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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Kaname Event 1: Morning Return? (English Translation)

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Ema: Morning, Juli.
Juli: Morning. You’re helping out to prepare breakfast today too?
Ema: Yup, of course.
Ema: Surely it’s hard for Ukyo-san to prepare meals for a great number of people all by himself…. Besides, I’m happy that everyone likes my cooking.
Ema: Ah, you can sleep a little longer though?
Juli: … Nah, I’ll go. I can’t let my eyes wander from you after all.
Juli: I smell danger from these brothers…. like they’ll do something ill to Chii… that kind of smell….
Ema: Hm? What were you saying?
Juli: Never mind. Let’s go!
Ema: O-okay…?
Ema: (Huh? The door is unlocked and there’s someone’s shoes…)
Juli: Seems like someone’s in there.
Ema: Seems like it.
Ema: (… Is that Kaname-san? He’s lying down on the sofa… I wonder what’s wrong?)

1: Call out to him (hearts)
2: Leave him be

1: Call out to him 
Ema: (Maybe he feels unwell or something….)
Ema: Kaname-san? Are you alright…?
Kaname: Hm? Aah, Imouto-chan. Morning. You’re pretty early.
Ema: Good morning…. Uhm, are you feeling unwell?
Kaname: Nah, I was just sleeping for a little bit. …Ah, could it be, you were concerned about me?
Ema: Eh? Yes….
Kaname: Imouto-chan is so kind~ ♪  I like girls who are concerned about things.
Ema: (… This guy is going full throttle at it since morning, huh….)

2: Leave him be
Ema: (Is he sleeping…? Maybe I should just leave him be.)
Kaname: Mm, mmh…? Huh, Imouto-chan? Morning. You’re pretty early.
Ema: Ah, good morning. Seems like I woke you up. I’m sorry….
Kaname: Nah, don’t worry. Getting woken up by a cute girl is the best way to get awoken ♪
Ema: (… This guy is going full throttle at it since morning, huh….)

Ema: By the way, what were you doing here? You… still seem sleepy….
Kaname: Mm, I just came back earlier. I thought of eating something so I came to the fifth floor, but then I fell asleep.
Ema: Just came back earlier…? From… work?
Kaname: Hmm~ well. A lot of things happened last night, so~.
Ema: A-a lot of things?
Ema: (…’a lot of things’ by Kaname-san’s standard… I feel like it has a deeper meaning to it.)
Ema: Y-you seem busy with your work.
Kaname: Well, yeah.
Tsubaki: That guy over there~ Don’t tell lies so easily like that~!
Ema: Ah… Tsubaki-san. Good morning.
Tsubaki: Yep, morning~ ★
Kaname: What were you saying, Tsuba-chan. Which part of my story just now is a lie?
Tsubaki: Eeh~! After all, surely you were with your parishioner until morning, right~?
Kaname: So what if I am? That’s my job, after all.
Ema: (P… parishioner?)
Tsubaki: That’s what I’m saying~ what’s with the whole accompanying a client until morning thing, huh! You must’ve done something along the way!
Kaname: About that… I’m just giving her a gracious sermon.
Tsubaki: There it comes! Kana-nii’s special move ♪ The gracious sermon!
Ema: (G… gracious sermon???)
Kaname: Ah, that’s right. Next time, I’ll give it to Imouto-chan too. A gracious sermon, that is.
Ema: Huh!? Ermh….
Tsubaki: No way, no way! You should definitely reject it! Because it’s totally not something gracious. Besides, by the time you’re done listening to it, you’ll end up getting eaten by him!
Ema: W-what is that supposed to mean?
Tsubaki: Kana-nii’s ‘gracious sermon’ is flirty phrases that he speaks to the women that he intends to swoon. So, be careful, okay~?
Ema: … aah, I see….
Kaname: Ah, once again Tsuba-chan is saying things that destroy my image….
Ema: … It’s alright. It’s already destroyed since long ago.
Kaname: … seriously?
Ema: Seriously.
Kaname: So cruel…-!
Tsubaki: Surprisingly you can make a good retort~! How interesting ♪
Tsubaki: Well, Kana-nii is a monk filled with carnal desires after all~ if you think the situation is getting dangerous, come to me right away, okay~? I’ll shield you properly.
Kaname: Even though Tsuba-chan is also a dangerous man.
Kaname: And also~ I’ll ask it just in case, but do you even know the meaning of carnal desires? It’s a heart which is tormented by maddening desires, you know?
Kaname: I don’t prance around with such burning desires all the time. At least I smartly seduce the ladies. That’s why, I’m not full of carnal desires~.
Ema: Whoa… what a great self-defending argument!
Kaname: !
Tsubaki: ! Pft- ahahahaha! Exactly what she said!
Kaname: Imouto-chan… you really made a good retort. But, big brother is a bit upset, you see?
Ema: (H-huh…?)
Kaname: To imouto-chan who said something like that, I’ll give you a special ‘gracious sermon’ all night long. … Be prepared for it. For I won’t let you sleep.
Ema: (Eh… Kaname-san, his eyes said that he’s serious? But, really…!?)
Ukyo: … Good morning. What were you guys doing since early in the morning? You were noisy.
Tsubaki: Kyo-nii, morning! We’re having a happy circle, you see, a happy circle ♪ Right~?
Ema: … Well, that’s about right….
Ukyo: I don’t care if you’re trying to deepen your bond or what, but you shouldn’t trouble her too much, Tsubaki.
Tsubaki: Me!?
Kaname: Haha, Tsuba-chan is getting scolded!
Ukyo: You too, Kaname.
Kaname: Me too!?
Tsubaki: Kana-nii is also getting scolded!
Ukyo: Hah….
Ema: Uhm… Ukyo-san. Shall we start preparing for breakfast soon?
Ukyo: Aah, you’re right…. I can’t afford making you late for school just because I have to take care of these fools.
Tsubaki: Aah, Kyo-nii said the f word!
Kaname: He said the f word!
Ukyo: I’ll say it as many times you want, you fools.
Ema: (Ukyo-san’s humor sense is pretty sharp….)
Ema: Ah, Kaname-san. If it’s alright with you, I’ll pour some tea for you before you have breakfast. I think it can surely wake you up.
Ema: Or, are you already completely awoken now?
Kaname: Hm, that’s right. Tea is just fine, but…. If I get a waking up kiss from you, maybe I’ll feel more energized.
Ema: Wha…!?
Kaname: It hurts-!! Kyo-nii, did you hit me? Hey, just now you were the one who hit me, weren’t you!?
Ukyo: Go hide your figure until the breakfast is ready. Or rather, please don’t show yourself in front of her for eternity, Kaname.
Kaname: Eeh~… I don’t want that~. By the way, I feel really hungry~….
Ema: (Geez… Kaname-san is such a troublesome guy….)
Ema: (… By the way, that thing about giving gracious sermons to his parishioners, until which part of it is real?)
Ema: (I’m a bit interested in Kaname-san’s work, but I’m sure it’ll be better if I don’t be too nosy about it….)

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