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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Fuuto Event 7: Christmas Concert (English Translation)

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Ema: Ah, I’ll be late if I don’t hurry!
Louis: Chii-chan, you’re clothes today are very sparkly.
Ema: Louis-san!
Louis: Are you going out somewhere?
Ema: Oh, yes. I was invited by Fuuto-kun…
Louis: Fuuto-kun?
Ema: Fuuto-kun’s idol group is holding a limited Christmas concert.
Ema: He also gave me a ticket and I’m about to go there and see him…
Louis: Wow, Fuuto-kun did, huh?
Ema: Hm? What is it?
Louis: Fuuto-kun never invites anyone to see his concerts. He says, “It’d be annoying so don’t come.”
Ema: Hahaha…
Ema: (That sounds like him alright…)
Louis: Surely you must be a special case for Fuuto-kun.
Ema: Huh?
Louis: Otherwise he wouldn’t have contacted you about it.
Ema: (I-Is that true? If thats the case, I suppose I’m a little happy about it.)
Louis: By the way, Chii-chan. Your hair.
Ema: My hair?
Louis: Are you leaving it down?
Ema: O-Oh this…
Louis: Hm?
Ema: Since I was already running out of time I was thinking I’d just go as I am.
Louis: After you got dressed so nicely it seems like a waste to just leave it. Shall I style it? It won’t take long.
Ema: What?! But…
Louis: Don’t worry. I’ll be quick.
Ema: (It won’t take long but is it okay to ask?)

1: I’ll ask him to style my hair. (hearts later on)
2: I’ll just head out.

1: I’ll ask him to style my hair.
Ema: Thank you very much. If you don’t mind I’ll take you up on that offer.
Louis: Good. Please hold still a bit.
Ema: Okay.
Ema: (Whenever Louis-san touches my hair I always realize how gentle and soothing it feels…)
Louis: …Done.
Ema: What? Already?! That was really quick!
Louis: Yes. It looks cute.
Ema: (He arranged it here in such a short time…)
Ema: You really are amazing, Louis-san! Thank you so much!
Louis: I’m just doing what I do best for your hair. Thank you.

2: I’ll just head out.
Ema: But, I’m really worried about the time so I’ll go as it is.
Louis: I see. That’s unfortunate…
Ema: I’m really sorry. I’ll be sure to ask you next time.
Louis: Alright, I understand.

Ema: Anyway, I’ll be going now.
Louis: Good luck. Have a good time.

Ema: (I exchanged my tickets a little while ago but could this be…front row seats?!)
Ema: (Fuuto-kun’s idol group is really popular so I wonder if its really okay for me to get a ticket like this?)
Announcer: (It will start soon. Please remain seated if you’ve received a ticket.
Ema: (Looks like it’ll start soon. Anyway, I should try enjoy myself today!)
Ema: (There’s a lot of cheering going on! And I’m really close to the stage!)

Fuuto: Good evening! Merry Christmas! Asakura Fuuto here!
Fuuto: Thank you all very much for attending this limited Christmas concert!
Fuuto: Only a small amount of people are worthy of this special night! So be sure to enjoy it to the very last minute!
Ema: (The way he is now is completely different. It’s hard to believe that smile hides a true harsh way about him.)
Fuuto: This next song is a new one exclusive to this concert!
Fuuto: This time it was me who was in charge of writing the lyrics.
Ema: (I had no idea Fuuto-kun wrote lyrics before…)
Fuuto: It’s about someone who isn’t honest about their feelings, so he tells them in a song…
Fuuto: I’m sorry for always causing you trouble.
Ema: (Huh…?)
Ema: (Did Fuuto-kun just look my way?)
Fuuto: Please listen. “Dear…”
Fan 1: Ahhh! Asakura-kun just looked in my direction!
Fan 2: No way! It was just your imagination!
Fan 1: He definitely looked over here!
Fan 2: Yeah, yeah. That’s what most fans say.
Ema: (I also thought he was looking at me. It must’ve been my imagination, right?)

Ema: (That was fun…!)
Ema: (I’ve only ever seen Fuuto-kun sing on TV…)
Ema: (He looked really cool. Not just with acting but being able to sing and dance perfectly! He really is amazing!)
Ema: (Those 3 hours seemed to pass by really quickly…)
Ema: (A text? Oh, its from Fuuto-kun.)
Ema: (What?! “Come to the dressing room”!?)
Ema: (W-What should I do? He went through the trouble of inviting me. I’m a bit nervous but I guess I should visit.)

Ema: (Um…I think the dressing room is here, right?)
Fuuto: What are you doing so absent minded?
Ema: Oh, Fuuto-kun!
Ema: Thank goodness you’re here! Wow, those are your clothes you wore on stage!
Fuuto: I didn’t change for your sake so you better be grateful.
Ema: Thank you. I’m glad to be able to see you like this!
Ema: It’s completely different seeing you so up-close on stage!
Fuuto: Really?
Ema: Yeah, you looked really cool!
Fuuto: Hm? Well Obviously.
Ema: (Hehe, Fuuto-kun is the same as ever.)
Fuuto: So? Was that a nice Christmas present?
Ema: Yes! Thank you.
Fuuto: Besides that, did you notice the other present I gave you?
Ema: Eh?
Fuuto: I gave you a sign. If you were watching surely you would’ve noticed?
Ema: Oh?
Ema: (Oh, could that have been…?)
Fuuto: It’s about someone who isn’t honest about their feelings so tells them in a song…
Fuuto: I’m sorry for always causing you trouble…
Ema: (So it wasn’t my imagination after all. He really did look directly at me.)
Fuuto: Well, It’d be annoying so don’t misunderstand my feelings from the lyrics.
Ema: Yeah, I know but…
Ema: (But, I’m glad…)
Ema: Thank you very much, Fuuto-kun.

If you let Louis do your hair:
Fuuto: Also…
Ema: Hm?
Fuuto: It seems you worked hard to look your best today.
Ema: Yeah, I had Louis-san do it.
Fuuto: I thought so. As expected of Louis-nii. He made a plain girl like you look pretty cute.
Ema: ..Is that a compliment?
Fuuto: You know I gave it my all to praise you like that, right?
Ema: (As if…!)
Fuuto: Then…
Fuuto: Today you look absolutely stunning, Onee-san. It makes me want to kidnap you.
Ema: …….!!
Fuuto: Hehe. So? Were you satisfied with that?
Ema: (T-Talk about embarrassing…!)

If you didn’t let Louis do your hair:
Fuuto: You know…
Ema: Hmm?
Fuuto: Your clothes look cute but the hair doesn’t suit it well. What a shame.
Ema: That’s because I was in a hurry when I left…
Fuuto: Hmm, oh well.

Manager: Fuuto?! Hurry up and get changed!
Fuuto: Got it! I’ll be right there!
Fuuto: Anyways I need to get going. The staff is having an after party.
Ema: I see…
Fuuto: Oh? Could it be that you wanted to leave together?
Ema: That’s…!
Fuuto: Sorry. It seems I can’t meet your expectations today.
Ema: I-I wasn’t really expecting anything…!
Fuuto: Well, if we returned together I’m sure there’d be a scoop and huge uproar on the woman that looks like my partner.
Ema: Alright I understand. Then I’ll see you at home soon.

Ema: (*sigh* He may have the face of the idol but he’s the same as he always is…)
Ema: (But, today was really fun. I was able to see Fuuto in costume up-close. It was a great Christmas.)

If you have a present for Fuuto:
Ema: (If it’s around that time, Fuuto-kun should be home right?)
Fuuto: Yes? Oh, its you. What do you want? I just came home so I’m tired.
Ema: S-Sorry…
Ema: Thank you for inviting me to the concert today, Fuuto-kun. So here’s a Christmas present! I didn’t have time to give it to you until now.
Fuuto: Oh?
Ema: (Huh? Is he not happy with it?)
Ema: (Oh, I see. He must already get plenty of gifts from fans…)
Ema: (I can’t see why he’d be particularly glad with mine.)
Fuuto: …Thank you.
Ema: Huh…?
Fuuto: A Christmas present from my very own sister makes me very happy.
Fuuto: I’m sure you spent a lot of time for this, right? I’m really thankful.
Ema: Oh, um…not really…
Fuuto: Then, how about since today is Christmas Eve I give you a reward for that present?
Fuuto: So, would you like to come inside?
Ema: What…?!
Fuuto: Your present is me. How does that sound?
Fuuto: Tonight, you may do whatever you wish to my body, Nee-san…
Ema: F-F-Fuuto-kun?!
Ema: (I’m glad he was happy with his gift but his present is h-himself…?!)
Fuuto: …Pff, hahaha!
Fuuto: It was a joke! You are so easy to trick.
Ema: What?!
Fuuto: Your face is bright red. Did you seriously believe me?
Ema: Fuuto-kun!? If you’re going to pull tricks like that than I’ll take back my present!
Fuuto: Huh? Why should I return it?
Fuuto: Well, I am rather glad you went through the trouble of giving it to me.
Ema: (Grrr…)
Fuuto: Thank you, Onee-san.
Ema: …Don’t mention it!
Ema: (W-Well, he did seem pleased with it though. So that’s good in itself…right?)

If you bought a present for someone else:
Ema: Ah… I went through the effort of buying (Name of brother) a present but I didn’t have time to give it to him…
Ema: It’s a bit disappointing but I guess there’s no helping it.

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