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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Yusuke Epilogue: Propose (English Translation)

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Ema: (It’s almost been a year since Yusuke-kun confessed to me.)
Ema: (Though there have been some quarrelling between us, it never separated us from each other.)
Ema: (Little by little each irreplaceable day passes us by.)
Yusuke: Ah, it’s about time to leave. Let’s go.
Ema: Are you nervous?
Yusuke: N-Not at all!
Ema: Y-Yeah, it’ll be fine. I’m sure you definitely passed!
Ema: (Today is the results of Yusuke-kun’s university entrance exam.)
Ema: (After declaring he’d enter the same university as me, he studied really hard for it. And now today’s the day.)
Yusuke: Yeah, so I’m not worried at all.
Ema: …Really?
Yusuke: That’s right. I told you that I decided I’d enter the same University as you no matter what. I meant what I said.
Ukyo: You can’t say “you’ve decided to” if you didn’t pass now can you?
Yusuke: I-I know that, Kyo-nii! So it should be fine if I passed!
Fuuto: Look at you with such baseless confidence. How pitiful.
Yusuke: I’m not pulling it out of nowhere! I really do have strong confidence in it!
Ema: Now that I think about it, your self-grading test had good results!
Yusuke: That’s right!
Ema: (Hehe, my mood got a lot better after hearing what Yusuke-kun had to say.)
Ukyo: Both of you be sure to call immediately when you see the results, okay?
Ukyo: I’ll be sure to keep my phone at all times when you do.
Ema We’ll do that.
Ukyo: I believe in you, Yusuke.
Yusuke: Thanks!
Louis: Chii-chan, you already received your results. Are you going together with Yusuke to see his?
Ema: Yes.
Louis: I see.
Ukyo: Then, take care on your way there.
Yusuke: Yeah, let’s go.
Ema: All right, we’re off.
Ema: (Woah, there’s a lot of people! Are they all here to see their results?!)
Yusuke: ……
Ema: Y-Yusuke-kun, are you okay?
Yusuke: Y-Yeah…
Ema: (Yusuke-kun seems a bit nervous too…)
Ema: (A lot of people took the exam so I’m getting a bit nervous myself…)
Ema: (But I’m sure it’s fine! Yusuke-kun did his best after all!)
Ema: What number was yours…?
Yusuke: ….
Ema: Yusuke-kun…?
Yusuke: There…
Ema: Huh…?
Yusuke: It’s there! My number!
Ema: R-Really!?
Yusuke: Y-Yeah! 100946! There’s no mistaking it!
Ema: …You’re right!
Yusuke: I passed! All right!!
Ema: You did it, Yusuke-kun! Congratulations!
Yusuke: Yeah, Thank you! You deserve credit for this too–hey, why’re you crying?!
Ema: I’m just… really relieved…
Ema: I knew you did your absolute best. So I’m really happy for you…
Yusuke: I-I told you it’d be fine didn’t I?
Ema: You’re right. Sorry.
Yusuke: You don’t need to apologize…!
Ema: Good job for all your hard work, Yusuke-kun. I’m looking forward to being together the next 4 years!
Yusuke: Not just the next 4 years…
Ema: Huh…?
Yusuke: We’ll always be together.
Ema: Yusuke-kun…
Yusuke: Hey…there’s something I wanted to tell you since I passed.
Ema: What is it…?
Yusuke: Listen okay? I’m only gonna say this once.
Yusuke: Ema…I want you to become my wife!!
Ema: …Eh!?
Yusuke: I’ll make you happy no matter what! I’ll always protect you! No matter how many years pass by…
Yusuke: I want to be together with you for the rest of my life, Ema!
Ema: Yusuke-kun…
Yusuke: Is it strange that I’m saying something like this so suddenly?
Ema: No, not at all. After all, no matter how crazy it sounds, I know how serious you are about it.
Ema: (I’ve always been charmed by his earnest and straightforward attitude.)
Yusuke: Haha, what’s that supposed to mean? Well I guess it’s expected from you, Ema.
Yusuke: So, what’s your answer?
Ema: No matter what may happen in the future let’s always be together.
Yusuke: O-Of course! I won’t ever let you go! No matter what!

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