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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Yusuke Event 16: Junior (English Translation)

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Yusuke: Agh…having Fuuto here is gonna be a pain…
Ema: Yusuke-kun, you shouldn’t say things like that about your younger brother.
Yusuke: Well it’s always more troublesome with him around.
Ema: You think so? But wouldn’t it be more fun?
Ema: Now the three of us can all walk home together.
Yusuke: …You can’t be serious right?
Ema: …Huh?
Yusuke: Why the heck would I wanna go to school with him all the time?!
Yusuke: Not to mention…I’d rather just go with y–
Ema: …?
Yusuke: N-Nevermind!
Ema: (Why is he angry all of a sudden?)
Yusuke: Besides, now I have to deal with that brat an entire year.
Ema: Yusuke-kun, no more bad mouthing.
Ema: But, it really is a new experience. I wonder if it felt like this 2 years ago…
Yusuke: Come to think of it…
Ema: Hm?
Yusuke: Your hair style was different a year ago.
Ema: Huh…?
Yusuke: It was a bobbed cut.
Ema: I-It was shoulder length bob!
Yusuke: A shoulder length bob…? What…?
Ema: (Jeez…Yusuke-kun is really– W-Wait a second…)
Ema: Yusuke-kun, how did you know me when we were first years? We weren’t in the same class.
Yusuke: Oh, um…It’s a c-coincidence, that’s all.
Ema: …?
???: Asahina-senpai!!
Yusuke: Huh?
Ema: (I’ve never seen this girl before. Is she an acquaintance of Yusuke-kun?)
Yusuke: Y-You..?! Minakami?!
Minakami: Senpai! You remember me!~  Ah, that makes me happy! I wanted to see you again!
Yusuke: How could I forget…
Ema: (Minakami-san…?)
Ema: (She must’ve been his junior in middle school then, right?)
Minakami: I’ve been chasing after you ever since then! And now I’ve caught you!~ I studied and worked really hard! You must be proud, right senpai?
Yusuke: Hey, Minakami! Don’t cling to me so much!
Minakami: Aw… why not?~ We did this all the time during middle school, right?~
Yusuke: What?! Since when?! I don’t remember doing that!
Minakami: Ahahaha! It’s a joke!~
Yusuke: Jeez. You haven’t changed a bit.
Minakami: I’m glad you haven’t changed at all either, Asahina-senpai!
Yusuke: Whatever.
Ema: (This is the first time I’ve seen Yusuke-kun get along with a girl…)
Minakami: Hm? Who’re you?
Yusuke: Hey…! Don’t speak like that to someone you just met!
Minakami: Aw, but…!
Ema: I’m Ema Hinata. Me and Yusuke-kun are classmates. It’s nice to meet you.
Minakami: Huh? Why do you call senpai by his first name? Awfully close aren’t we?
Yusuke: Hey!
Minakami: Ow! How mean senpai! Don’t hit me!
Yusuke: When you ask someone’s name you should say yours as well.
Minakami: Yes, I’m sooo sorry!~
Ema: (They seem to get along well…)
Minakami: I’m Minakami Natsuki. Me and Asahina-senpai went to middle school together.
Minakami: I’ll make sure to visit often to have fun with senpai. It’s a pleasure!~
Ema: L-Likewise…
Yusuke: And don’t bother coming to visit me so much.
Minakami: That won’t do! Don’t you want me to come see you all the time?~
Yusuke: Not at all. Come on, let’s return to class.
Minakami: Please don’t say such harsh things!~ I came over so you could show me around the school!~
Yusuke: What?! Why should I?
Minakami: Well why not? I’m not fully familiar with this school and I’m really on edge here! Please, senpai?
Yusuke: Jeez, guess I don’t have a choice…
Minakami: Yay!
Yusuke: I told you not to cling to me!
Minakami: Teehee, but it’s because I’m really happy!~
Minakami: …Heheh.
Ema: (For just an instant, I was sure I saw Minakami-san glance at me and laugh.)
Yusuke: Now I have this to worry about. Sorry, I’ll go on ahead.
Minakami: Go on ahead?! What do you mean?! Do you two usually walk to class together?!
Yusuke: Yeah, sometimes…
Minakami: Is that so? Well, it’s all good. Let’s get going, senpai!♪
Yusuke: Alright, I’ll see you later.
Ema: (Minakami-san naturally wraps her arm around Yusuke-kun’s. I really hated seeing it…)
Ema: (This is the first time I’ve felt this way…)

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