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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Masaomi Family Date (English Translation)

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Ema: I’m completely free today so I wonder if I can go out with everyone…?
Juli: With your brothers!?
Juli: Well, if it’s not just one of them, I can may be able to permit it… …So are you going to try to invite them?
Ema: Yep!

Masaomi: Good morning.
Ema: Good morning, Masaomi-san.
Ema: Um…I know this is sudden, but are you free today…?
Ema: It’s a great day today, So I was thinking about going out with everyone… So how about it…?
Masaomi: With everyone? Hmm…I’ll have to ask everyone. Hold on a moment.
Ema: Okay, thank you!

If your family relation is high enough and they have time:
Masaomi: Thankfully, everyone seems to be free. Let’s get ready to leave.
Ema: Yeah!
Ema: (I don’t get a lot of opportunities to hang out with everyone. I’m really looking forward to it!)

If your family relation isn’t high enough or they don’t have time:
Masaomi: Seems like everyone is busy today. Sorry… Let’s go out together some other time.
Juli: Chii, it’s unfortunate but, you should give it up for today.
Ema: Yeah. Seems like everyone is busy…
Juli: I guess you have no choice but to spend your day with me!
Ema: *sigh*
Juli: W-Why are you sighing!? That’s insulting to me y’know!
Ema: It’d be nice to go out together with everyone someday…
Juli: Hey! Are you even listening to me, Chii!?

During the family date

Option 1: At the aquarium
Masaomi: The dolphin show is about to start. Shall we go watch it?
Ema: (A dolphin show, huh?)
Ukyo: Being able to watch while sitting down sounds nice. Shall we go see the dolphin show?
Azusa: In addition to the dolphin show, there’s a sea lion and a killer whale one. We got a lot to choose from.
Subaru: The dolphin show sounds good and all, but I think I’d prefer the killer whale one.
Wataru: Is there really!? Onee-chan, let’s go watch it together! Maybe we’ll be able to pet it!

1: I want to see a different show
2: I want to go

1: I want to see a different show
Ema: The dolphin show seems interesting but… how about we visit a more rare show…?
Ema: (We can see the dolphin show any time. I want to see the killer whale and sea lions today!)

2: I want to go
Ema: Yeah, I want to go to the dolphin show too!
Masaomi: This aquarium also has a section where you can pet the dolphins. It sounds fun.
Ema: (Wow…! I want to pet a dolphin!)

Option 2: At the zoo
Ema: (I wonder where we should go next?)
Masaomi: Hey, there’s a section over there where you can take a picture with a baby lion. There’s a long line but do you want to try it out?
Ukyo: It’s a limited time event so I’d like to. It seems to be fairly popular so why not try it out?
Kaname: Wow, how unusual. Imouto-chan, do you want to hold the baby lion? Let’s go together.
Wataru: A baby lion!? Wow! Really!? I wanna take a picture! Let’s get in line!

1: Let’s not bother
2: I want to go!

1: Let’s not bother
Ema: But the line seems fairly long… We didn’t get to do much else so let’s not bother.
Ema: (It’s unfortunate but I want to look around more.)

2: I want to go!
Ema: Wow! I want to get my photo taken! I’ve never seen a baby lion before!
Masaomi: Okay, then let’s go. I’m looking forward to it.
Ema: (I wonder what it feels like? Hehe, I can’t wait!)

Option 3: At the amusement park
Ema: (There’s a lot of people today…)
Masaomi: Wow, it sure is crowded. Be careful to not get lost…
Azusa: Once we decide what we want to ride, can’t we separate and then meet up later?
Fuuto: At this age it’s strange to be all huddled together. We should be able to take our own course in actions. Oh, well I suppose I could go together with you though.
Wataru: Hey, Onee-chan! Hold my hand so you don’t get separated!

1: I’m a bit anxious
2: We’ll be fine!

1: I’m a bit anxious
Ema: I am a bit anxious about it even with a phone. Maybe we should decide a meeting time just in case.
Masaomi: Yeah, let’s do that. It’ll be much more reassuring.
Ema: (I’ll be careful not to get lost too.)

2: We’ll be fine!
Ema: We’re mature adults here so we can handle it! Anyway there’ll be a long line up if we don’t hurry!
Ema: (Even if we get lost, it should be okay since we can contact each other.)

Option 4: Shopping
Masaomi: So…has everyone decided what shop they want to visit? If there’s a certain shop you visit go ahead and split up.
Azusa: Me and Tsubaki are going to browse some clothes… Would you like to come?
Louis: Chii-chan, do you want to browse some clothes? Oh, but maybe we should go to the pet shop too.
Iori: In that case…I’ll go to the bookstore.
Ema: (I wonder where I should go?)

1: The game store
2: The household goods store

1: The game store
Ema: Then I’ll go browse the game store.
Ema: (I hope there’s some interesting software!)

2: The household goods store
Ema: I think I’ll go visit the household goods store…
Masaomi: Oh, can I go together with you? I want to try and find a new mug to use at the hospital. It’d be great if you could help me choose.
Ema: Of course. I’ll help in any way I can!

Option 5: At the theater
Masaomi: There’s a lot of movies being shown. Anything could be good so I’m not sure what to choose.
Kaname: Anything’s fine as long as I can watch it next to my adorable little sister. So? What do you want to see?
Louis: Yes, I agree… I’d like to watch whatever Chii-chan wants…
Iori: As for something new, that foreign film seems to be fairly popular. It’s the newest work in the series.
Fuuto: I want to watch that foreign film. If you can’t decide I’ll just go on ahead.
Ema: (…What should I suggest?)

1: A comedy film
2: The newest fantasy film

1: A comedy film
Ema: How about that comedy film that was talked about on TV? It’s got a fantastic cast so I was kind of interested.
Ema: (I hope we can enjoy it together!)

2: The newest fantasy film
Ema: How about the newest fantasy film? It’s quite popular.
Masaomi: That reminds me, the previous work of that series was also interesting. Let’s watch that movie then.
Ema: Yeah. Hehe, I can’t wait!

Option 6: At the park
Masaomi: It’s a really nice day out. It’s sort of making me sleepy…
Ukyo: Masaomi, you shouldn’t sleep in such a place. …You should set an example as the eldest son.
Kaname: I know exactly what you mean. Imouto-chan, how about we rest in the shade together? Oh, we can sleep right near the bushes.
Tsubaki: Jeez, Masa-nii! Don’t act like an old man! It’s a great day today so you should try and have fun!
Subaru: Masa-nii…why don’t you try excerising a bit? You can’t have gotten that old, right?
Wataru: Hey, Maa-kun, don’t let this day go to waste! I want to play! Let’s play soccer!
Ema: (Masaomi-san really is about to fall asleep…)

1: Shall we enjoy the tree’s shade?
2: You should move your body more!

1: Shall we enjoy the tree’s shade?
Ema: (I wonder if he’s tired from work? Perhaps I should join him?)
Ema: In that case, why don’t you relax under the tree? You must be tired from work so you should take a break.
Masaomi: Is that okay? Thank you. I’ll do that then.
Ema: (It’s not so bad to spend our day off leisurely.)

2: You should move your body more!
Ema: Masaomi-san, you should move your body more. Come on, it’s time to do something else for a change!
Ema: (We don’t get these sort of days off very often.)

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