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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Kaname Event 9: Christmas Date (English Translation)

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Ema: (It’ll be 7 PM soon…. Hah… I’m nervous.)
Ema: (That’s right. Tonight is――.)
Juli: Haah.
Juli: A girl of appropriate age spending Christmas Eve alone, shutting herself in her room to play games is such a pitiful sight.
Juli: Do you have no intention to enjoy Christmas at least for a bit?
Ema: It’s fine. Tomorrow there’s a Christmas party with the family. That’ll be enough enjoying Christmas.
Ema: Beside, this game is pretty tough…!
Ema: I’ve been persistently playing it for three days, but I still can’t clear it…. This is a challenge for me!
Ema: There’s no way I don’t accept its challenge!
Juli: That relatively difficult game is selling well. Is the maker even sane?
Juli: But putting that aside, it’s still a fact that you’re a pitiful sight.
Ema: What’s your problem? Even though if I say that I’ll go outside you’ll get all worried.
Juli: But of course! The only ones allowed to spend today with you are either your female friends, the whole entirety of your family, or me only!
Ema: Right, right.
Ema: (Actually… I also want to have a memorable Christmas Eve, but….)
Ema: (Spending days idly, once I realize it I didn’t make any plans to hang out at all….)
Juli: By the way, today, a few of the brothers seem to go out in high spirits.
Ema: Eh? Really?
Ema: (Everyone seems to have girlfriends already…. I never heard of it before, but….)
Juli: Aah, especially Kaname, he was getting ready in a snap of finger.
Ema: …Hmmm.
Ema: (Kaname-san is also… spending Christmas together with someone, huh…? B-but that’s to be expected. He seems to be popular….)
Ema: (But, I wonder…. Why does my heart feels gloomy like this…?)
Juli: Chii, your phone’s ringing.
Ema: E-mail? I wonder from who?
Ema: …!?
Juli: What’s wrong?
Ema: S-sorry, Juli! I’ll be going out after all!!
Juli: Hu… HUUH!? Why so sudden, Chii!!
Ema: (‘Can you come down to the mansion’s lobby at 7 PM? Come all dressed up. We’ll have a date.’)
Ema: (What appeared on the screen was only those blunt sentences.)
Ema: (But, when I look at the sender name, the gloomy feeling in my heart clears away….)
Kaname: Imouto-chan.
Ema: Ah… Kaname-san.
Kaname: Hee….
Ema: W-What is it…?
Ema: (It seems like, he’s looking at me up and down…?)
Kaname: Today Imouto-chan seems adult-like.
Ema: …. I-Is that so…?
Kaname: Yeah. When you wear that dress, you don’t seem like a high school student. It really suits you.
Kaname: Thank you for coming all dressed up.
Ema: T-this is because Kaname-san sent such email….
Kaname: Yeah, but this is beyond my imagination.
Kaname: You look much more beautiful today. It’s beyond recognition… really.
Ema: (K-Kaname-san, his face is too close…!)
Kaname: Well then, shall we go? I’ll escort you to the car, Princess.
Kaname: Tonight, I’ll give you a special, unforgettable moment, okay?
Ema: … Okay.
Ema: (He can spouts lines that makes you want to cover your ears so easily like this, huh….)
Ema: Where are we heading to?
Kaname: Hmm… it’s a secret.
Ema: …Eh?
Kaname: Don’t worry. You don’t have to get alerted like that. I won’t eat you alive.
Ema: …Uh-huh.
Kaname: Hm? Or would you rather to get eaten by me?
Ema: W-What are you implying…!!
Kaname: Shall we stay somewhere for the night?
Ema: L-Let’s not!
Ema: I-I mean! Please look ahead and drive properly…!
Kaname: Yeah, but we’ve arrived already.
Ema: (Eh? This is… could it be… a h-hotel?)
Kaname: What’s wrong, Imouto-chan?
Ema: I-I just said that we won’t stay over for the night…!
Kaname: Hmm…but today, I’ve planned to come here since the very start.
Kaname: Didn’t I tell you? I’ll give you a special, unforgettable moment. The meaning of those words… surely you understand?
Ema: (…Eh? Eeh? That’s, could it be…!?)
Kaname: Today, let’s spend a lovely night together?
Ema: W-we can’t… Kaname-san…! S-shall we go to another place!? B-beside… this place seems too high-class….
Kaname: Imouto-chan doesn’t have to concern herself about that kind of things. Or do you not want to enter this kind of place with me?
Ema: T-that’s….

1: It’s not that I don’t want to… (hearts)
2: I’ll feel troubled!

1: It’s not that I don’t want to…
Ema: It’s not… that I don’t want to… but, as I thought… I….
Kaname: It’s alright, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I’ll treat you gently, okay?
Ema: Eh… uh… uhm….

2: I’ll feel troubled!
Ema: I-I’ll feel troubled!
Kaname: But, I’ve made reservation. That’s why, let’s go.
Ema: Wa… I-I said that we can’t! Kaname-san…!

Kaname: –bhu! Haha, ahahaha!
Ema: Eh-!? K-Kaname-san!!!?
Kaname: Hahaha-! Ah, sorry, sorry. After all, you’re making such a flustered face, it’s kind of cute.
Ema: …Eh?
Kaname: It’s alright, we’re not going to stay over tonight, we’ll just have dinner here.
Ema: …Dinner?
Kaname: Yeah. The dinner here is famous for its excellent taste. I want to eat here with Imouto-chan at least once.
Ema: (…W-What did I m-misunderstand about…!?)
Kaname: Of course, if milady wish for it we can stay over after having dinner?
Ema: I decline…!!
Kaname: Please give this lady a non-alcoholic cocktail that may suits her taste. I’ll have champagne.
Waiter: Understood.
Ema: (Kaname-san seems dignified even in this kind of place. …It feels like he’s used to all this.)
Ema: (Probably…he often came here with some women. –ah, I see now….)
Kaname: Hm? What’s wrong?
Ema: Kaname-san, the truth is…. You planned to spend today with another woman, right? …I’m just a replacement for her?
Kaname: –Huh? Replacement?
Ema: Because she couldn’t make it, you don’t have a choice but to send me a mail and suddenly invite me for a date….
Kaname: O-ooi! Wait a sec, stop it with those wild guesses.
Ema: Wild guesses?
Kaname: You see… I genuinely made a reservation to come here with you.
Ema: …Eh?
Kaname: I apologize for contacting you on the very day. But, I was busy with my job until the very last minute.
Kaname: If by any chance, I invited you but couldn’t make it due to work, it’ll be uncool, right?
Kaname: Besides…tomorrow we’ll spend the day with everyone, so I was thinking that I would like to at least spend the Eve together with you.
Kaname: That’s why I invited you.
Ema: (…Really?)
Ema: (Telling me with a serious face like that makes me not sure what to do next….)
Kaname: The atmosphere here is rather adultish, but you don’t have to feel nervous. On the contrary, I want you to enjoy the meal without feeling tense.
Ema: Alright, thank you very much….
Kaname: Ah…!
Ema: Eh? What’s wrong?
Kaname: Imouto-chan…. Even though we came here with a car, I drank alcohol.
Ema: Ah-!
Kaname: That said, maybe we really should stay for the night.
Ema: C-could it be… you’re doing it on purpose?
Kaname: No way~.
Ema: (Seeing Kaname-san who laugh after saying that, my heart throbs as I feel amazed. It seems like tonight will really become an unforgettable evening….)

Ema: (In the end, we came home by taxi.)
Kaname: Thank you for accompanying me today. But, let’s keep it a secret from everyone that we spent it together. …Else they’ll get jealous.
Ema: There’s no way they will. But, you’re welcome.

If you bought Kaname a Christmas present
Ema: (Ah, that’s right…. I bought a Christmas present for him…)
Ema: Uhm, Kaname-san. This is a Christmas present as a thanks for tonight…
Kaname: …For me?
Ema: …Yes.
Kaname: Thanks. …I’m happy.
Ema: (Thank goodness he likes it….)
Ema: (The first time I spend Christmas Eve together with a guy…. I’m glad that it was Kaname-san who was with me… just kidding.)

If you bought someone else a Christmas present
Ema: Ah….. Even though I bought (Name of brother) a present, I couldn’t find the right timing to give it…..
Ema: It’s kinda disappointing, but it can’t be helped.

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