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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Tsubaki Event 11: New Year (English Translation)

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Tsubaki: Ema!!
Ema: Tsubaki-san. Azusa-san and Natsume-san as well! So you guys were together?
Tsubaki: Yep. We were heading to the shrine together. You wanna come too, Ema?
Ema: What? Is that okay?
Tsubaki: Of course!♪
Ema: Thank you! Lead the way!
Azusa: The shrine is on the other side.
Natsume: Let’s go. Ah, be sure not to get separated.
Ema: Okay!
Ema: (I’m glad we can all visit the shrine together. I’ll be sure to wish for happy time with my family!)
Tsubaki: Alright! We’re done visiting the shrine, so now it’s time for the main event!
Ema: Main event? What else is there to do?
Tsubaki: What else could I mean but to do “that”?
Ema: “That”…?
Natsume: We only do it every year because Tsubaki wants to. I wouldn’t exactly call it a “main event” though.
Azusa: Besides, it’s not like it changes Tsubaki’s outlook on life. I wonder if there’s really any point in doing it every year.
Tsubaki: What are you two talking about!? You may say that but you actually enjoy it, don’t you?!
Azusa: Not really.
Natsume: I don’t enjoy it at all.
Ema: So, what exactly are we talking about here?
Tsubaki: Drawing fortunes of course!♪
Ema: Ohh…
Azusa: It’s sort of like a competition to see who will draw the best luck. Would you like try with us, Ema?
Ema: Hm? Is that okay?
Natsume: I doubt it’d make a difference with 3 or 4 people but…
Ema: But?
Natsume: The person who draws the worse luck is supposed to treat the rest to a meal. I don’t get why this is a rule.
Azusa: It’s part of the punishment game to empty the wallets of those who already got the worse luck on New Years.
Tsubaki: That’s right! And Natsume has been the loser these past two years.
Natsume: Shut up.
Azusa: You really do have the worse luck, Natsume.
Natsume: I told you to shut up already!
Tsubaki: Now, let’s try it with the 4 of us this time!!
Ema: (I-If I lose, I’ll have to treat three people. I wonder what I’d draw this year…?)
Ema: T-Then, I’ll try too.
Azusa: You will…!?
Natsume: You want to!?
Ema: I-I do!
Azusa: I didn’t think you had it in you…
Tsubaki: Okay! Let’s go draw our fortune!★

Tsubaki: Now, once I say “here we go” you guys look at your fortune, okay?
Azusa: Alright.
Natsume: Got it.
Ema: Okay!
Tsubaki: First, I’ll pull the fortune that’ll determine my luck for the year! Here it is!
Azusa: I got mine too. Ema?
Ema: Yeah, I got it.
Natsume: So did I.
Tsubaki: Now…
Tsubaki & Azusa & Natsume: Here we go!
Ema: Ah…it’s just the usual good luck…
Ema: What about everyone else?
Tsubaki: How could this happen!?
Azusa: …..
Natsume: Woah…
Ema: Huh? What’s wrong?
Tsubaki: Great misfortune…
Azusa: Really?
Azusa: I got great misfortune too.
Natsume: Huh?
Natsume: Same here…
Ema: Whaaaat!?
Ema: It’s rare to get great misfortune yet the three of you got it…
Ema: Could it be because you’re all triplets…?
Natsume: What!? That’s ridiculous!
Tsubaki: I won’t stand for this! Let’s do it again!
Azusa: If we do it too many times it’s going to lose meaning.
Natsume: I’m good. You guys can do it if you want.
Tsubaki: No way!! We’ll all try it again! That one didn’t count! We start with our trial, practice, then the real battle!!
Azusa: *Sigh*
Natsume: Jeez, what a pain…
Tsubaki: It’ll be fine, okay? Are you okay with this, Ema?
Ema: I don’t really mind but…
Tsubaki: It’s decided then. Let’s pull it again!
Azusa: *Sigh* I guess we don’t have a choice.
Tsubaki: Everyone ready?
Natsume: Yeah.
Tsubaki: Then, let’s do it.
Tsubaki & Azusa & Natsume: Here we go!
Ema: Oh! Yes!! I got great luck this time!!
Ema: What about everyone else…?
Tsubaki: Gah!
Azusa: What…!?
Natsume: I can’t believe this…!?
Ema: What!? You guys got great misfortune again…!? Hehe, that’s amazing! Ahahaha!
Tsubaki: Don’t laugh, Ema…!
Ema: But it’s almost impossible for something like that to happen…!
Tsubaki: This is awful! Let’s do it again!!
Azusa: Alright, I think that’s enough already.
Tsubaki: Whaaat?!
Natsume: We’ve already drawn two. It seems we’re plagued with terrible luck this year.
Azusa: Just the three of us, huh?
Ema: Hehe.
Tsubaki: Hey, Ema. Why are you laughing so much!?
Ema: Hehe, sorry. But, I was just thinking that this year will be a good one.
Tsubaki: Even with this awful luck!?
Ema: Yep!
Tsubaki: What!? Are you being sarcastic!?
Ema: Not at all!
Natsume: There’s no need for her to be sarcastic. This is you we’re talking about.
Tsubaki: What’s that supposed to mean!?
Azusa: Okay, okay. There’s no need to fight.
Tsubaki: Oh, speaking of which…
Tsubaki: I guess we’ll be the ones to treat Ema this match.
Ema: What!?
Azusa: Oh, that’s right.
Natsume: Well, I suppose this result wasn’t so bad.
Tsubaki: So what do you wanna eat, Ema?
Ema: U-Um…
Ema: (I never would’ve dreamed I would be able to spend New Years like a family…)
Ema: (Watching everyone spend New Years happily like this makes me look forward to the next one.)

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