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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Subaru Event 2: Practice Game (English Translation)

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Ema: (We’ve finished lunch now, so what should I do once I finish washing the dishes~.)
Yusuke: He-hey…
Ema: Oh, Yusuke-kun. What’s up?
Yusuke: Yo-you know. After this…are you free?
Ema: Yeah, I don’t really have any plans…
Yusuke: (Yes!)
Ema: …Hm?
Yusuke: Ah, no, it’s nothing!
Yusuke: Well, just…go out with me for a bit.
Ema: …Go out?
Yusuke: Wha! I, I didn’t mean it that way!!
Ema: (I didn’t even say anything…?)
Yusuke: Today’s Suba-nii’s practice game! And when I said go out with me, I meant…!
Ema: Subaru-san’s…? He has a basketball game?
Yusuke: Yeah.
Ema: What should I do…

1: Is it okay for me to go? (continues on later)
2: I’m not really interested

1: Is it okay for me to go? 
Ema: I want to see Subaru-san play basketball but… Is it okay for me to go too?
Yusuke: Of, of course! It’s better if more people come to cheer him on!
Yusuke: Also, I want to be with…Ah, no! Never mind!
Ema: …?
Yusuke: So, what’ll you do?
Ema: Then, I guess I’ll come with you.
Yusuke: (Yes!)
Ema: …? Did you say something? Yusuke-kun.
Yusuke: I, I didn’t say anything! Then, let’s get that done quickly! I’ll help out too.
Ema: That, you mean the dishes…!?
Ema: Yusuke-kun, you can wash the dishes? You won’t break any plates?
Yusuke: Sh-shut up! It’ll be fine!!
Ema: Thanks, Yusuke-kun. Let’s finish this quickly, and go cheer on Subaru-san.

2: I’m not really interested
Ema: Sorry…I don’t really know much about sports… So I’ll have to pass this time.
Yusuke: I, I see. Well it can’t be helped. …See you.
Ema: (Was Yusuke-kun a little angry? But it’ll be bad if I go, when I’m not interested…)

Continue for choice 1
Yusuke: Suba-nii’s game will be right after this.
Ema: There’s quite a lot of people cheering, isn’t it.
Ema: (There are a lot of girls cheering…  As expected of universities, and there are quite a lot of adult-like people here too.)
Yusuke: Suba-nii’s just in second year, and he’s already a regular you know. His position is the shooting guard!
Ema: I know about that~. They make a lot of three-pointers right?
Yusuke: Well~ Yeah, that’s kind of what they do.
Yusuke: Oh, it’s gonna start soon.
Ema: (Wah, Subaru-san’s got the ball already, and he’s slowly passing the other team…!)
Yusuke: Aaah! Suba-nii really is the best!
Ema: Amazing! That was amazing!! Yusuke-kun, look look!! Subaru-san’s under the goal again!!
Yusuke: I, I got it! You don’t have to shout like that, just watch it…!
Ema: Kyaaa!! He made it in again!!
Yusuke: Waaaaah!!!! Oi! Hey!! Do, don’t clap that much…!!
Ema: Wah, sorry…! I just got so absorbed in the game…!
Yusuke: …Just sit still and watch…!
Ema: Okay.
Ema: (Oh? Amongst the brothers, I thought Subaru-san was quite tall…)
Ema: (When I look at it now, there are a lot of bigger players.)
Ema: (Even so, in the end, Subaru-san who won’t lose on the court…really is amazing!)
Spectator 1: Come on! On the count of three, let’s call out Asahina-kun’s name okay!
Spectator 2: Yeah! We’re calling out “Subaru-kun” right!
Spectator 1: Okay! Then, one, two, three!
Spectators: Subaru-kuuuun! Do your best~!
Spectator 2: Kyaaa!! Asahina-kun looked over here for a second~!!
Spectator 1: Ahaha! Asahina-kun looks embarrassed~. How adorable~!!
Yusuke: …Those guys, are they Suba-nii’s fans?
Ema: Looks like it…
Ema: (There’s quite a lot of girls cheering on Subaru-san. He’s pretty popular…)

After the game
Yusuke: I’m glad Suba-nii’s team won!
Ema: Yeah, Subaru-san put in a lot of effort too, I’m really glad I came to watch.
Yusuke: Ah! Suba-nii noticed us!
Yusuke: Oooiii, Suba-niii!!
Subaru: You guys came to watch…?
Ema: Yes, we watched the whole game! You did good today.
Subaru: Ye, yeah.
Yusuke: It’s great you won. It’s all thanks to the three-pointers you shot throughout the game!
Yusuke: Hey hey, Suba-nii! Next time, teach me the secret to your three-pointers!
Subaru: Yeah… Then, during the holidays coming up.
Yusuke: Yeah! You promised, okay!
Subaru: Then, I still have to clean up…
Yusuke: Ah, crap! I think I forgot something on my seat. Suba-nii, could you wait with her for a bit?
Subaru: …Okay.
Subaru: …
Ema: (I want to say something to Subaru-san too… What should I say?)

1: The game was fun
2: You were amazing Subaru-san (hearts)

1: The game was fun
Ema: Umm…..the game was really fun.
Subaru: Really. …That’s great.
Ema: …Yes!
Subaru: …..
Ema: (Uuu, it really feels like I can’t continue this conversation with Subaru-san….)

2: You were amazing Subaru-san
Ema: Umm…Subaru-san’s play was amazing!
Subaru: Ye, yeah…
Ema: Subaru-san made the most goals, and you stole the ball from the other team… Anyway, you were really cool!!
Subaru: Ye, yeah…
Ema: Also, even when it was the second half, your shooting never failed, and it was amazing when you were running the entire time, even though that’s really tiring…!
Subaru: Hm…
Ema: That’s definitely because Subaru-san worked hard training every morning!
Subaru: That’s…
Ema: Even though it’s really hard to keep continuing that, it didn’t matter if it was a rainy day or a day off, Subaru-san ran every single day…
Subaru: You, you knew about that…?
Ema: Yes!
Subaru: Really…
Ema: …Subaru-san?
Subaru: So you…knew about it…
Ema: …? Subaru-san, is something wrong…?
Subaru: …No. It’s nothing.
Ema: (Ah! Even though Subaru-san must be tired, I’ve been talking the entire time…!)
Subaru: …….
Ema: ……

Yusuke: Sorry guys! For making you wait…eh, isn’t this atmosphere kinda heavy?
Subaru: N-no…
Ema: What? It’s not really?
Yusuke: Really? Well then, Suba-nii, we’ll be going home now!
Subaru: Yeah, take care.
Ema: Okay.
Ema: (Today I saw a lot of Subaru-san’s beautiful form, I’m really glad I went to watch the game.)
Ema: (If there’s another chance, I want to go cheer him on again.)

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