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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Iori’s Birthday (English Translation)

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Ema: (Oh right, it’s Iori-san’s birthday tomorrow! Should I buy him a present…?)

1: Buy
2: Don’t buy

1: Buy
Ema: (I should go get one…Okay, I’ll go to the mall later!)
Shop Assistant: Welcome!
If you buy something:
Ema: (This should be okay. I’m excited to give it!)
If you don’t buy something:
Ema: (Maybe I shouldn’t get a present, after all…)
When you leave:
Shop Assistant: Thank you for stopping by!

2: Don’t buy
(Well…I don’t really need to. I need to focus on today!)

Next day
Ema: (Today is Iori-san’s birthday.)
Ema: (I should give him his present.)
Ema: Good morning, Iori-san.
Iori: Good morning. What are you doing this early…?
Ema: (Thank goodness…. He looks normal today….)
Ema: I’m sorry…. There’s something I want to tell you….
Ema: Happy birthday! Here, your present.
Iori: For me…? Thank you…. I’m really happy. …Can I open it?
Ema: Yep.

Option 1: (hearts, get him the photo collection, the notebook or the glass figure)
Iori: これ……前から気になっていたんだ……。僕が欲しいもの、よくわかったね。
Iori: This…is what I wanted from before…. You really know what I want, huh.
Ema: I’m glad you like it.
Iori: …That’s right for the present….
Iori: But I’m happy with your greeting too. Thank you.

Option 2:
Iori: 僕に……? ありがとう。でも、何だか気を遣わせちゃったかな……。
Iori: For me…? Thank you. But, it seems like you had to consider me….
Ema: No…I wanted to give you one.

Iori: I’ll treasure this present.
Ema: Okay.
Ema: Then, I’ll go back to my room. Sorry for bothering you this early.
Ema: (I’m glad I celebrated Iori-san’s birthday!)

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