Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Shuu Sakamaki Dark 7
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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Shuu Dark 7 (English Translation)

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Yui: (Ah, I overslept! We all go to school together. If I’m late…!)
Yui: I’m so sorry that I’m late!
Reiji: How slow. Looking at you run like that…it is clear that your behavior is lacking.
Yui: Yes…I’m sorry, Reiji-san.
Yui: (Ah…everyone is already in the car…)
Yui: …eh? Is Shuu-san not here…?
Yui: We’re leaving soon…what is he doing?
Reiji: That filthy thing…don’t bother with him.
Yui: But…if he misses too many classes, he’ll have to repeat the year…
Reiji: Yes. He’ll deserve it.
Yui: But…how can he be held back again…
Reiji: Your softheartedness will be your demise. It’s best not to involve yourself with Shuu.
Yui: (But I also don’t want Shuu to be angry either…) (TL: Come on, can you even imagine Shuu getting angry…)
Yui: I’ll go check in his room. Please wait for a second!
Reiji: Wait! You don’t need to bother with that man…!

Yui: Shuu-san, it’s time to wake up.
Yui: Shuu-san…there isn’t any reaction… I guess I’ve got no choice.
Yui: Pardon the intrusion…
Shuu: … … *sigh* … …
Yui: As expected, he’s sleeping.
Yui: (If I let him sleep, he’ll never go to school. I better wake him up…)
Yui: Shuu-san, it’s time to wake up.
Shuu: … …*sigh*… … … …don’t wanna.
Yui: Don’t say that. It’s time to get up. Please hurry.
Shuu: … … … …it’s cold.
Yui: This isn’t a matter of being cold! It’s time to go to school. Please hurry and get up.
Shuu: … …don’t wanna. I don’t have any interest in school.
Yui: How can you say no…

Choose: You’ll get held back again (S choice)
Yui: If you don’t go, you’ll get held back again!
Shuu: What did you say?
Yui: If you’re attendance rate is to low, they’ll have sufficient reasons to hold you back?
Yui: It would be more troublesome to have to go to school another year.
Shuu: You.. are you trying to persuade me? Good luck with that.
Yui: I’m not trying to persuade you, I just want you to get up.
Shuu: Ugh…. I understand. I’ll get up.
Yui: (Ah, he got up! Have I really convinced Shuu-san)

Choose: But, if you don’t get up… (M choice)
Yui: But if you don’t get up and go to school…
Shuu: … …hahah… … … …your troubled expression…isn’t bad… …
Yui: …are you trying to make me feel embarrassed?
Shuu: Who knows. But you’re not a bad toy. I hope you don’t break quickly.
Yui: I don’t want to become Shuu-san’s toy! Okay, please get up quickly!
Yui: (Ah…his hand is very cold…)
Shuu: … …how warm.
Yui: Even if you’re tired, you have to get out of bed.

Shuu: Since you want me to go to school that badly, then help me change my clothes.
Yui: Ah…
Shuu: It’s you who wants me to go to school, right? Then you can do everything for me.
Yui: But you can do these little things yourself…
Shuu: Then I’ll just go to school like this, and if someone at school asks me, I’ll just say you let me do it.
Shuu: You’re such a perverted woman…heheh.
Yui: You keep saying things like that…
Shuu: Then help me change my clothes.
Yui: I…I understand. Then, can you please stand up?
Yui: Ah, w-wait a moment, Shuu-san!
Shuu: …what is it? You’re such a noisy person.
Yui: You’re almost naked…! At least put your pants on!
Shuu: How annoying. You can help me with my pants too.
Yui: Ah…
Yui: (…he has absolutely no motivation to do anything by himself.)
Yui: (I never would’ve thought…that I would have to help a man put on his pants…)
Yui: T-then I’ll help you. P-please stand up.
Shuu: Mn.
Yui: Okay…pants…please raise your feet and put it in…
Yui: (I’m trying to avoid looking at Shuu-san…)
Shuu: … … … …
Yui: (His stare is very piercing…)
Shuu: … …oi.
Yui: Eh…?
Yui: Ah! W-what are you doing?!
Yui: (He pushed me down!)
Shuu: This way you can’t avert your gaze.
Yui: P-please stop it! Please don’t sit on me.
Shuu: Heheh…you’re like a butterfly caught in a trap. No matter how much you resist, you can’t win against me.
Yui: Please stop…
Yui: Kyaa!
Shuu: It’s sweet. What a pale neck. If I bite here, there will be even sweeter blood flowing out.
Yui: P-please stop…
Yui: (He wants…to suck…my blood?!)
Yui: (I thought that Shuu-san wouldn’t suck my blood, but as expected…!)
Yui: … …ngh.
Shuu: … … … …
Yui: S-Shuu-san…?
Shuu: It’s cold. Hurry up and dress me.
Yui: Ah…
Shuu: What, you wanted to see my naked body? What a perverted woman.
Yui: T-that’s not true! I’ll help you immediately.
Shuu: … …that’s fine, then.
Yui: (… …? I wonder what he’s thinking…?)

I have no idea what he’s thinking…
Since I met Shuu-san, I haven’t been able to understand him.
He goes through life without any interest.
He has a dispirited aura.
At the same time, he uses that icy cold hand to touch me.
But he hasn’t sucked my blood yet.
Does he think there will be a day where I voluntarily offer my blood to him?
Or am I just a toy to him?
He teases me, though I’ll just be thrown when I’m broken.
That is my fate..

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