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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Newlywed Couple (English Translation)

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Ema: (I know it’s Sunday… But the others still aren’t up yet.)
Ema: Maybe I should have stayed in bed with Juli a little longer… Haa…
Kaname: That’s a big yawn you just did.
Ema: …! K-Kaname-san!
Kaname: Good morning, little sis ♪ You look cute in your apron again today.
Ema: …Good morning…
Kaname: They say “The early bird gets the worm” and seeing you looking so defenceless certainly is a great reward.
Kaname: Well, I’d like to see you looking defenceless after you just woke up in my arms if I could
Ema: …You’ll probably never get to see that.
Kaname: Huh? Are you serious?
Ema: I am.
Kaname: You don’t have to say it so confidently.
Ema: Anyway, Kaname-san, do you work on Sundays too?
Kaname: Whoa, you ignored me so easily…
Ema: I did it for myself. Don’t talk about such intense things early in the morning…
Kaname: Alright. As for what you asked me earlier, I’m working today. Monks don’t take the weekends off.
Kaname: What about you? You’re awake pretty early.
Ema: Yes, I thought I’d make breakfast for everyone… But it looks like everyone is still asleep, so I was wondering what to do. Will you have breakfast?
Kaname: Sorry, I have to go out soon. But one of the others is up early too, so I’m sure he’ll have some.
Ema: …?
Subaru: …Hey.
Kaname: See.
Ema: Good morning, Subaru-san. Are you going out running now?
Subaru: …Yes.
Ema: Will you have breakfast when you get back?
Subaru: …If there is any.
Ema: That’s good! I’ll make some then.
Subaru: …Is that okay?
Ema: Of course. I’m glad to make it if there’s someone who’ll eat it!
Subaru: …Thanks.
Ema: Do you want Japanese food or Western food?
Subaru: Hmm? Right… I guess I’ll have Japanese food…
Ema: Got it! I’ll make your favourite, tofu and spring onion miso soup.
Subaru: …You know my favourite miso soup ingredients?
Ema: I never asked about it… But after seeing you at mealtimes, I thought you might like those ingredients. Was I wrong?
Subaru: No… You’re right. I see…
Kaname: …Suba-chan. I can see you smiling.
Subaru: K-Kana-nii! W-Why’d you say that all of a sudden…?
Kaname: You’re happy that your little sister is making you your favourite miso soup for breakfast, aren’t you?
Kaname: …You look like a newly married couple.
Subaru: Huh…?!
Kaname: Your pretty wife in an apron says “I’ll make your favourite, tofu and spring onion miso soup.”
Kaname: You’d like to hear that, right? Ah, I’m jealous.
Subaru: W-W-Wha…!
Ema: J-Jeez! Is that kind of thing all you ever think about?!
Kaname: Hmm? Isn’t that an unfair way of putting it? All men fantasise about these kinds of things!
Kaname: Hey, you think she looks like a newly married woman too, right?
Subaru: Huh…?! Don’t ask me! I don’t know!
Kaname: Come on! Look at her properly, okay? She looks great in an apron. It turns you on, right?
Subaru: ……
Ema: ……
Subaru: ……
Ema: U-Umm… S-Subaru-san?
Kaname: Oh? Did you start fantasising, Suba-chan? Like it might be nice if little sis was your wife?
Kaname: Or did you fantasise about something even more extreme? Like how beautiful her naked body under the apron might look?
Subaru: ……!
Ema: ……!
Subaru: Y-You idiot! There’s no way I’d be thinking about that!
Ema: K-Kaname-san! I told you not to talk about such intense things early in the morning, didn’t I?!
Subaru: Y-You always say ridiculous things like that. I… I’m going out!
Kaname: Ah, he’s gone. He really is a shy guy. Sorry, little sis.
Ema: It’s okay…
Kaname: I guess I’ll be going too. See you later.
Ema: Alright, see you later.
Kaname:: ……
Ema: …Kaname-san? Aren’t you going? You’ll be late for work, you know?
Kaname: Hey, little sis. Won’t you act like a newly married woman with me?
Ema: What?
Kaname: How about we say “see you later” and give each other a kiss?
Ema: …I’m not going to do that.
Kaname: Are you serious?
Ema: I am. Haa…
Kaname: There’s no need to sigh that loudly. You’re making me sad.
Kaname: Alright, I really am going now.
Ema: Okay…
Ema: (I’ll finish making breakfast before Subaru-san gets back.)
Ema: (A newly married woman, hmm…)
Ema: (Some day I’ll make breakfast for one person and give them a goodbye kiss…)
Ema: …It’s impossible! I can’t do something so embarrassing!

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