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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Yusuke Family Date (English Translation)

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Ema: Today is a rest day, but would I be able to go out with everyone?
Juli: You mean your brothers?!
Juli: You can’t expect me to leave you with any of them, so I’m coming, too.
Ema: Okay, let’s see.

Yusuke: Aah…it’s so early…what’s up?
Ema: Good morning, Yusuke-kun. Did I bother you?
Ema: I know this is sudden, but do you have any plans for today?
Ema: The weather’s good outside, so maybe we can all go out together…
Yusuke: Huh? All of us? Now? Well…I’m good, so we can ask the rest.
Ema: Okay, thanks!

If your family relation is high enough and they have time:
Yusuke: Everyone said they’re game. …That’s good, right?
Ema: Yep!
Ema: (This usually doesn’t happen. It’s going to be fun!)

If your family relation isn’t high enough or they don’t have time:
Yusuke: Ah, they don’t have time for today. Sorry.
Juli: Maybe next time, Chii.
Ema: I suppose. Everyone must be busy.
Juli: Since no one can keep you company today, I’ll do it myself!
Ema: …Hah.
Juli: What are you sighing for? That isn’t nice!!
Ema: I hope we can all go out one day…
Juli: Hey, Chii, are you listening?!

On the family date

Option 1: At the aquarium
Ema: (Hmm, we’ve walked around long enough, what do we do next?)
Yusuke: Hey, there’s a beach nearby. Wanna check it out?
Kaname: Really? Then let’s go. If we can, we can soak our feet in the water, too.
Tsubaki: Sure! Then we can chase each other around, do a water sprint…ah, I’m getting fired up!
Louis: And if we stay long enough, we can watch the sunset… How about it, Chii-chan?
Ema: (The beach, huh…)

1: I wan’t to go
2: Not today…

1: I wan’t to go
Ema: Sure, let’s go!
Yusuke: R-Really?! Okay, c’mon!!
Yusuke: Argh, walking on the beach makes us look like a couple…!
Ema: Did you say something, Yusuke-kun?
Yusuke: No! N-N-Nothing!

2: Not today…
Ema: I’d like to see it, but…
Ema: (I’m wearing a skirt, so who knows what’ll happen if the wind blows…)

Option 2: At the zoo
Yusuke: This is an alpaca, right? Doesn’t it get hot in all that fur?
Azusa: It’s really cute…almost refreshing to look at.
Louis: What kind of animal is an alpaca? A horse? A sheep…Maybe a camel?
Wataru: The fur looks so lumpy and fluffy! Can I touch it?
Ema: (It does look a little thick…)

1: I want to clip its fur
2: It really is cute and fluffy

1: I want to clip its fur
Ema: I think they maintain the alpaca’s fur during summer. I want to try clipping it!
Yusuke: Seriously? What’s gonna happen if it loses all of its fur?
Ema: (If the fur gets clipped off, wouldn’t it look too thin. So maybe this is better…)

2: It really is cute and fluffy
Ema: Besides, it does look cute when its fur is lumpy and fluffy.
Ema: (It’s nice that Juli is just as fluffy as an alpaca.)

Option 3: At the amusement park
Yusuke: Hey, that shooting game looks pretty fun. It’s my strong point…and I want you to play it with me…
Masaomi: If your score is high enough, you can win a prize. Wataru and I will just have to work hard.
Tsubaki: Yusuke, would you stop showing off to Ema? You’re totally gonna fail.
Subaru: I think you and Yusuke are really good at shooting down zombies, though… Is it really that fun?
Ema: (A shooting game…!)

1: Let’s play!
2: I’ll play single…

1: Let’s play!
Ema: It looks really fun! There’s even co-op! Let’s get a high score, Yusuke-kun!
Yusuke: R-Really?! Okay, we’re gonna show up in the rankings…!
Ema: (Okay, let’s do this!)

2: I’ll play single…
Ema: (Will Yusuke-kun be okay…? I think I can get a good score by myself…)

Option 4: Shopping
Ema: (Okay, what should we check next…?)
Yusuke: Hey, could you check this CD out. I listened to it a bunch of times at work, but I don’t know if I should buy it…
Azusa: Why don’t you just rent it?
Iori: I don’t want to spend too much time here. I’ll look at some other CDs…
Wataru: Oh, look, Oneechan! These are Fuutan’s CDs. They’re selling a lot! Amazing, amazing~!
Ema: (Which reminds me, Yusuke-kun works at a karaoke bar…)

1: I want to visit sometime
2: Is it hard working there?

1: I want to visit sometime
Ema: Yusuke-kun, you work a karaoke bar, right?
Yusuke: Yeah, what about it?
Ema: Why don’t we all go there next time?
Yusuke: Huh?
Ema: I want to hear you sing! Can’t staff and customers sing together?
Yusuke: Wh-What are you talking about! And no, I can’t sing while I’m at work!!
Ema: Then how about after?
Yusuke: No! No, you can’t listen to me singing at all! I’m gonna get the CD!
Ema: (Ah, he left. But I did want to hear him sing…)

2: Is it hard working there?
Ema: (How does he manage a karaoke job? I can imagine the place being full on weekends…)
Ema: (I’ll ask Yusuke-kun next time.)

Option 5: At the theater
Ema: (There’s a little time before the movie starts… What could we do…)
Yusuke: Hey, I’m getting something to eat, how about you?
Ukyo: It’s alright to eat, just don’t buy too much.
Azusa: I’ll go get some coffee.
Louis: Chii-chan, what will you get? There’s churros and popcorn…
Wataru: Ah! I’ll buy caramel popcorn! I’ll go with Yuukun!
Ema: (What will I eat…)

1: Popcorn
2: Don’t eat

1: Popcorn
Ema: Maybe I’ll have some popcorn, too.
Yusuke: Sure thing. You can’t go to a movie without popcorn.
Ema: (That’s true. It’s delicious, but I shouldn’t eat too much…)

2: Don’t eat
Ema: I’m alright. Thank you.
Ema: (I want to focus on the movie today, so I might as well skip…)

Option 6: At the park
Ema: (We’ve arrived, but what do we do first?)
Yusuke: What are you going to do? Suba-nii and I are heading to the court.
Kaname: Aren’t you guys excited? Maybe I should watch.
Tsubaki: Hah, sounds fun. Then when you’re done, there’s a punishment for the loser!
Subaru: That’s okay. Yusuke’s pretty good at basketball.
Ema: (Basketball…)

1: Watch
2: Don’t watch

1: Watch
Ema: Um, may I go with you, too?
Yusuke: Y-yeah! It’s okay…Let’s go!
Ema: (How will practice go… I should buy drinks after.)

2: Don’t watch
Ema: Hmm…I’ll just stay under the shade today. Good luck, Subaru-san.
Ema: (After all, resting in a park is okay, too.)

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