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Mystic Messenger Guide: April Fools DLC Good Ending

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21:19 Messenger Under Maintenance

Selection 1
What did you just do? (Nothing)
Do I have to restart now?

Selection 2
Is it over already? I want it to last longer… (Nothing)
Clap clap clap~

Selection 3
Is it time to wake up from the dream?
Yup~ Time for the birthday party!!! (Nothing)

Selection 4
I was so anxious worrying about Zen. (Nothing)
I was laughing my butt off all day.

Selection 5
Abracadabra! (Nothing)

Selection 6
I had so much fun today. I’ll talked to you tomorrow too? (Nothing)
Well, my bank account would love some of that gratitude.

23:50 – Prep birthday party

Selection 1
Thanks for worrying everyone. I’m fine.
I didn’t reply? (Nothing)

Selection 2
Do I have to go?
Of course! (Nothing)

Selection 3
That’s not Elizabeth 3rd’s water bowl, is it?
What about Zen’s favorite beer? (Zen)

Selection 4
Sure! It is his birthday party too. (Zen)
Is it okay to decide this on our own?
Can all of us go inside?

Selection 5
We’ll all be there celebrating his birthday.. I’m sure this party will mean a lot. (Nothing)
You’ve never visited?

Selection 6
Must use the summoning spell! Accio wizard Seven~!
This is [name]. Agent 707 respond, over! (Nothing)

Selection 7
Seven, are you keeping watch over all of us? (Nothing)
Did you find something good?

Selection 8
I hope he’s not ill… T_T (Nothing)
Shouldn’t we try reaching him again before we leave?

Selection 9
What is it? (707)
I don’t care. Do it later.

Selection 10
Cooldown… It’s a skill?;
Use your hourglass, man. (Nothing)

Selection 11
((SYSTEM)) The spell has failed. +100 damage. (Nothing)
Wrong password?

Selection 12
Of course not lol (Jaehee)
God Seven! Everyone hail God Seven!!

Selection 13
A plaster bust.
A handsome man. (Zen)

Selection 14
Yes, for real! Your birthday party!
Everyone else planned this for the two of us. (Nothing)

Selection 15
Save the tears for the party later. (Nothing)
Are you that moved?

Selection 14
You were in my dreams too.
I want to see you too. (Nothing)

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