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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Tsubaki Event 6: Truth (English Translation)

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Tsubaki: Ema…!
Ema: Tsubaki-san…?
Tsubaki: Ah, sheesh…what are you doing in a place like this!? I was really worried!
Ema: …..
Tsubaki: Anyway, I glad to see you’re safe.
Ema: Why are you here? Didn’t you have work?
Tsubaki: I postponed it!
Ema: Huh?
Ema: (That’s surprising considering how dedicated he is with his work…)
Tsubaki: I decided I’d look for you instead!
Ema: Me…?
Tsubaki: I got a call from Rintarou-san that you dashed out of the house.
Tsubaki: I heard what happened too. Now everyone is looking for you.
Ema: I see. So everyone must know.
Tsubaki: Come on. Don’t cry in a place like this. Let’s go home.
Ema: I can’t…
Tsubaki: Huh?
Ema: You should return to work, Tsubaki-san.
Tsubaki: What? You can’t be serious, Ema.
Ema: …..
Tsubaki: There’s no way I could go back to work after abandoning you like that.
Tsubaki: Sorry but that doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.
Ema: But…
Tsubaki: First of all, you should just talk to me about it.
Tsubaki: So why don’t you want to come home?
Ema: If I go back I’ll have to talk with Papa…
Tsubaki: Well of course you will. Rintarou-san mentioned he wanted to properly talk to you about it.
Ema: I’m…
Tsubaki: Hm?
Ema: I’m scared. I’m afraid to hear the truth…
Tsubaki: Why?
Ema: …..
Tsubaki: What’s there to be afraid of?
Ema: (That’s…)
Tsubaki: Could it be that you’re afraid for him to admit that you’re actually adopted?
Tsubaki: Do you think that means you’ll be left alone?
Ema: That’s right…
Tsubaki: If that’s the case, you’re really stupid.
Ema: What…?!
Tsubaki: How stupid. Completely stupid. I never thought you were this stupid.
Ema: H-How…?
Tsubaki: Do you remember when you came to live with us?
Ema: ….?
Tsubaki: I’d never forget something like that.
Tsubaki: I was really happy to have a younger sister.
Ema: Huh? You were?
Tsubaki: Yeah. Well, at first it was more because I had a sister complex.
Tsubaki: I’ve always dreamed of having a little sister. It was awful living in a house full of only men.
Ema: Huh…
Tsubaki: But you know, I started to understand you a lot better while living together.
Tsubaki: And before I knew it, you became very important to me. Not because of my sister complex either.
Ema: Oh…?
Tsubaki: You’re always worrying about others. Even at home you always put forth your best efforts with a smile.
Tsubaki: I wasn’t satisfied with having such stiff conversations.
Tsubaki: I wanted to find more ways for us to get along better.
Ema: Tsubaki-san…
Tsubaki: Since you became family, I started realizing I wanted to cherish you more.
Tsubaki: So even if you aren’t connected by blood, you’re already an important person to me.
Tsubaki: The same goes for Rintarou-san as well. He must feel the same way about you.
Ema: I’m important to him…?
Tsubaki: That’s right.
Tsubaki: You get it now? You’re not alone. Those who care about you would never let that happen.
Tsubaki: I hope you can understand that.
Ema: Do you really think so? That I’m not alone?
Tsubaki: Of course I do.
Tsubaki: So go speak with Rintarou-san, Ema. And if you still need some time to cry, I’ll be there to cheer you up.
Ema: I-I wasn’t really crying…
Tsubaki: Are you sure? You looked pretty glum a little while ago.
Ema: N-No I wasn’t.
Tsubaki: Haha. Seems like you’re more energetic now.
Ema: (Ah…)
Tsubaki: Alright! Want to head home together?
Ema: Yeah…
Ema: (I was really troubled earlier but I was able to easily nod to Tsubaki-san’s words.)
Ema: (Tsubaki-san’s kindness wraps around my heart…)
Tsubaki: Here, let your kind big brother hold your hand. It’s a special privilege for my little sister!
Ema: (I took Tsubaki-san’s hand and began to walk home.)
Ema: (It’ll be okay. I feel like I can properly hear Papa’s side of the story now.)

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