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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Hikaru Event 1: Phone Partner (English Translation)

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Ema: (Ugh, tomorrow’s test has gotten me really down. Classic literature is so hard. What should I do?)
Ema: (Hm…? Isn’t that….)
Kaname: “Ah, yes…”
Ema: (Kaname-san? He seems to be on the phone with someone…)
Kaname: “Pick you up by car? That’s fine but where? The airport? So you want me to?”
Ema: (Airport…?)
Kaname: “Jeez, fine. Yeah, I know. It has been a while after all. I also look forward to seeing you.”
Ema: (He said he’s going to meet them at the airport. I wonder if its a woman?)
Ema: (They were talking as if they were pretty close. Maybe it was his girlfriend?!)
Kaname: “Yeah, I’ll talk to you later then.”
Kaname: It’s bad to eavesdrop like that you know, Imouto-chan? Or could it be you wanted me to punish you?
Ema: What?! Ah! No!
Kaname: Hehe, alright.
Ema: I-I’m sorry. I didn’t intend to eavesdrop.
Kaname: I don’t really mind. If I didn’t want you to hear that phone call, I would’ve done it somewhere else.
Ema: Um…you promised that woman something didn’t you?
Kaname: Oh? Are you curious, Imouto-chan?
Ema: (I…)

1: I’m curious (hearts)
2: I’m not

1: I’m curious
Ema: Yeah, I’m a little curious.
Kaname: Are you sure you’re only a little interested?
Ema: What…?
Kaname: It makes me really glad that you’re so interested in me, Imouto-chan.
Ema: Huh? I-I didn’t mean you specifically!
Kaname: Hm?
Ema: Your tone was a bit different than usual. I was only interested in what kind of person you were talking to.
Kaname: Woah, you said it straight out. Now I’m really depressed.
Ema: What?! Ah! I-I’m sorry…
Kaname: There’s no need to apologize. It’ll only make me sadder.

2: I’m not
Ema: No. I’m not really curious about it anymore.
Kaname: Wow, how straightforward. And here I was starting to think you were interested in me. Ah, how disappointing…

Kaname: But, the person on the phone is connected to you somehow.
Ema: How so…?
Kaname: Well, you’ll find out sooner or later.
Ema: ….?
Kaname: You’ll be meeting them soon so I’ll introduce you then.
Ema: What?
Kaname: Be sure to look forward to it. Anyway, I’m going to head out a bit. I’ll be back by dinner.
Ema: Ah, Kaname-san…!
Ema: (He left…)
Ema: (Still, this person is connected to me somehow. I wonder how…?)

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