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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Fuuto Event 3: On The Day Of The Culture Festival (English Translation)

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Louis: Chii-chan has become a little bunny…
Ema: Huh?! Louis-san?! You came to visit?
Louis: Yes. I heard you talking about a school festival coming up.
Ema: I’m really glad you came! Thank you!
Louis: No worries. You make a very cute bunny…
Ema: …Thank you very much.
Ema: (Now that I heard it from him, it’s kind of embarrassing…)
Ema: But isn’t your workplace pretty far from here?
Ema: That means you came all this way just to visit.
Louis: There was a shooting with Fuuto-kun around here. I was in charge of styling his hair.
Ema: Oh, you did?
Ema: (I had no idea Fuuto-kun was nearby…)
Louis: Are you on your break?
Ema: Yes, I am.
Louis: Then would you like to go take a look around?
Ema: Is that okay with you?
Louis: Of course. I’m interested in seeing the displays.
Ema: Alright! Then let’s go and take a look around.
Louis: Okay.
Ema: Hm? I got an text from Fuuto.
Ema: “Tell Louis-san to buy me Takoyaki. Then buy crepes, fried chicken, and cotton candy”?!
Louis: It’s only food. That’s just like him.
Ema: Haha, you’re right. But I wanted to take a look at the displays. What should I do?
Louis: Why not look at them later?
Ema: (He says that but…)
Ema: In that case I’ll go shopping for Fuuto-kun first.
Louis: Okay.
Ema: Let’s see, first is takoyaki. Hmm, maybe I should postpone doing this.
Louis: …Yeah.
Ema: (I wonder if it’d be fine if I just went ahead and bought fried chicken?)
Louis: Chii-chan is…
Ema: Hm…?
Louis: Chii-chan is very cute today. It’s unfortunate I couldn’t show Fuuto-kun.
Ema: Huh?! Not at all…!
Louis: I know. Shall I take a picture?
Ema: I-Its okay! You don’t have to do that!
Louis: Why not? I’m sure Fuuto-kun would be happy to see it.
Ema: No way. He’d definitely make a fool out of me…
Ema: L-Louis-san!!
Louis: Got it. It looks very cute.
Ema: (Louis-san is surprisingly quick…)
Louis: …Sent.
Ema: What?! Are you serious?
Louis: Yes. Did you not want me to…?
Ema: Um, its…
Ema: (When he stares at me like that, there’s no way I can get angry…)
Louis: Oh. Fuuto-kun replied quickly.
Ema: (I wonder what he said? To be honest, I’d rather not know…)
Louis: He said, “Well, your tastes aren’t so bad. It suits well for an idiot.”
Ema: I-Is that…a compliment?
Ema: (Huh? Now he’s calling me. What could he want now?)
Ema: Hello?
Fuuto: Aren’t you embarrassed wearing something like that?
Ema: What?! Its not like I’m fond of dressing up like this!
Fuuto: But you had Louis-nii send me picture didn’t you? Seems like to me you actually do.
Ema: T-That’s not true! Louis-san sent it on his own!
Fuuto: If you say so. I’ll let it slide since I feel bad for you.
Ema: L-Listen…!
Fuuto: So to make up for it…
Fuuto: Come to my room later dressed up like that.
Ema: What!?
Fuuto: With so many people seeing you dressed up like that, why not give me a personal show?
Ema: What?! I-Its not like I’m showing anyone purposely!
Fuuto: I’ll be waiting to see you tonight.
Fuuto: So show only me that cute figure of yours, okay? My cute little bunny Onee-chan?
Ema: …..!!
Louis: …Chii-chan?
Ema: (He was definitely mocking me just now!!)
Louis: Chii-chan your face is red. Are you okay?
Ema: I-I’m fine! Let’s just hurry and get this shopping over with and go see the display!
Louis: …Okay.
Ema: (There’s no way I’d ever show him something like that!)
Ema: (But even if he was lying, I was a little happy when he said I was cute…)
Ema: (He even when out of his way to call me too…)
Louis: Chii-chan?
Ema: (But its not like I can take these clothes home.)
Ema: (W-Wait–I wouldn’t do something like that anyway!)
Ema: (Jeez! Thanks to him saying that, my head is a mess…!)
Louis: Chii-chan?
Ema: (Speaking of which, does that mean he’s coming home today?)
Ema: (He said he’d be waiting tonight so I guess that means it won’t be that late…)
Ema: (I’ll text him later.)
Louis: Chii-chan, you’re smiling.
Ema: Huh? What?
Louis: Chii-chan, did Fuuto-kun cheer you up?
Ema: …?! N-Not at all!
Louis: You should take home your clothes.
Ema: L-Louis-san…?!
Louis: Hm?
Ema: L-Let’s go! We have to go shopping!
Louis: Yes, then let’s get going.
Ema: (My class came up on top and I unexpectedly got to speak with Fuuto-kun. It was a great cultural festival!)

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