuto: *sigh* Well, it’s fine if we’re talking about something I can put in my room.
Ema: Really?
Fuuto: However, it should be something small and unnoticeable. I don’t want my room’s image to be ruined.
Fuuto: Something big would be way to conspicuous and I absolutely won’t have that.
Ema: O-Okay…!
Ema: (I’m glad we can buy a souvenir together! Thank goodness I said something…!)

2B: Help me choose something.
Ema: Help me choose a souvenir!
Fuuto: What!? Why should I have to help you choose? I have no interest in souvenirs to begin with.
Ema: (That’s right, Fuuto-kun is the type of person to think that way…)

2C: We should just go home instead…
Ema: …I guess we should just go home instead.
Fuuto: Hmm…? You’re okay with that?
Ema: Yeah, I’m tired from today too. And since you work tomorrow,  I shouldn’t keep you out too late.
Fuuto: Wow, that’s surprisingly considerate of you.
Ema: (How is it “surprising”…!?)
Fuuto: Well, I’ll take you up on that offer.
Ema: But, there’s something else I’d like to ask instead…
Fuuto: What is it?
Ema: Can I invite you out again sometime?
Fuuto: Don’t you know how busy I am? I’ve told you that before, didn’t I?
Ema: T-That’s true. Sorry…
Fuuto: That’s what I’d like to say. But I’ll listen to your request just this time.
Ema: Really!?
Fuuto: Only because you showed some consideration. There’s no other reason in particular.
Ema: T-Then, I’ll invite you out again sometime, okay?
Fuuto: Once I have a day off from work.
Ema: Okay, thank you. Let’s have fun together again!

Option 3:

Fuuto: *sigh*
Ema: ….? What’s wrong, Fuuto-kun?
Fuuto: I’ve had this bad feeling ever since you mentioned to come here.
Ema: Y-Yeah?
Fuuto: That group over there has been watching me. They’ve probably noticed I’m Asakura Fuuto.
Ema: What?! No way!
Fuuto: *sigh* Being recognized wherever I go is tiresome.
Ema: (Hmm, what should I tell him?)

3A: Why don’t you give them an autograph?
3B: Should we go somewhere else? (hearts)
3C: Maybe I should leave.

3A: Why don’t you give them an autograph?
Ema: Why not give them an autograph? It’s your job to serve your fans!
Fuuto: …What!?
Fuuto: There’s is absolutely no reason you should be telling me that.
Ema: (L-Looks like I made him angry…)

3B: Should we go somewhere else?
Ema: Should we go somewhere else?
Fuuto: Huh…?
Ema: I mean this is your day off after all and you should be able to enjoy yourself.
Ema: So let’s go somewhere else!
Fuuto: …Weren’t you the one who wanted to come here?
Ema: That’s true but… I can come here anytime, okay?
Fuuto: …..Hehe.
Ema: Huh? Did I say something strange…?
Fuuto: I’m not used to you being worried about me.
Ema: Huh…!?
Fuuto: That must mean you want something in return for your kindness, right?
Ema: What…!? That wasn’t my intention at all!
Fuuto: So, why else would you say something like that?
Ema: T-There wasn’t any reason in particular! It’s just…
Fuuto: Then I’ll decide for you.
Ema: Huh…?
Fuuto: I know…
Fuuto: Next time we’ll go some place where just the two of us can be alone. I’ll do whatever you want. How’s that sound?
Ema: What…?
Fuuto: You may ask me to use whatever you’d like. With my hands or tongue… I’ll do whatever you prefer, Nee-san.
Ema: Wh-What are you…!?
Fuuto: Haha, you reacted the way I expected you to.
Ema: What… are you talking about?
Fuuto: It was all a joke. I had fun seeing you look so angry and embarrassed.
Ema: F-Fuuto-kun!! Jeez! I definitely won’t forgive you next time…!
Fuuto: …Thank you, Nee-san.
Ema: Huh…?
Fuuto: Come on, didn’t you say you wanted to go somewhere else? Let’s hurry up and leave before those kids come over.
Ema: Oh, right…!
Ema: (If he wanted to say thanks he should’ve said so in the beginning…)

3C: Maybe I should leave.
Ema: Maybe I should leave.
Fuuto: Why?
Ema: Because it’d be bad if someone witnessed us on a date together.
Fuuto: That may be true, but you and I are siblings. So it should be fine…
Fuuto: …Is what I want to say but, so you think so too?
Ema: Yeah, so I’ll just go somewhere else for a bit.
Fuuto: In that case, wouldn’t it be better if we just left?
Ema: Oh…
Fuuto: Only rumors will spread as long as I’m here. In that case we’re better off just leaving.
Ema: …That’s true. Then let’s go take a walk elsewhere.
Fuuto: It’ll be a place out of the public eye.


Fuuto: It’s about time we head back.
Ema: (He’s right. Time flew by pretty quickly.)

Option 1:
Fuuto: Ah, I have business I can’t be late for. I’ll be going ahead.
Ema: (It seems he left. I wanted to return together but I guess have no choice but to return by myself.)

Option 2:
Fuuto: Well, that wasn’t so bad I suppose.
Ema: …Huh?
Fuuto: This day off wasn’t a total waste of time.
Ema: Really!?
Fuuto: More or less.
Ema: (Thank goodness. To have Fuuto-kun say so makes me really happy.)
Fuuto: What are you doing? I’ll leave you behind.
Ema: Ah, wait! I’m coming now!

Ema: (It was a really fun date today. I’m glad we’re able to return together.)
Fuuto: It seemed to fly by pretty quickly.
Ema: …Huh?
Fuuto: Well, it wasn’t a waste of my day at least. I guess it was fun in its own way.
Ema: (Wow…for him to say something like that…!)
Fuuto: Its getting late so I’ll send you to your room.
Ema: Huh?! What did you just say…?
Fuuto: I said I’d send you to your room!
Ema: T-Thank you.
Fuuto: Well, I’m not doing it for free.
Ema: Huh…?
Fuuto: You know what it means for a man to send a woman to their room, don’t you, Nee-san?
Ema: F-Fuuto-kun…!?

Back in your room
Ema: (Fuuto-kun is always so busy, but I was able to talk to him a lot today! I should invite him out again sometime!)

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