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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Kaname Event 8: Desire To Monopolize (English Translation)

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Ema: Phew. …Delicious.
Ema: (Early afternoon on Sunday, having a drink after finish cleaning the place is a bliss~ Usually I would have tea, but having coffee now and then is nice too~)
Louis: The thing that, Chii-chan has…. Smells nice. Is that, cafe au lait?
Ema: Ah, Louis-san. If you want, I’ll pour some for you too.
Louis: Thank you…. I’d like to, have a lot of milk, please….
Ema: Do you want me to put in honey and cinnamon as well?
Louis: Then, honey too. If that’s alright…?
Ema: Alright. Well then, please wait for a bit.
Louis: Thank you, Chii-chan. As a thank you, next time, I’ll arrange your hair.
Ema: Fufu, thank you very much, Louis-san.
Ema: (This seems to be a very lazy Sunday.)
Ema: (There’s only Kaname-san and Azusa-san in the living room, and in the kitchen there’s only me and Louis-san. I wonder if everyone else is out?)
Ema: (…Hmm, once I finished my cafe au lait, I feel like taking a nap….)
Tsubaki: Hey, hey~! Ema, you’re here, right~!? Oooi! Big brother is looking for you, Ema~!!
Ema: (Whoa. My mood to sleep is completely blown away….)
Tsubaki: Ah, it smels good~ ★ Cafe au lait!
Ema: Does Tsubaki-san want some too?
Tsubaki: I do~!
Ema: Alright. I’ll prepare it now.
Tsubaki: Yeah, thanks~ ★
Tsubaki: –Wait, this isn’t the time to be calmed down by the smell. Ema, are you free today? I’m sure you are. Just now, you seemed really free!
Ema: (…You see through me, huh, Tsubaki-san….)
Ema: Yes. I don’t have any plan, but….
Tsubaki: Hooray ♪ Then, after you’re done drinking, come play with me! I got three movie tickets from a fellow seiyuu ★
Ema: Eh? Is that alright?
Azusa: Of course. Only if it’s alright with you, we can go together.
Azusa: It’s a movie that just recently hit the theatres so I think it’ll be a bit crowded.
Azusa: It’s better if we go to the theatre now and kill time while doing a little shopping.
Azusa: Tsubaki. Let me take a sip of your cafe au lait. …Ah, delicious.
Ema: (The two of them went out of their way to invite me, so maybe I should accept it?)
Tsubaki: Hey~ it’s fine, right? It’ll be boring if it’s not with Ema★
Ema: Kya! Tsu-Tsubaki-san! I’ll go, I’ll go, so please! Don’t hug me!
Kaname: That’s right. Okay, let her go.
Tsubaki: Ah!?
Kaname: Too bad, but Imouto-chan has an appointment with me.
Ema: Eh!? Eh…? K-Kaname-san…!!?
Ema: (Huh… but, until just now, Kaname-san was sitting on the sofa and reading a magazine, wasn’t he…?)
Tsubaki: Kana-nii, what do you mean with that? Ema said that she doesn’t have any plan…
Kaname: She just forgot about her promise with me, right?
Ema: … Eh?
Kaname: Right?
Ema: Y-Yeah….
Kaname: Yep, you did good.
Kaname: And so, my bad…Tsubaki.
Louis: There they go….
Tsubaki: … he called me ‘Tsubaki’.
Azusa: So he said. Kana-nii only calls his little brothers without any suffix either when he’s being serious or when he’s angry, right?
Tsubaki: And this one is where he’s angry at me? What’s with that, that Kana-nii.
Azusa: You’re right. But, what Kana-nii did was a bit childish way of getting angry, huh….
Tsubaki: A-ny-way! What are we going to do with the tickets?!
Tsubaki: …Ah.
Azusa: Louis, is it your off-day today?
Louis: Yeah….
Tsubaki: Well, there’s no helping it. I’ll put up with Louis.

Ema: U-uhm, Kaname-san! What’s wrong…? Suddenly…taking me here like this…!?
Kaname: A-Aah…. Sorry. Did I hurt your wrist…?
Ema: It’s…fine, but….
Ema: (I wonder what’s wrong…. Kaname-san is acting a bit strange…?)
Kaname: …Haah.
Ema: Kaname-san, could it be…you’re in a bad mood?
Kaname: I guess.
Ema: U-Uhm…. Did I do something wrong…?
Kaname: That’s not it, it’s not Imouto-chan’s fault. …I also don’t quite understand it myself.
Ema: Eh?
Kaname: …Just, what is this. Why did I, do something like this….
Ema: …Kaname-san?
Kaname: …Ah. I’m sorry, getting you involved earlier….
Ema: No, it’s alright….
Ema: (Kaname-san, I wonder what’s wrong with him. He’s in a bad mood…. And, it seems like he doesn’t seem well…?)

1: Hold out my hand (hearts)
2: Invite him to hang out

1: Hold out my hand
Ema: U-Uhm…alright. Here you go?
Kaname: Hm? What do you mean, here you go…?
Ema: When someone is feeling upset or fret over something, they’ll calm down when they feel another’s warmth, right? That’s why, hold my hand… if that’s alright with you. Here.
Kaname: ………………
Ema: (H-huh? Did I do something strange?)
Kaname: … Ahaha-!
Ema: …………!?
Kaname: Hahaha…. Ah, sorry for laughing. …I really am no match to you.
Ema: (Kaname-san’s big hand is wrapping mine….)
Kaname: …Hm.
Ema: … -!?
Ema: (W-why is… Kaname-san kissing my hand…-!)
Kaname: Thanks, I manage to calm down a bit because of you.
Ema: T-that’s a good thing then….
Kaname: Certainly, when we met for the first time, I did the same thing too. Just like this, I took your hand and kiss its back….
Ema: T-that time I was really surprised…!
Kaname: Is that so? But, if I think back now, kissing a hand isn’t something so big, don’t you think?
Kaname: Because we did… something more than that.
Ema: Wha… d-don’t say things like that!
Kaname: Embarrassed? Fufuu, on my part, I want to advance further than this, though.
Ema: W-what further…!? Y-you said before earlier, didn’t you. You won’t do things like this anymore….
Kaname: Yeah, I did. But, I also said that ‘we may be siblings now, but who knows what’ll happen after’, didn’t I?
Ema: ……!
Kaname: After all….
Kaname: I come to not want you be touched by anyone else….
Ema: …Eh?
Kaname: …No, never mind.
Kaname: Hey, since we have the chance, how about we go and hang out for real?
Ema: Huh!? W-wait a second, Kaname-san!
Kaname: I won’t wait. It’ll be a waste of time after all~! Hey, where should we go?
Ema: (J-Just what’s wrong with him? Kaname-san….)
Ema: (It’s a good thing that he’s back to his usual mood, but I feel like I keep getting into Kaname-san’s flow as always….)

2: Invite him to hang out
Ema: That’s right! Kaname-san. If it’s okay with you, how about we go hang out somewhere?
Kaname: Eh?
Ema: I feel that it’ll be a waste if I don’t have fun despite having turned down Tsubaki-san and co’s invitation.
Kaname: Ahaha, is that so… I did something bad to you. Yeah, let’s go.
Ema: Alright!
Ema: (Kaname-san, seems like he feels a bit better. …Thanks goodness!)

Tsubaki: Huh, Ema. …Could it be, you just returned home?
Ema: Ah! Tsubaki-san, Azusa-san….
Azusa: What a coincidence. We were just returning home too.
Ema: I’m sorry for today. Even though you went to invite me….
Tsubaki: It’s alright for Ema to not apologize. Even so, I couldn’t believe it, that Kana-nii….
Azusa: Yeah.
Ema: …Eh? What are you talking about?
Tsubaki: What, of course about what Kana-nii did today.
Ema: What Kaname-san, did…?
Azusa: Kana-nii seemed to dislike that we took you away from him.
Ema: Eh? That’s… no way.
Tsubaki: You didn’t realize it?
Ema: After all…that’s just impossible.
Tsubaki: …Riiight.
Ema: Eh?
Tsubaki: I also thought that it’s impossible for Kana-nii. To do something like that, showing his jealousy so visibly.
Ema: …………
Tsubaki: Why does he choose you? If it’s a woman, there’s a lot around him.
Azusa: Tsubaki. You’re bothering her.
Tsubaki: …. I’m letting it go for today, but next time you should hang out with us, Ema.
Tsubaki: Good night.
Ema: Tsubaki-san….
Azusa: Are you curious?
Ema: Eh?
Azusa: Are you curious about Kana-nii’s real motive?
Ema: Eh? Eerh….
Azusa: If you’re curious, how about you ask it straight to the person himself?
Ema: Eh…!? A-Azusa-san, please don’t tease me….
Azusa: Hehe. But, I’m sure that having you stolen right in front his eyes is a rather unpleasant experience for him. ――You have to pay back this debt someday.
Azusa: Good night.
Ema: …Good night.
Ema: (Those two said things like that, but…. That Kaname-san is feeling jealous… that’s just… impossible, right…?)

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