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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Tsubaki Family Date (English Translation)

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Ema: I’m completely free today so I wonder if I can go out with everyone…?
Juli: With your brothers!?
Juli: Well, if it’s not just one of them, I can may be able to permit it… …So are you going to try to invite them?
Ema: Yep!

Tsubaki: Ema!! Good morning!
Ema: Good moring, Tsubaki-san.
Ema: Um…I know this is sudden, but are you free today…?
Ema: It’s a great day today, So I was thinking about going out with everyone… So how about it…?
Tsubaki: Aw, everyone? If it were just me, Azusa, and you’d it’d be even better. Well, if you say so…I’ll go ask.
Ema: Okay, thank you!

If your family relation is high enough and they have time:
Tsubaki: Unfortunately…
Tsubaki: …Everyone is able to go. Why out of all times is everyone free now?
Tsubaki: Well, I guess it’s not bad to spend our time as siblings together.
Ema: Yeah!
Ema: (I don’t get a lot of opportunities to hang out with everyone. I’m really looking forward to it!)

If your family relation isn’t high enough or they don’t have time:
Tsubaki: Unfortunately…
Tsubaki: …It won’t be possible today. Let’s go out another time!
Juli: Chii, it’s unfortunate but, you should give it up for today.
Ema: Yeah. Seems like everyone is busy…
Juli: I guess you have no choice but to spend your day with me!
Ema: *sigh*
Juli: W-Why are you sighing!? That’s insulting to me y’know!
Ema: It’d be nice to go out together with everyone someday…
Juli: Hey! Are you even listening to me, Chii!?

During the family date

Option 1: At the aquarium
Tsubaki: I know! Let’s take a picture to commemorate us coming here! Of course, you’ll be in the middle.
Kaname: Oh, we could take one in the dolphin section. We can take one with just the two of us later.
Yusuke: …Y-You…and me… N-No! Just forget it!
Fuuto: Man, talk about lame positioning. You and the flashy voice actor would be better suited to a photo using a cartoon cutout you stick your face through, don’t you?
Wataru: Ah! Tsu-kun, that’s tricky! I want to take a picture with Onee-chan too!
Ema: (A picture, huh? It makes me happy for us to be a family like this…)

1: Where shall we take it?
2: With everyone then…

1: Where shall we take it?
Ema: Where shall we take it? I think in front of the water tank would be nice!
Ema: (I hope to take a good picture!)

2: With everyone then…
Ema: Then how about we take one with everyone? It’ll be a nice family photograph.
Tsubaki: Hmm, I don’t really mind but… let’s take one with ourselves later.
Ema: (I’ll make sure to display it in my room!)

Option 2: At the Zoo
Tsubaki: It’s been a while since I’ve been to the zoo! What do you wanna go look at? I wanna see the lion and the pandas too!
Ukyo: Tsubaki, you’re an adult you know. Calm down a little…for Pete’s sake.
Louis: I want to see the pandas… But wouldn’t it be overly popular? Will you be okay in an overly crowded place?
Yusuke: I wanna see the lions too! You can see ’em up close at this zoo!
Fuuto: *sigh* I don’t care where we go as long as it’s not crowded. Stop making a fuss like an idiot. All you’ll do is embarrass me.
Ema: (Where should we go now?)

1: A quiet area
2: A popular area

1: A quiet area
Ema: We should go somewhere quiet and away from all the crowds.
Ema: (I want to see the pandas, but it’ll be difficult if it’s overcrowded.)

2: A popular area
Ema: Let’s go somewhere more popular then! I want to see the pandas!
Ema: See? I knew Ema would agree with me! Then let’s go see those pandas!
Ema: (Hehe, today will definitely be really fun!)

Option 3: At the amusement park
Tsubaki: How about we ride the roller coaster first? Then you can hug me and tell your big brother how scared you are!
Masaomi: The roller coaster here is pretty intense… I wouldn’t overdo it if I were you.
Azusa: …Tsubaki, why don’t you shut up for a bit?
Louis: If you’re hair gets messing after riding… I’ll be sure to fix it for you afterwords.
Subaru: W-Who the heck embraces someone on a roller coaster? …You’d be better off not going on with, Tsuba-nii.
Ema: (*sigh*)

1: I’d rather not
2: I’ll be fine

1: I’d rather not
Ema: I’d rather not.
Ema: (It’s true this roller coaster is pretty intense… but no matter how scared I am, It’d be way too embarrassing to hug someone on it…)

2: I’ll be fine
Ema: I’ll be fine. I’m really good with roller coasters!
Tsubaki: Aw, that’s cold! Ema you’re way too harsh! We went through the trouble of coming here, I at least wanted to give you a big bro hug! Darn.
Ema: (Jeez, he’s the same as usual…)

Option 4: Shopping
Ema: (I wonder if I should buy some clothes?)
Tsubaki: Hey, I think that dress would look good on you. It’s really, absolutely, adorable. Your big brother would love to buy it for you.
Ukyo: …I do believe it would suit you. Although…it’s a little short…
Kaname: Oh, I do think it’d suit you. You should definitely wear it. But only in front of me, okay?
Subaru: …! T-That…!? I-Isn’t that…too short…?
Fuuto: I think you’d better off with clothes I chose, not clothes chosen by that flashy voice actor.
Ema: (That small dress really is cute…)

1: I’ll try it on…
2: I’ll pass!

1: I’ll try it on…
Ema: Thank you… I’ll try it on…though it may be too short…
Tsubaki: Aw, not at all! It’ll definitely be fine if it’s you! Come on, go try it on!
Ema: (…I-I guess I’ll just try it on for now.)

2: I’ll pass!
Ema: T-That skirt is way too short! No way!
Ema: (I feel bad for Tsubaki-san… But it’s shorter than necessary…)

Option 5: At the theater
Ema: (I have some spare time, so I should check out a shop…)
Tsubaki: Oh, look at those cute pairs of mugs sold over there! Hey, we should buy them so we can use them together!
Masaomi: There really are a lot of different colors. I should buy them with Wataru.
Azusa: Tsubaki. Just how many mugs do you intend to buy? Stop wasting your money and taking up cupboard space.
Yusuke: A p-pair with Tsuba-nii!? D-Don’t just decide that for yourself!
Wataru: That’s sly, Tsukkun! I want to match with Onee-chan too!

1: …I’d rather not
2: Sure

1: …I’d rather not
Ema: …That’d be kind of embarrassing so I’d rather not.
Ema: (They are cute but, I don’t really want a pair…)

2: Sure
Ema: They really are cute. …But are you sure you want one with me?
Tsubaki: It’s no problem at all! Having a pair with you makes me super happy!!
Ema: (It’s a bit embarrassing but… it’s somewhat family-like, so I don’t mind.)

Option 6: At the park
Tsubaki: Ema! Since we came to the park, I thought it’d be a good idea to ride the boat. You should ride with me!
Masaomi: A boat, huh? The weather is perfect for it. I’d like to get on one with Wataru.
Kaname: …I heard these boats were supposed to be separate from each other? Well, that’d be convenient for me.
Azusa: A boat, huh? We rode one together a long time ago. Tsubaki suddenly stood up and I remember it being a terrifying memory for me.
Louis: Boats are really comfortable… I’d also like to ride one together…
Yusuke: No way! Jeez, you always try and take every chance you get to ask her…
Ema: (A boat, huh? It sounds fun.)

1: How about 3 of us ride?
2: Sounds good to me!

1: How about 3 of us ride?
Ema: Then how about 3 of us ride it? It’ll get tiresome to row it with just the two of us. So the more people the better, right?
Tsubaki: What!? But my dream was to ride together with you… Well, I get what you’re saying though. But next time it’ll be just the two of us! I promise!
Ema: (Was it good I suggested it? I’m looking forward to it!)

2: Sounds good to me!
Ema: I want to ride a boat too! Let’s go!
Ema: (I know it may be difficult. But I’d like to at least row once. I’ll get Tsubaki-san teach me how.)

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