Comic Sans Ghent

Today, a couple friends of mine and I went to the Comic Sans in Ghent (for the very first time). We all wanted to go before, but never had the chance/anyone to go with. But we’re all so happy we did. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, you should go and check this place out!


Not only does their menu look amazing, but the things on it are pretty great as well. Since I had to drive I only had one cocktail, the Sith Lord. It tasted great! Went down like a soda! After that I just drank regular sodas.

The walls have amazing looking stickers on them and there’s a lot of places to sit. At the bar, tables, couches and even a little cave thing in the wall. There are also chargers underneath the bar (which is an amazing idea that every bar should do).

They have plenty of geeky decorations! DC, Marvel, Harry Potter, etc.


Also plenty of games to play while there, they even have a special gaming room which currently has 4 Xboxes and 1 Nintendo Switch, with lots of games to play! You can also enjoy simple board or card games while enjoying a drink.

To give some more practical information, you can easily get there by bus or tram (after taking a train for example), you could also go by car but parking in Ghent is rather expensive if you ask me.

It’s the perfect place to stop after you done some shopping in the streets nearby!


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