Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Shuu Dark 10 English Translation
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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Shuu Dark 10 (English Translation)

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Yui: Eh? I got a message.
Yui: It’s from Shuu-san?
Yui: (He only gave me a cell phone because it was hard for us to contact each other.)
Yui: (Because other than the people in that house, no one else would contact me…)
Yui: It says, “I’m in the health office.” What is that supposed to mean?
Yui: (He never eats, so is his body weak now?)
Yui: Ah…is he telling me to go over there?
Yui: (But…I really don’t want to be harassed by him again.)
Yui: Though…if there’s really a problem with his body, then that’ll be problematic.
Yui: I don’t have a class right now, so I might as well take a look…

Yui: Pardon the intrusion.
Yui: Ah…the school doctor isn’t here?
Yui: So Shuu-san…is just sleeping here?
Shuu: …hm…?
Shuu: You…came.
Yui: Because Shuu-san sent me that message…you asked me to come over here, right?
Shuu: …hm? Is that what you thought?
Yui: (Even though he looks as unmotivated as usual, his face looks paler.)
Yui: Are you okay? The color in your face doesn’t look that good…
Shuu: I don’t know. I can’t get up.
Yui: Really…you brought on this problem by yourself by never eating well.
Shuu: Are you saying that I can drink your blood?
Yui: T-that’s not what I meant!
Yui: Okay, it’s better if you rest for awhile.
Shuu: What? Are you worried about me?
Yui: O-of course not!
Yui: It’s just…I can’t leave someone unhealthy alone by himself.
Shuu: Hm…
Yui: Is it okay if you don’t take some medicine?
Shuu: Medicine…I am a vampire.
Yui: (So it’s like that…human medicine won’t have any effect on him…)
Shuu: Do you have any way to let me regain my energy?
Yui: Eh…?
Shuu: Let me drink blood.
Yui: Blood…?
Yui: (He never eats properly and his body is weak…is it because he hasn’t drunk blood?)
Shuu: Of course, it’ll be your thick, hot blood.
Shuu: As long as I drink that, I won’t have to stay in this room that is full of the smell of disinfectants anymore.
Yui: B-but…
Yui: (I need to let those teeth bite my neck again…?)
Yui: (Even though it isn’t a problem now, but if it continues like this and my blood keeps being sucked…)
Yui: (Will I become like him?)
Yui: (After all, that was another superstition that I had heard about vampires…)
Shuu: Heh…you’re scared.
Yui: Because…when I think of my neck being bitten…
Shuu: Blood doesn’t only flow from your neck…there are other places too.
Yui: What…
Shuu: Inside this wrist also runs fresh blood. Heh…even separate by the skin, I recognize that sweet scent.
Shuu: Ngh…!
Yui: …kyaa!
Shuu: Ngh…ngh…
Yui: (I can feel…my blood…getting sucked out…)
Shuu: Ngh…mhm…
Yui: (Shuu-san…is exhilarated.)

Choose: How Scary…. (M choice)
Yui: (My blood is running…towards the corner of his mouth.)
Yui: N-no…
Shuu: Don’t move. If you pull my teeth out, then you will bleed to death.
Yui: …kyaa!
Shuu: I told you to stop moving, or else I will obliterate your ability to think.
Yui: N-no…I’ll  behave…
Shuu: …that’s good, then. I don’t hate that look of fear in your eyes either.
Shuu: You just keep on obediently fearing this.
Yui: …ah…

Choose: His expression isn’t that bad.. (S choice)
Yui: (He looks happy…. like this is an unforgettable ecstasy…)
Yui: (Ahh…. my heart….)
Yui: (I wonder if blood wil spew out from the scar on my throat after begin scratched….)
Yui: (If it mixes with the blood of Shuu-san… What color would it become…)
Yui: (I want to see…)
Yui: …!
Yui: (What… I… what was that just now…!?)
Yui: (And this pain in my heart… whenever the pain begins, it feels like I’m gone–)
Shuu: …what’s wrong?
Yui: It… it’s nothing…
Shuu: Hold on then. ….I don’t want to make useless scratches.
Yui: Ye.. Yes…
Yui: (Just a while ago… something with my body…)
Yui: (I don’t think I can do such a terrible thing…)

Shuu: …hm.
Yui: …is it over…?
Shuu: What, you want me to suck your blood even more? Do you want to die?
Yui: I-it’s not like that…
Shuu: Hmm, are you excited?
Yui: I-it’s not like that either!
Shuu: Whatever. I don’t care.
Yui: …ah, Shuu-san’s face color is better now.
Yui: (As expected, sucking blood gives him energy…)
Shuu: I’ll admit that your blood is of the highest quality.
Shuu: In order to make sure I eat as much as possible, make sure to increase your blood amount.
Shuu: If you become anemic, it’ll just be more trouble for me.
Yui: I-I don’t live in order to give blood to Shuu-san.
Shuu: Heh…you are the same as a livestock to us vampires.
Yui: How could you say that…
Yui: (Even though he’s usually so unmotivated…once he opens his mouth, he always says nonsense.)
Yui: If your body is better, then please go back to class.
Shuu: This and that are two unrelated things.
Yui: Hey, wait! Why are you lying under the covers again!?
Shuu: …mm.
Yui: Ah…he fell asleep…
Yui: (There’s nothing I can do about Shuu-san. Also, I…when do I have to look after him until?)
Yui: (In the beginning, I thought I would be released quickly…)

His teeth pierced both my neck and my wrist…
I felt fear and dread towards that feeling.
But, I had no way to resist.
Shuu-san sucked my blood,

Very hungrily.
Who would’ve thought that his pale face would turn into an exquisite expression?
It’s almost to the point where he’s beautiful enough to make people tremble.
I’m starting to gradually breakdown.
Life together with Shuu-san,
Is full of sweet seduction…
This kind of thinking unconsciously began to grow.

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