New Weekly Schedule (April 16th – 22nd 2018)

We’re going to post our weekly schedule on here from now on. This way you’ll see what we plan to do this week and you’ll know what to look forward to!

We’ll hope this will help us do more in a weeks time.

Purple Tribal Pattern Weekly Schedule.png

In case you didn’t figure out what the abbreviations mean:

DL = Diabolik Lovers
HDB = Haunted Dark Bridal
OHSHC = Ouran High School Host Club
BC = Brothers Conflict
PP= Passion Pink

Of course, when it says ‘translate …’ it doesn’t mean we’ll translate the whole game, just parts of it. We’ll keep doing that until that game is fully translated.

We’re going to post this every Sunday (or on Monday, if Sunday was to busy), so please look forward to it!

UPDATE: Since today (April 18th) was very busy and I couldn’t fully translate the next day for Ouran High School Host Club, I’m going to keep it for next week! Hope you all understand.


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