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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Kaname Family Date (English Translation)

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Ema: I’m completely free today so I wonderif I can go out with everyone…?
Juli: With your brothers!?
Juli: Well, if it’s not just one of them,I may be able to permit it… …So are you going to try to invite them?
Ema: Yep!

Kaname: Imouto-chan, good morning.
Ema: Good morning, Kaname-san.
Ema: Um…I know this is sudden, but are you free today…?
Ema: It’s a great day today, So I was thinking about going out with everyone… So how about it…?
Kaname: With everyone? I’d be better with just the two of us. But I can’t turn down a request from you. Let me go ask everyone.
Ema: Okay, thank you!

If your family relation is high enough and they have time:
Kaname: No one declined your invitation. So thankfully we can all go.
Ema: Okay!
Ema: (I don’t get a lot of opportunities tohang out with everyone. I’m really looking forward to it!)

If your family relation isn’t high enough or they don’t have time:
Kaname: Sorry, Imouto-chan. Not everyone is free. It’s unfortunate, but maybe next time.
Juli: Chii, it’s unfortunate but, you should give it up for today.
Ema: Yeah. Seems like everyone is busy…
Juli: I guess you have no choice but to spend your day with me!
Ema: *sigh*
Juli: W-Why are you sighing!? That’s insulting to me y’know!
Ema: It’d be nice to go out together with everyone someday…
Juli: Hey! Are you even listening to me, Chii!?

During the family date

Option 1: At the aquarium
Ema: Wow!The tropical fish at this section is beautiful!
Kaname: The colorful fish are beautiful. However, I think your face reflected in the tank is much more beautiful.
Azusa: You don’t have a script and yet you speak those words so naturally…
Louis: Yeah. I also…think Chii-chan is pretty…
Subaru: …Hey, Kana-nii. How do you speak lines like that so naturally?

1: Is he serious?
2: He must be joking

1: Is he serious?
Ema: I always wonder this but… Are you being serious right now?
Kaname: Hm? Of course. I wouldn’t joke about something like that.
Ema: (*sigh* In truth, I find it hard to believe this monk…)

2: He must be joking
Ema: (Hmm…I always wonder about it, but I’m pretty sure he’s joking…)
Ema: (It’s embarrassing but… I’ll try not to let it bother me.)

Option 2: At the zoo
Kaname: Wow…they have horseback riding. Want to go try it out?
Louis: I’d like to go…horseback riding. A pony, huh? They’re so cute with their fluffy tails.
Yusuke: I-If you’re going…maybe I should go too… I-I wonder what I should do?
Fuuto: It’s too crowded so I won’t. I’m going to go rest over there, so go right ahead and enjoy yourselves.
Ema: (Horseback riding, huh?)

1: I want to go!
2: Not today…

1: I want to go!
Ema: Yeah, I want to go!
Kaname: Sure, let’s try it then. I’ll help you if it gets tricky. Don’t worry.
Ema: Okay, thank you.
Ema: (I wonder what horse I’ll ride? I can’t wait…)

2: Not today…
Ema: (It sounds neat but, I’m wearing a skirt today so I’d rather not.)

Option 3: At the amusement park
Ema: (It’s really crowded today…)
Kaname: Here, Imouto-chan. It’d be bad if you got lost, let’s hold hands.
Ukyo: …There you go again, Kaname… Ema-san, you don’t need to listen to him.
Tsubaki: Hey–Kana-nii that’s dirty of you! I want to hold her hand too!
Iori: Kana-niisan, she’s not a child, so she should be fine…okay?
Yusuke: W-Why should she hold hands with you!? D-Don’t make decisions all on your own…!
Fuuto: …You’re always so absent-minded, and would definitely be the first to get lost. I’d rather not, but how about I told your hand?
Ema: ……

1: I decline!
2: …Thanks

1: I decline!
Ema: I decline. I’m fine.
Ema: (Jeez, I couldn’t do that. It’d be too embarrassing.)

2: …Thanks
Ema: …Thanks. That’s to say, I’ll be okay.
Kaname: …You sure are harsh, Imouto-chan. And here I was totally expecting you to.
Ema: (…Was that a little bad of me?)

Option 4: Shopping
Kaname: Hm? There seems to be a new shop here. An accessory shop at that. Let’s go inside.
Tsubaki: I know! Me, Azusa, and you can buy matching accessories! Look, that over there looks cute, doesn’t it!?
Louis: Chii-chan, that necklace looks very pretty… It’s sure to suit you. …Want to try it on?
Wataru: Wow! So pretty! Heheh, I’m sure this would suit you, Onee-chan! What do you think…?
Ema: (An accessory shop, huh?)

1: I’m a bit curious myself
2: I’m not really interested

1: I’m a bit curious myself
Ema: Wow, how cute! I don’t normally wear accessories, but I kind of want this…
Kaname: Why don’t you try it on? If there’s something you like, I’ll buy it as a present.
Kaname: I’d be very honored if you made yourself look beautiful with something I gave you.
Ema: (He’s the same as ever…)

2: I’m not really interested
Ema: Sorry, I’m not really interested in accessories…
Ema: (I doubt I’d ever wear it… so It’d be a waste to even buy it…)

Option 5: At the theater
Ema: (What shall we watch today?)
Kaname: I want to see a romance film. Hey, Imouto-chan. Want to watch it in a couples seat?
Ukyo: …Kaname, don’t force her to do what you want. You just choose something you want to see.
Tsubaki: What a dirty trick! No way! I won’t allow it! Don’t sit in a couple’s seat with Kana-nii! Sit in one with me instead!
Subaru: …I cannot allow you do that.
Wataru: What’s couple’s seat, Kana-nii? Can I try it too?

1: *sigh*
2: I refuse

1: *sigh*
Ema: (*sigh* When is he ever serious…?)

2: I refuse
Ema: I’ll decline on that offer of yours. I want to see an action film.
Kaname: I don’t really mind. The same things can be done even in a normal seat.
Ema: (I’m going to be more anxious about Kaname-san than the movie itself… I’ll sit in a seat apart from him…)

Option 6: At the park
Kaname: …This certainly isn’t bad once in a while. But isn’t going to the park in the morning a bit too wholesome…?
Ukyo: And what’s so bad about your good health? Kaname…you should live a more wholesome life. You’re always staying out late until morning.
Azusa: It’s true that going to the park on a holiday doesn’t really suit you, Kana-nii.
Louis: I think any place is fun with Chii-chan. Do you feel differently?
Yusuke: A monk shouldn’t be complaining about that… In truth, you’re very existence is unwholesome…
Ema: (Hmm…I suppose it is true that going to the park as a family doesn’t really suit Kaname-san…)

1: I’m glad we came
2: I’m sorry

1: I’m glad we came
Ema: It’s true it doesn’t really suit you, Kaname-san… But I’m glad we came. It’s fun to spend time like this with everyone once in a while.
Kaname: Well, you’re here too. And I’ll go anywhere you invite me.
Ema: (Jeez…he’s the same as ever… But I’m happy as long as we enjoy ourselves.)

2: I’m sorry
Ema: Sorry, it’s rare for us to visit the park together. I thought it’d be fun…
Ema: (Hmm, maybe this was a bit too childish…?)

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