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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Kaname Event 11: Monk (English Translation)

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Ema: (I’m glad that the result of my mock tests are good~ Yusuke-kun has to take extra classes though.)
Ema: (Well then, what should I make for dinner today? Something that doesn’t take too much time to make, yet can be made in large quantities would be nice…)
Kaname: Ooi, Imouto-chan ♪
Ema: Eh!? Ka-Kaname-san! …What are you doing here?
Kaname: On my way home, I met and chatted with a parishioner for a little bit. Her place is in this area.
Kaname: And when I was about to go to the parking lot, I caught your figure. Since we’ve met now, how about I give you a ride?
Ema: …Is it alright?
Kaname: But of course.
Ema: Then…I’ll take you on your offer.
Kaname: Sure. It’s been awhile since last time I had a drive with Imouto-chan.
Ema: Had a drive…. Aren’t you just going to take me home?
Kaname: Oh please, don’t be so cold like that.
Kaname: Well then, what to do now? Shall we not head back home and go play at somewhere?
Ema: Not a chance.
Kaname: Haha, as indifferent as always, huh, Imouto-chan.
Ema: Ermh… just now Ukyo-san contacted me, saying that he’ll come home late. That’s why, I need to make today’s dinner….
Kaname: Hee. Then, shall we have a dinner together somewhere?
Ema: … Uhm, Kaname-san. …Are you listening to what I said?
Kaname: Kyo-nii won’t be around, right? Then, let’s make it so “each of us have dinner by ourselves”, hm?
Kaname: I think that it’s not good to be so tough on yourself everyday like that. At the very least, you should be allow to slack off on preparing meals for others now and then.
Ema: Eeh?
Kaname: You were pretty focused about family activities during New Year’s holiday that you became pretty busy on your winter break, no? If you want to take a break, I’m sure no one will complain about it.
Ema: (Ah…could it be….he’s doing this out of concern…?)
Kaname: Okay? What do you think?
Ema: I’m alright! After all, I feel happy when everyone eats my cooking. Besides….
Ema: Meals are better eaten together with family, no?
Kaname: Aah, even though I wanted to have a date with Imouto-chan~. What a bummer!
Ema: (…Even though he crack jokes like that, in actuality he’s casually concerned about me…)
Kaname: …!
Ema: Kyaa!!
Kaname: Sorry. Are you alright?
Ema: Y-yeah.
Ema: (Kaname-san, in that instant his hand reached out to protect me….)
Kaname: Thank goodness….
Ema: (But, it’s strange for Kaname-san to suddenly stepped on the brake while driving….)
Ema: What’s wrong?
Kaname: Yeah….
Ema: (What on earth…is Kaname-san looking at…?)
Ema: Ah…!
Ema: (I can see something sprawled a few meters from the front glass… Is that…a kitten?)
Kaname: I didn’t drive too fast since we’re on an alley, so I noticed. Maybe, it got run over there….
Ema: Oh dear….
Kaname: Sorry. Wait a bit here.
Ema: Eh…?
Ema: (Kaname-san get off from the car…. What should I do?)

1: Stay and wait
2: Follow him (hearts)

1: Stay and wait
Ema: (He told me to wait, so…. I guess I should patiently wait for him.)
Kaname: Sorry for the wait. My bad, you must’ve gotten bored.
Ema: It’s fine…where did you go off to?
Kaname: Hmm, well. It’s nothing.
Ema: (…? Kaname-san, his hands had gotten muddy…. I guess I shouldn’t pry too much into it?)
Kaname: Hey, hey, rather than minding about it…

2: Follow him
Ema: (I really got curious after all…. Let’s follow Kaname-san.)
Ema: Kaname-san…
Kaname: Aah, so you came along? Even though it’s okay if you stay in the car.
Ema: That kitten… what are you going to do with it?
Kaname: I’ll take it to a place that doesn’t grab too much attention… I want to give it a proper burial.
Ema: I-I’ll help as well!
Kaname: … You’ll get your hands dirty. Don’t push yourself to do this.
Ema: I’m not pushing myself. …And this is not something dirty.
Kaname: Imouto-chan….
Kaname: Hm, it’s alright now.
Ema: (We dug a small hole and buried the kitten there. Then Kaname-san clasped his hands together and closed his eyes…)
Kaname: Hey…
Ema: Yes?
Kaname: Once a living thing dies, where do you think their spirit goes to?
Ema: Eh?
Kaname: Fufu. Suddenly being asked such question, of course you won’t have any idea, huh.
Ema: I-I’m sorry….
Kaname: It’s okay. In actuality, no one knows the answer to that.
Ema: ……?
Kaname: Different religions have different explanations on the spirit’s destination, even within Buddha its explanation depending on the sects. Well, it depends on individuals what they want to believe, though….
Kaname: A priest who is far more senior than me once told me. The spirit of the dead lies beside the ones who remember them.
Ema: The ones who remember…?
Kaname: Yeah. For example――right now, I remember my deceased father.
Ema: (Kaname-san’s…everyone’s real father….)
Kaname: If I do that, my father’s spirit will come beside me and watch my deeds. Thats why, I’ll be found out soon after I do something bad. My senior often told me that.
Kaname: It’s not only me. My brothers, or even Mother… should they remember about Father, his soul will go to their side.
Ema: Ah… Then, if that’s the case, this kitten…
Ema: (Maybe, since it’s a stray cat, it died without anyone knowing about it….)
Kaname: Yeah. That’s why, at least, I’ll remember about it. Because to not be remembered by anyone is a very sad thing.
Ema: Kaname-san….
Kaname: Maybe to this kitten, there’s nothing good about this world….
Kaname: But, as I see your back while you struggled to help me,I’m hoping that it’ll be nice if it would feel a bit happy.
Ema: (Seeing Kaname-san’s gentle smile that he doesn’t normally show to people somehow makes my heart clenches…)
Ema: Uhm…me too!
Kaname: Hm?
Ema: Is it alright if I remember this kitten? Together with Kaname-san.
Kaname: …Imouto-chan.
Ema: (I squat down beside Kaname-san and clasped my hands together.)
Ema: (Mourning over the kitten’s death… then, I’ll be sure to remember that I gave it a proper burial…)
Kaname: Sorry, it took a lot of time.
Ema: It’s alright.
Kaname: You even got your hands dirty. It’s full of mud.
Ema: -!
Ema: (…Kaname-san’s hands are warping mine.)
Kaname: But, I…do think that right now your hands are very beautiful.
Ema: Eh…?
Kaname: …Thank you for giving it a proper burial together. The thing about the kitten is a matter of course, but I definitely won’t forget about your deeds today.
Kaname: It was really great.
Ema: Kaname-san….
Kaname: Well then, let’s go now.

Kaname: After we reach home, I’ll help with preparing dinner.
Ema: Eh-? Why? That’s rare of you.
Kaname: After all, it’ll be hard since Kyo-nii won’t be around, right? Even though you might’ve gotten used to it.
Ema: (Kaname-san is really kind…and reliable too….)
Kaname: And it means that I get to monopoly the sight of Imouto-chan wearing apron in the kitchen ♪
Ema: (I take back what I said…! He’s just a perverted monk!)
Kaname: Huh? What, you’re sighing deeply like that…. then, how about we pretend to be a couple of newly-weds….
Ema: Not a chance!!
Ema: (But, to get to know about various sides of Kaname-san like this, I feel kind of happy. Just kidding….)

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