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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Fuuto Family Date (English Translation)

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Ema: I’m completely free today so I wonder if I can go out with everyone…?
Juli: With your brothers!?
Juli: Well, if it’s not just one of them, I may be able to permit it… …So are you going to try to invite them?
Ema: Yep!

Fuuto: …Good morning. Why are you smirking so early in the morning? It makes me feel sick.
Ema: …Fuuto-kun, good morning.
Ema: Um…I know this is sudden, but are you free today…?
Ema: It’s a great day today, so I was thinking about going out with everyone… So how about it…?
Fuuto: What!? You don’t mean just us… but everyone!? You’re kidding, right?
Ema: I’ll do what I must! I’m going to ask what everyone’s plans are!
Fuuto: *sigh* I don’t even care anymore.

If your family relation is high enough and they have time:
Ema: Everyone is able to go! So that means you too, Fuuto-kun!
Fuuto: *sigh* Why the heck should I have to go on my day off…?
Ema: (I don’t get a lot of opportunities to hang out with everyone. I’m really looking forward to it!)

If your family relation isn’t high enough or they don’t have time:
Ema: …Unfortunately, it seems like not everyone is free.
Fuuto: Oh, too bad. Then I’ll go take a nap. Goodnight.
Juli: Chii, it’s unfortunate but, you should give it up for today.
Ema: Yeah. Seems like everyone is busy…
Juli: I guess you have no choice but to spend your day with me!
Ema: *sigh*
Juli: W-Why are you sighing!? That’s insulting to me y’know!
Ema: It’d be nice to go out together with everyone someday…
Juli: Hey! Are you even listening to me, Chii!?

During the family date

Option 1: At the aquarium
Ema: Wow, the fish are so beautiful!
Fuuto: Hey, did you really think I’d enjoy this whole family fun outing of looking at fish? How about instead, we both slip away? I’ll make it worth your while.
Tsubaki: I reject. There’s no way I’ll allow that! Besides, it’s decided that it’ll be me, you, and Azusa. Of course, I decided that now.
Subaru: …! N-No way! You can’t go ahead and decide that…!
Yusuke: Huh!? What makes you think you can do that!?
Wataru: What do you mean? I’ll make it worth your while too, Onee-chan!

1: Are you serious?
2: Are you kidding?

1: Are you serious?
Ema: Fuuto-kun…are you serious!?
Fuuto: Of course I am. Let’s leave these guys and go.
Fuuto: Or are you going to tell me that you’d rather not be alone with me?

2: Are you kidding?
Ema: (Um…he’s kidding, right?)
Ema: (First of all, I’ll change the topic and go to the next area!)

Option 2: At the zoo
Fuuto: …I never come here.
Fuuto: I’ve never been interested in the zoo.
Kaname: Ah, now that I think about it… Fuu-chan does come here less than the others.
Louis: You’ve always been busy since you were young… We should come again together.
Iori: I can see where you’re coming from. Maybe we shouldn’t have come together?
Ema: (Is that so…?)

1: Let’s come again
2: Will it become a fond memory?

1: Let’s come again
Ema: How about we come again sometime? Let’s make a lot of pleasant memories.
Fuuto: I told you I don’t find them interesting. Well, if you’re that desperate for me to come, I’ll consider going out together again.
Ema: (Though he says that… It’s fun going out as a family… I want to continue to make fond memories together.)

2: Will it become a fond memory?
Ema: (Will it become a fond memory for Fuuto-kun?)

Option 3: At the amusement park
Ema: (Anyway, it’s nice to go out together like this.)
Fuuto: I want to be indoors as much as possible. I don’t want to show my face at a place like this.
Ukyo: …Oh, that’s right. It’s practically noon, so perhaps we could move indoors and eat lunch?
Iori: Yeah…it’d be bad if a uproar was caused. I’d also like to go somewhere quiet.
Yusuke: Yeah, yeah, the life of a celebrity is so difficult! In that case you were better off not coming.
Ema: (It’s true things may get out of hand if he’s found by a fan here…)

1: We’ll go somewhere else
2: I wanted to play some more

1: We’ll go somewhere else
Ema: Going to a restaurant would be a good idea since there shouldn’t be too many people. Sorry for not noticing sooner.
Fuuto: If you get it, let’s go already. Come on. I’m tired and want to rest.
Ema: (We should find a seat where we don’t stand out…)

2: I wanted to play some more
Ema: (Hmm, I wanted to ride some more attractions. But it’d be bad if we caused an uproar…)
Ema: (It’s disappointing but there’s no helping it.)

Option 4: Shopping
Ema: (What should we go check out next…?)
Fuuto: I’m going to go check out the other side. I’ll message you when I come back.
Masaomi: I guess that’s that. Shall we shop with just the two of us?
Kaname: Well, I suppose we would stand out with all of us here. Do you have somewhere you’d like to go, Imouto-chan?
Subaru: *sigh* It’s not like we ever come here together… Fuuto really is selfish.
Ema: Oh, Fuuto-kun!

1: I won’t run after him
2: I’ll run after him

1: I won’t run after him
Ema: (This is Fuuto-kun we’re talking about. It’d be better if I didn’t run after him.)
Fuuto: Why the long face? Did you want to be with me that much? But, I want to be alone today. Sorry.
Ema: (…Oh, he left… We went through the trouble of coming here too… It’s a bit disappointing…)

2: I’ll run after him
Ema: (Fuuto-kun left!)
Ema: (We went through the trouble of coming here, so we should all be together. I’ll go run after him…!)

Option 5: At the theater
Ema: (Hmm. What movie should we see today?)
Fuuto: …Huh, so they’re doing revival screenings? I’d kind of like to check it out.
Ukyo: They’re featuring an old western film. It sounds interesting.
Louis: Hmm…there’s a lot to choose from… I want to see that fantasy film.
Yusuke: What’s a revival screening? If it’s not action film I’ll fall asleep…
Ema: (A revival screening, huh?)

1: Those are fine now and then
2: I want to see a new one

1: Those are fine now and then
Ema: (Those should be fine now and then…)
Fuuto: Oh, I want to see this foreign film. The style is simple but I heard it’s a masterpiece among the movie-goers. I’m a fan of the leading actor.
Ema: (Fuuto-kun seems pleased… It’s a good thing we came today.)

2: I want to see a new one
Ema: (I’d rather see a new movie… Though I find it hard to actually bring up…)
Ema: (An old movie, huh? I’m sure it’s bound to be interesting…)

Option 6:
Fuuto: Hey, why should I have to come along? This is my long-awaited vacation.
Ukyo: It’s because we rarely get time to spend with each other on our days off.
Louis: But it’s fun…being together. Don’t you feel the same way…?
Yusuke: …If you hate it that much you should’ve just stayed home…
Ema: (I invited him, perhaps it’s my fault?)

1: Don’t apologize
2: Apologize

1: Don’t apologize
Ema: (But it’s important for us all to spend time together like this…)
Ema: (I want Fuuto-kun to enjoy himself too…)

2: Apologize
Ema: Fuuto-kun, I’m sorry for inviting you out. It’s your day off so I’m sure you wanted to relax…
Fuuto: …Whatever. Not like it matters now. I won’t leave, but you should buy me juice in return. And I want it cold.
Ema: (*sigh* Well, I’m glad we can be together…)

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