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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Tsubaki Event 7: Something Important (English Translation)

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Tsubaki: Were you able to talk to Rintarou-san?
Ema: Yes…
Tsubaki: So you don’t feel alone anymore?
Ema: I don’t…
Tsubaki: Really? That’s good to hear
Ema: Tsubaki-san.
Tsubaki: What is it?
Ema: Thank you.
Tsubaki: No need to be so formal about it.
Ema: It was thanks to you I didn’t feel alone anymore. And I was also able to speak with Papa.
Tsubaki: I didn’t do anything. Besides…
Ema: What is it?
Tsubaki: You’re precious to me and everyone else.
Tsubaki: Anyone else would’ve said the same thing in my position.
Ema: Even so…! It was you who said the words I wanted to hear the most.
Ema: When you said I was important to you…it made me very happy.
Tsubaki: I see. Then if it’s okay with you, I’ll be sure to say it from now on.
Tsubaki: Because you really are important to me!
Ema: (He really is kind…)
Tsubaki: Besides, it’s the prince’s duty to save the princess in need. Whether it’s a game, anime, or anything at all.
Ema: Are you my prince, Tsubaki-san?
Tsubaki: Naturally.
Ema: Hehe.
Tsubaki: Or rather, the duty of a cool older brother is to come help their younger sister.
Ema: That would make you one since you came for my rescue.
Tsubaki: That’s right. I couldn’t possibly abandon my crying little sister.
Tsubaki: Your crying face is cute, but you look best when you’re smiling.
Ema: D-Don’t tease me like that…
Tsubaki: I’m not. I really think your smiling face is the cutest♪
Tsubaki: Anyway, I’m glad to see you in a better mood. I’ll be going back to work now.
Ema: Ah…
Ema: (That’s right. He had work but he left purposely to look for me…)
Ema: Um, Tsubaki-san? I’m sorry for troubling you…
Tsubaki: Don’t worry about it. There’s no need to apologize!
Ema: But…
Tsubaki: I did it of my own free will. So it’s fine.
Tsubaki: Besides, seeing your smiling face will help me focus on my work.
Ema: Tsubaki-san…
Tsubaki: Just pray that I don’t make any mistakes!
Ema: Hehe. I will.
Tsubaki: Good. See you later!
Ema: (Even if I stop or stumble it’ll be okay.)
Ema: (I’ll definitely be able to look ahead from here on out.)

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