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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Watching A Game (English Translation)

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Ema: (There’s something that I want to watch today. I wonder if I can use the TV in the living room…)
Yusuke: I’m not gonna lose this time, I know it!
Subaru: We can’t trust your instincts at all. You can’t break my winning streak.
Ema: (Yusuke-kun and Subaru-san are at the TV… what are they doing…?)
Yusuke: Wanna have a bet, Suba-nii?
Subaru: Right. Whoever wins gets to eat all he wants at the buffet, and the loser treats.
Yusuke: Pretty heavy loss…I thought we’re just getting pudding from the store…
Subaru: What, backing out?
Yusuke: N-no! I’ll take you on!
Ema: What are you two doing?
Yusuke: Huh?
Subaru: Oh, hey.
Ema: I heard you placing bets, so…
Subaru: Oh, because there’s a basketball game.
Ema: I see…
Ema: (So they’re passionate about this.)
Yusuke: It’s a big match today, so we’re supporting from here!
Ema: Which team are you supporting?
Subaru: I’m with the guys in the blue uniforms…
Yusuke: And I got the red uniforms!
Ema: So you’re not supporting the same team?
Subaru: No.
Ema: I thought you’d be siding on one team…
Yusuke: Actually, we usually are, except for this one.
Subaru: Yeah. Though I don’t get his reasons this time.
Ema: Is that so?
Yusuke: Everyone said that my team’s a bunch of heavensent guys from the god of basketball!
Subaru: My guys live up to that name. Their court defense is first rate!
Yusuke: My team’s got the best players in the court right now!
Subaru: Mine’s got the best from other countries. Take that one, for example. Great stuff.
Ema: (The conversation got a little heated…)
Yusuke: Well, how ’bout you?
Ema: Eh? Me?
Subaru: Yeah, who are you supporting?
Ema: Huh?
Ema: (I don’t know the first thing about professional basketball…!)
Yusuke: There’s a budding star on my team to whom everyone passes the ball to, and he makes the shot all the time.
Subaru: But if he’s out, your offensive will be gone. In a sport like basketball, everyone’s got to bring something in.
Subaru: And so, for my team…
Ema: Wh…what? I can’t understand from just that…
Tsubaki: Yo, Ema!
Ema: Tsubaki-san?
Tsubaki: C’mere!
Ema: But…what about…
Tsubaki: They’re always like that, so come here!
Yusuke: A-as if!
Subaru: That’s not true!
Ema: (…They don’t want me to go, either…?)
Tsubaki: See, they’re real stupid.
Ema: But aren’t they always like that?
Tsubaki: Yeah. Both Subaru and Yusuke lose sight of things when they’re riled up. So they both get along.
Ema: …I think I see what you mean.
Tsubaki: So, get away from those idiots, and come with me, alright?
Ema: Haha…
Ema: (I’m a little jealous that they can share interests like that, though…)

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