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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Masaomi Event 1: Appearance At Work (English translation)

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Ema: I’m home-…well, it looks like no one’s home. School sure tired me out today…
Ema: Huh? This… it’s an envelope with the logo of the hospital Masaomi-san works at.
Ema: What should I do…?

1: Contact Masaomi (hearts)
2: Ignore it, return to your room and rest

1: Contact Masaomi
Ema: It’d be a problem if it was something important… let’s call Masaomi-san.
Ema: …Oh, but since it’s a hospital, it’d probably be better asking for him through the hospital phone rather than calling his cellphone…

2: Ignore it, return to your room and rest
Ema: Since he just left it here, it might not be something important after all. Instead, I should go back to my room and rest.
Ema: For some reason, I feel tired today.

Continue for choice 1
Ema: Oh, hello. My name is Asahina. May I speak to the pediatrician, Asahina Masaomi-san?
Nurse: Please wait a moment.
Masaomi: “Hello?”
Ema: Masaomi-san, it’s me.
Masaomi: “Huh, how rare for you to call the hospital.”
Ema: I’m sorry, you must be busy.
Ema: Uhm, I found an envelope with the hospital’s logo on it, in the living room on the 5th floor…
Ema: It was left on top of the table.
Masaomi: “…Ah.”
Ema: I thought that it may be something important, so I called.
Masaomi: “I probably forgot it this morning, when I was rushing out the door with Wataru.”
Ema: So that’s what it was. If you want, I can come and bring it to you.
Masaomi: “Really? That would be great, but… What about you? Do you have any plans?”
Ema: No, I’m fine. I’ll come now then.
Masaomi: “Thank you. I’ll pay more attention from now on.”
Ema: Okay! Then, I’ll see you soon.
Ema: Let’s bring the envelope to Masaomi-san right away.

At the hospital
Ema: The hospital Masaomi-san works at is quite big… let’s see, where’s the pediatric ward…
Ema: ! Masaomi-sa…
Ema: (Oh, he’s talking to a patient…?)
Masaomi: You did a good job, not crying even after getting a shot.
Child: I-I’m not scared of something like that.
Masaomi: I see, I see, you’re a boy after all. Boys have to be strong.
Child: That’s right, it’s cause…I’m a boy.
Masaomi: When you grow up, what do you want to become?
Child: Me? Let’s see… when I grow up, I want to be a hero! I’m gonna be a hero that will protect the world and mama!!
Masaomi: Then, let’s not lose to the cold and work hard with the treatment, so that you can become a hero.
Child: Okay! I won’t lose!
Masaomi: Alright then, I’ll give this to you as a reward for today.
Child: Wow, a big piece of chocolate!
Masaomi: See you next week then.
Child: Mhm. Maa-kun-sensei, thank you! Bye bye.
Ema: (Wow, it’s work-mode Masaomi-san.)
Ema: (He talks to children with such kind eyes. Normally, he’s looking out for Wataru-chan, but… he really does like children.)
Ema: (Looks like he finished talking to the nurse as well… what should I do…?)

1: Talk to Masaomi-san (hearts)
2: Wait a bit longer

1: Talk to Masaomi-san (hearts)
Ema: ……Masaomi-san!
Masaomi: Oh, you’re here. Sorry, I didn’t notice.
Ema: No, it’s fine. I just arrived.

2: Wait a bit longer
Ema: (I wonder if it would be better if I didn’t talk to him yet…)
Masaomi: ……Hm? You’re already here.
Ema: Oh, yes. I just arrived.

Masaomi: Thank you for coming out all this way. It’s a bit far away from the station.
Ema: Oh no, it’s fine. Instead, the weather is nice, so I got to enjoy a nice walk.
Masaomi: I see. In that case, that’s good.
Ema: Uhm…it was the first time I’ve seen you work, but it looks like you’re well-liked, even by the nurses.
Masaomi: I wonder.
Ema: I think so, since the child kept calling for you, saying “sensei, sensei.”
Ema: I wish I had a doctor like you when I was little.
Masaomi: …You didn’t like hospitals?
Ema: …Just a bit.
Ema: That’s why, if there was a kind doctor like you there, I think I would have enjoyed going to the doctor’s.
Masaomi: …Really? …Thank you.
Ema: By the way, there’s something I wanted to ask…
Masaomi: Hm? What is it?
Ema: Your coat pocket… Isn’t it a bit too full?
Masaomi: Oh–, yea, haha.
Masaomi: They’re rewards for children who do well with their treatment. I have many different ones.
Ema: (That reminds me, I think he gave that child some chocolate earlier…)
Masaomi: I have lots of candy, but it’s not that good giving them too much sweet things either.
Masaomi: That’s why I prepared some other things too, like stickers or miniature cars…
Ema: (After saying that, Masaomi-san showed me the inside of his pocket.)
Ema: (…Certainly… there are candies in colorful wrappers, and many toys that a child would be happy with.)
Ema: (The most eye-catching of them all is…)
Masaomi: And then, there’s “Usa-tan.” It’s helpful when I’m trying to get the children’s attention. I can also finish the treatment faster.
Ema: Usa-tan…that’s the name of the rabbit doll, right?
Masaomi: Mhm. Wataru has one that looks similar.
Ema: Oh, that’s true…
Masaomi: Wataru’s is #0, and mine is #1.
Ema: (#0? #1?!)
Masaomi: Even though it looks like this, Usa-tan has a rather high functionability.
Ema: High…functionability???
Ema: (It just looks like a regular stuffed animal though…?)
Masaomi: Mhm. First, it can do…
Nurse: Asahina-sensei.
Masaomi: Ah, yes?
Masaomi: Hmm, I’m sorry. I still have some examinations to do after this.
Ema: Oh, it’s okay. Please don’t worry about me.
Masaomi: Next time, I’ll treat you out to something.
Ema: Eh, that’s…
Masaomi: Hmm, then, a reward for my little sister who ran an errand for me… is that okay?
Ema: Thank you very much. I’ll look forward to it!
Masaomi: When that time comes, I’ll tell you more about Usa-tan.
Ema: Hehe, okay!
Nurse: Sensei, Asahina-sensei!!
Masaomi: Awawa…! She’s getting mad… sorry, I’ll be going now.
Ema: Okay. Work hard!
Masaomi: Thanks. Be careful when going home, okay?
Ema: Well then, I better go home and start preparing dinner.
Ema: (Nevertheless, Masaomi-san’s really great at his job. Maybe it was meant for him.)
Ema: (That reminds me, I wonder why Masaomi-san decided to become a doctor… Maybe I should ask him if I get the chance to.)

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