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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Nursing (English Translation)

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Ema: (Mmn…I’d gone and fell asleep, but I don’t feel so well… Did I catch a cold…?)
Ema: (There should be some medicine around…)
Wataru: Onee-chan, why do you have the medicine box… Wait, are you sick?
Ema: Just a little…
Wataru: Oh?! Are you okay?!
Ema: Yeah, as long as I get some medicine.
Wataru: Hmm…I got it!!
Ema: Wataru-chan??
Wataru: I’ll cure Onee-chan’s cold!!
Ema: You’ll…cure it…?
Wataru: When someone gets sick, do “A-E-R!”
Ema: “A-E-R”…?
Ema: (Where did Wataru-chan learn that word…!)
Ema: (“A-E-R”…what does it even mean…!)
Wataru: First is “A” for “attend”!!
Ema: “A” for “attend”…
Wataru: Yeah! So I’m gonna make Onee-chan some tea!
Ema: Eh?!
Ema: (Making black tea means he’ll use hot water…!)
Ema: Wataru-chan, I’m glad you’re making tea for me, but I can’t let you near anything hot. I’ll make it.
Wataru: Oh, right… I can’t just heat water by myself. Thanks, Onee-chan!
Ema: (I just came here to look for medicine… what is all this…?)
Wataru: Next word is “E” for “eat!” Wait a bit, okay?
Ema: (“Eat”…he’s not gonna make something, is he?!)
Wataru: I’ve got a lot of food ready! Have a banana!
Ema: Well…bananas are very nutritious…
Ema: (Though I don’t feel like eating one…)
Wataru: Next is…mayonnaise!
Ema: Shouldn’t I spread that on something else…?
Wataru: And then…meat!
Ema: Meat can’t be eaten raw…!
Wataru: Also, ice cream!
Ema: Hm, maybe a little.
Ema: (Although…I’m worried that Ukyo-san might get mad at an empty fridge…)
Wataru: …mmmnn…
Ema: (Wataru-chan’s staring at the ice cream…)
Ema: Wataru-chan, do you want to eat it?
Wataru: …Huh?
Wataru: N-no! That ice cream is for you, Onee-chan! I’m not gonna eat it!!
Wataru: Not…gonna…eat…!
Ema: (He’s so cute when he’s holding back!!)
Ema: How about…
Wataru: …What?
Ema: …we eat the ice cream together?
Wataru: Is that okay?!
Ema: Since you’ve been holding back for me, consider it a reward.
Wataru: Thanks, Onee-chan! Then we can drink the tea together, too!
Wataru: Ice cream and black tea…makes ice tea!
Ema: (Hot and cold food…is bad for my health…)
Wataru: Ah! We forgot “R”! We have to do “R”, fast!
Ema: (Oh…”A-E-R” again…)
Ema: …And what does “R” stand for?
Wataru: Er…Uh…
Ema: (Did he…forget…!)
Wataru: “R”…what’s “R” again…
Wataru: “R”…Ah!!
Ema: Do you remember?
Wataru: I think it’s “round and round”…
Ema: “Round and round”?!
Wataru: I’m sure it means “round and round”! If we spin around, you’ll get better!
Wataru: C’mon, Onee-chan! We’ll hold hands while we do it, okay?
Ema: Eh…wha…?
Wataru: Round and round, round and round, round and round!
Ema: Round and round, round and round, round and round…?
Wataru: Feeling better…Onee-chan?
Ema: I…don’t…know…
Ema: (I don’t think this is right…)
Wataru: “Round and round” is fun, isn’t it?
Ema: Y-yeah…
Ema: (I don’t think Wataru-chan can stomach the truth…)
Ema: (And the fever is making it worse…)
Ukyo: What in the world are you doing?
Ema: U-Ukyo-san…
Wataru: Kyou-tan!
Ukyo: …Ema-san, didn’t you tell me at breakfast that you were unwell?
Ema: Yes, and I came here to get some medicine… and I met Wataru-chan…
Wataru: Kyou-tan! I’m gonna cure Onee-chan’s cold!
Ukyo: Cure…?
Ema: Wataru-chan’s done a lot of things to make me feel better, so it’s okay…!
Wataru: Kyou-tan, the “R” in “A-E-R” means “round and round”, right?
Ukyo: A-E-R?!
Wataru: Yep! Maa-kun taught me that when I got sick. “Attend”, “eat”…
Ukyo: Oh…didn’t Masaomi-niisan say “rest”?
Wataru: Oh! That’s the one!
Ema: (So it’s not “round and round”…)
Ukyo: More importantly, Wataru, who taught you to say “A-E-R”?
Wataru: Well, Maa-kun taught us the long one, right? And Tsukkun said I can shorten it to “A-E-R”.
Ukyo: …Tsubaki. I see.
Ema: (Ukyo-san’s eyes are scary…!)
Ukyo: Further, Ema-san, you have to return to your room. I’ll come up with the medicine and some food.
Ema: O-okay, sorry…
Ukyo: It’s alright. And also…
Wataru: …Eh?
Ukyo: What were you thinking, messing up the room and worsening her condition, Wataru?
Wataru: Heh?! B-but…I did it all for Onee-chan…
Ukyo: I understand that you want to help, but you can’t do that if you don’t let her rest.
Wataru: Uuu…I’m sorry…
Ukyo: Goodness…
Wataru: I’m sorry, Kyou-tan… I’m sorry, Onee-chan… Sorry..Sorry…!
Ukyo: …I suppose it can’t be helped.
Ukyo: Wataru, you can start by cleaning this room.
Wataru: …Okay.
Ukyo: …And after that, you can help me carry the food to your sister’s room.
Wataru: …Kyou-tan?!
Ukyo: You want to help, don’t you? We can cook together, as well.
Wataru: Yeah! I’m gonna help! For Onee-chan!
Ema: (Ukyo-san is always gentle towards Wataru-chan…)
Ukyo: …Therefore, Ema-san, you may return to your room.
Wataru: I’m gonna bring you some food and tea later! So rest up, okay?
Ema: Alright, thank you, Ukyo-san, Wataru-chan…
Ema: (It’s great to have a family that cares if you’re sick…!)

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