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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Subaru Family Date (English Translation)

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Ema: Since it’s a day off, I wonder if we can go out with everyone…?
Juli: With those brothers…!?
Juli: Well, it won’t be the two of you, and if I’m coming along nothing bad will happen… …Want to invite them along?
Ema: Yep!

Subaru: …Hey.
Ema: Subaru-san. Good morning.
Ema: Uhm…sorry for asking so suddenly. Are you free today…?
Ema: The weather’s great and I was thinking of going out with everyone…. What do you think…?
Subaru: With everyone…? Well, if you say so…. Wait a sec. I’ll ask if they’re free.
Ema: Okay, thank you!

If your family relation is high enough and they have time:
Subaru: They said they’ll go. …That’s great.
Ema: Yep!
Ema: (There aren’t many opportunities to go out with everyone. I’m really excited!)

If your family relation isn’t high enough or they don’t have time:
Subaru: I asked everyone, but it looks like they all have plans. …Sorry.
Juli: Chii. It’s unfortunate, but give up on today.
Ema: That’s right. Since everyone’s busy….
Juli: It can’t be helped, so I’ll hang out with you for the entire day!
Ema: …………..Haa.
Juli: Wh-what’s with that sigh! How rude!!
Ema: It’ll be great if we could all go out together one day….
Juli: Oi, are you listening to what I’m saying!?

On the family date:

Option 1: At the aquarium
Subaru: Heeh…there’s a corner over there where you can touch starfish and sea cucumbers, huh….
Ukyo: …I’ll stay here, so why don’t you all take a look? Ah, well… I can’t handle those types of things very well….
Louis: Sea cucumbers…are rare…. I wonder what they feel like…? Squishy…? Soft..?
Iori: …I’m more interested in that display over there.
Yusuke: …Starfish and sea cucumbers… what do they feel like…?

1: I’m interested
2: I’ll pass

1: I’m interested
Ema: Waah, I’m interested in that! I’ve always wanted to touch something like that.
Ema: (There aren’t many opportunities to touch starfish and sea cucumbers, right! But, am I just imagining things…or is Subaru-san’s face a little pale?)

2: I’ll pass
Ema: ….I’ll pass. I absolutely refuse. I’m not good with things that are slimy….
Subaru: …Same here. Then, let’s go somewhere else.
Ema: (Subaru-san also can’t handle it…. Ahh, I’m glad….)

Option 2:
Subaru: Look at the time. We should head back now. …Ahh, do you want to take a look at the souvenir shop?
Masaomi: Okay, we might as well do that. …Animal shaped candies. They’re cute, aren’t they.
Tsubaki: Good idea. Tell me if there’s anything you want! Your kind onii-chan will buy anything for you★
Iori: Then, I’ll be waiting over there. Go along.
Wataru: Waaai! Souvenirs♪ Souvenirs♪ What should I buy, souvenirs♪ Candy~? Ah, an animal figure sounds good too~!
Ema: (That’s right. Should I buy something for Juli too?)

1: Pick something everyone can eat
2: Maybe a squirrel plush?

1: Pick something everyone can eat
Subaru: Hm? Are you picking cookies?
Ema: Yes. This way even Juli can eat it…. Let’s eat it with everyone during tea time!
Subaru: Squirrels…eat cookies!?

2: Maybe a squirrel plush?
Ema: (Ah, this squirrel plush looks good! The face looks like Juli’s, and seems cheeky, too. Hehe.)

Option 3: At a Amusement Park
Ema: (All the attractions today are really crowded, huh….)
Subaru: This is a really long line. We’ll be waiting for a while, right? I’m going to buy everyone some drinks… What do you want?
Tsubaki: Then, you might as well buy us some food! I want Frankfurts and takoyaki! Ema too, get whatever you want★
Iori: Waiting will take up our energy… It’s a good idea to get some now.
Wataru: Subarun, I want to eat ice cream! Vanilla ice cream! Ahh but, chocolate and strawberry sounds good too~.

1: I’ll leave it to you
2: I’ll go with you

1: I’ll leave it to you
Ema: Eh? Th-thank you. Then, I’ll get milk tea….
Ema: (I asked for a favour, but Subaru-san will be carrying everyone’s things by himself…. I should’ve gone with him….)

2: I’ll go with you
Ema: Then, I’ll go with you. It’ll be difficult to carry everyone’s drinks by yourself, right?
Subaru: Eh…!? R-really? …Then, uhm…is it okay for you to come with me? …Sorry.
Ema: Yes! Then let’s go, Subaru-san.

Option 4: Shopping
Ema: (We’ve seen a lot of things already…. Where should we go next…?)%K%P
Subaru: Hey, could we go to the bookshop? The magazine my favorite athlete features in was released. I was thinking of buying it.
Tsubaki: Ah, I need to go too. A new novel I’m obsessed with came out.
Louis: Then…I’ll go to the general store next to it, I guess….
Iori: Great timing. There’s a book I wanted to see too. …What are you going to do?
Yusuke: Hmm, then, can I go to some other store? I’m a little hungry, so I might get something to eat.

1: Then, let’s make it free activity time?
2: There’s a book I want too

1: Then, let’s make it free activity time?
Ema: Okay. Then, let’s decide on a time and everyone can do what they want. That way, we can take our time.
Ema: (I should go take my time looking through a store I like.)

2: There’s a book I want too
Ema: Ah, there’s a book I want too! Can I go with you?
Subaru: Really? Then, let’s go.
Ema: Okay!
Ema: (That was great timing.)

Option 5: At the theater
Ema: Uhm…what should we watch today…? Subaru-san, what kind of movie is okay?
Subaru: As long as it isn’t a ro-romance movie, then anything…. L-look! Wataru’s here too….
Masaomi: Yeah…I’ll be happy if it’s something everyone can watch.
Kaname: Suba-chan…why don’t you do a little better?
Azusa: The movies screening are…a new action movie, or an anime movie. What should we watch…
Iori: …I’ll refrain from watching anything romance, too. …Sorry.
Ema: (Hmmm…what should we watch?)

1: The action movie
2: The anime movie

1: The action movie
Ema: How about the action movie that came out recently? I heard it’s really interesting, and it’s all over the news.
Subaru: Really? Then, let’s watch that. Wataru will be glad too.
Ema: (Since it’s a rare chance, I want everyone to enjoy it!)

2: The anime movie
Ema: How about the anime movie? This way, Wataru-chan will also enjoy it.
Ema: (But, maybe it’s a bit too childish…?)

Option 6: At the park
Subaru: I run through this park a lot. It feels really good in the mornings.
Kaname: Yeah. Well, I get captivated by the beautiful women who walk their dogs every morning, though.
Azusa: You really exercise with everything you’ve got in the mornings, huh…. …I think that’s really amazing.
Wataru: …Will I get bigger quickly, if I run with Subarun…?

1: I want to join them
2: Leave breakfast to me

1: I want to join them
Ema: (Morning roadwork, huh….)
Ema: (I want to try running with them too, but it’ll probably be tiring, and I’ll end up asleep at school….)

2: Leave breakfast to me
Ema: It might be a bit difficult everyday, but I’ll support you. Leave breakfast to me!
Subaru: Ahh…. That…about breakfast. I always look forward to it…Thanks.
Ema: (I’m glad I was a little helpful!)

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