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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Subaru Event 1: Just Out Of The Bath (English Translation)

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Ema: Juli! Juli! Something bad has happened!! Wake up!!
Juli: Mmmm… What’s wrong, Chii? You’re so loud this early in the morning.
Ema: I think the bathtub is broken! What should I do…
Ema: I still have to prepare breakfast, at this rate I won’t be able to shower…!
Juli: Hmmm… Maybe you can just borrow the shared bathroom on the 5th floor?
Ema: Aaah, that’s right… I wonder if it’s okay for me to borrow it?
Juli: Do you have any other problems?
Ema: Hmmm, it might be a little difficult to use for a newcomer…
Ema: I can’t say that, plus it’s early in the morning, so no one should be using it… It’s okay right?
Juli: Yup.
Ema: Umm…the key should be under the pot plant… Ah, here it is.
Ema: Since the key’s here, that means no one’s in there right?
Juli: That’s right.
Ema: That’s great! Then, I should hurry and take a bath!
Ema: Aaah, that felt great! Large bathrooms are really nice. It would be nice to take a bath here every now and then.
Juli: As long as those brothers aren’t around.
Juli: By the way, Chii. Why are you wandering around in just a bath towel!
Ema: It’s best to drink milk after a bath right? I was thinking of having some.
Juli: What do you mean milk! Get dressed first! What are you gonna do when someone comes in!!
Ema: It’s alright. It’s still early, so everyone should be asleep.
Juli: How would you know that!
Juli: With that many brothers, you have no idea when and where they’ll appear, and what they’ll do to you!
Juli: Chii also has no sense of danger either…
Ema: Geez. You’re worrying too much Juli! More importantly, milk, milk…♪
Juli: …Oi, Chii! Listen to what I’m saying…!
Ema: Pu, haaa!! Delicious!!
Juli: Haa… Such a young girl in an improper appearance, with their hand on the back, plus drinking milk in one go… How sad.
Ema: What, Juli! Did you say something?
Juli: Geez…..
Ema: (Eh..? Did I just hear a door…?)
Subaru: ….Wha-!
Ema: Su, Su-Su-Su-Subaru-san!?
Subaru: Y-you!! Why…are you…wandering around dressed like that…!!
Ema: I, I was drinking milk after a bath…!
Subaru: Dre-dressed like that…!?
Subaru: Since you’re a girl, at least wear some clothes…!
Ema: Su-Subaru-san too! Aren’t you just in your underwear…!
Subaru: Yo-you’re wrong!
Subaru: N-no…you’re not wrong, but…
Subaru: This is…I ran this morning…and I was sweating… and I was thinking of taking a bath…
Subaru: Co-come on! Isn’t this bath bigger than the one in our rooms!!?
Ema: That’s right…
Subaru: Th-th-th-that’s why…sweat…from running… that’s not it, ba-ba-ba-bath…wash…and, umm…ah…then…
Ema: (Wha, what should I do… It’s really awkward… Subaru-san is also really red and frozen…!)

1: Call his name (hearts)
2: Ask Juli for help

1: Call his name
Ema: Su, Subaru-san…Are you okay?
Subaru: Ah, I’m…umm…
Ema: Subaru…san?
Subaru: Uu, ah…
Ema: (It’s no use… He’s completely frozen…)

2: Ask Juli for help
Ema: (Uuu…Juli~!)
Juli: (That’s what I told you before…! What were you going to do if someone came in!!)
Ema: (I’m sorry! I’m reflecting on it…! So…help! Please!!)
Juli: (Geez, it can’t be helped.)

Juli: Hey Subaru! How much longer are you going to stare at Chii’s body!!!
Subaru: Waaah! Wha, what, this guy!? Suddenly crying out…
Ema: (That’s right, I’m the only one who can hear Juli’s voice, so other people can only hear animal cries..)
Ema: (But, thanks to Juli, it looks like Subaru-san has calmed down…)
Juli: (Chii, go and get dressed now!)
Ema: (O-okay. I will…!)
Ema: Su-Subaru-san. I’ll go get dressed!!
Ema: (In the end, when I returned to the living room, Subaru-san wasn’t there anymore…)
Ema: (I wonder if he went back to his room?)
Juli: Chii, learn from this experience, and make sure you listen to what I say, more…
Ema: Yeah…
Ema: (I did something bad to Subaru-san… I hope I can still face him normally…)
Juli: Chii!! Are you listening!!
Ema: Ah, yeah! I, I’m listening!
Juli: You weren’t listening at all right!? Geez…
Ema: Thanks for before, Juli. Thank god you were there.
Juli: Hmph! From now on, you better take care, got it?
Ema: Okaaay…
Ema: (Living in a house full of men… It really is hard.)
Ema: (Mmmm, I hope my bathtub gets fixed soon…)

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