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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Album (English Translation)

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Azusa: By the way, isn’t there a package from Mom?
Ukyo: Ah, you’re right. Actually, I’ve placed it next to the telephone, but I forgot all about it due to dinner preparations.
Tsubaki: Oh, you’re right ★ It’s here, it’s here! Kyo-nii, can I open it?
Ukyo: Yes, if you would.
Wataru: Ah-! I’ll help out too!!
Tsubaki: Then, Wataru’s in charge of tearing of the tape!
Wataru: Understood! Hn… Eii!
Tsubaki: Alright, you did it well! …And what’s inside is, uh… ah! This is…?
Wataru: Album? It’s an album of the big bros! Awesome!!
Tsubaki: “I found it while I was tidying up things so I decided to send it to you. Miwa” is what’s written here.
Masaomi: How nostalgic. Let’s all take a look at it.
Tsubaki: Agreed ★ Of course Ema too, you’ll look at them, right?
Ema: Yes…! I really want to see them.
Ema: (Wow! Everyone is so young… how cute!!)
Ema: This one is Masaomi-san and Ukyo-san? Is this during Masaomi-san’s high school graduation ceremony?
Masaomi: Yes. At that time Ukyo was, what, a first-year?
Ukyo: Yes, you’re right.
Masaomi: You know, Ukyo was really amazing. He’d always get top grades since he entered school.
Masaomi: In my case, I somehow got into med school though I was pretty flustered during the exam period, but… In the whole 3 years Ukyo was always the head of class, right?
Ukyo: That’s not the case. When I wasn’t in good condition, my grades would go down…
Ema: (But, certainly he’s usually one of those top rankers…)
Ema: Yusuke-kun! Let’s do our best so we won’t lose to Ukyo-san!!
Yusuke: O-Okay?
Masaomi: Haha, that’s a good spirit.
Tsubaki: Ah, this one is when we were first-years? Uwaah, how nostalgic.
Azusa: Isn’t it right after we entered high school? Tsubaki put on his uniform properly.
Tsubaki: Eeh, what’s that. What does that mean, Azusa?
Azusa: Ten days after entering, you started customizing your uniform. You changed your necktie and school bag and other stuff too…
Azusa: Instead of wearing white shirt you wore parka, instead of leather shoes you wore boots…
Azusa: But every time, why am I the one who get caught by the counsellor teacher, and even getting scolded… hey, this grudge I hold, how should I clear it away, Tsubaki?
Tsubaki: S… Sorry, really…
Natsume: Azusa… Tsubaki’s habit of doing whatever he likes has happened since long time ago, right. It’s not like he did it only during high school.
Azusa: Well, yeah. But Natsume, you went to a different high school so you have no say in this. After all, you alone ran away from the duty of babysitting Tsubaki.
Ema: (Huh? Just now…….)
Tsubaki: Uwaah, what the heck, Azusa. That way of speaking is a bit harsh, right!?
Ema: Uhm… Didn’t everyone attend the same high school?
Azusa: Tsubaki and I were in the same high school, but only Natsume went to a different one.
Tsubaki: Usually, because we’re triplets, we go to the same place, right? But Natsume alone betrayed us.
Natsume: Ran away, betraying… don’t destroy my reputation like that. It’s because I got recommendation due to my track skill, I got to go to different high school.
Tsubaki: Uwah, he became serious. Always when it comes to Natsume’s social standing.
Natsume: Hey!
Azusa: Yes, yes. Let’s stop it with old tales. It’s annoying.
Natsume: Wasn’t it Azusa who started talking about it… Haah…
Ema: (Certainly… it seems like something natural, for thinking that these three attended the same high school, so it was a bit surprising.)
Ema: …By the way, what did Kaname-san and Hikaru-san look like as high-schoolers?
Ema: Well, when it comes to Kaname-san, I think I understand without having to listen about it though…
Hikaru: Oh my. What do you imagine he was like?
Ema: Everyday goofing around, making girls cry.
Kaname: Ehh, I did none of that though?
Ema: Then, were you an earnest high school boy?
Hikaru: Well, when it comes to facing people he’s always earnest. Then, he usually had multiple companions around him.
Ema: Aah, just as I thought…
Kaname: That’s pretty cruel, Imouto-chan.
Hikaru: Though Kaname had always been a cruel man since long ago, for some reason he never severed ties with the girls.
Hikaru: It’s obvious he knew the girls who went to the same high school as him, but knowing even the names of girls from different schools, and in the end the female college student who came to do teaching practice too…
Ema: F-Female college student……!?
Kaname: That’s not it, okay? I was just offering a helping hand to her.
Hikaru: If I think about it, the Kaname from that time was unusually popular. Certainly that was your golden era, right?
Wataru: By golden era, do you mean that KanaKana sparkled the most during that time?
Hikaru: You can say so.
Fuuto: Even though you say that he was popular, in the end, it’s just on a commoner level. If it’s men of the same level as the damn monk, there are swarms of them around me.
Hikaru: Even though Fuuto is unbelievably popular, he never thoughtlessly stretches out helping hands, huh. Fufuu, what a pitiful celebrity.
Fuuto: Hmph!
Ema: And Hikaru-san? What kind of high-schooler were you?
Hikaru: In my case, well…it’s a secret♪ For you, I think it’ll be best to provoke your curiosity a little more.
Ema: (Haha…let’s not get too deeply involved.)
Ema: By the way, in this photo only Louis-san seems too young…
Ema: Ah, that’s right. That time, Louis-san was still a middle-schooler, right?
Louis: Yeah.
Ema: Louis-san in his middle school era, he looks so adorable!
Louis: Ah…certainly, it’s around that time, I realized that…I like playing with, or touching my friends’ hair.
Ema: (Since he was a middle-schooler, Louis-san had grown fondness toward hair, huh.)
Ema: The album is very interesting. Thank you for letting me look at it!
Iori: Though if it were me, rather than looking at the older brothers’, I think I prefer looking at your childhood album.
Ema: Eh, my album? …Well, if the chance comes.
Kaname: Hey, today strangely everyone is present here, so why not take a picture, to commemorate this day?
Ema: …! T-Thank you very much!
Kaname: Then, line up, everyone. Ah, hey, Suba-chan don’t run away!
Subaru: …!
Subaru: I, I’m fine with it. That kind of thing. Taking photograph or such, I’m not too fond of it…
Ema: What are you saying. Everyone is going to be in the picture. If only Subaru-san not in there it’ll feel kind of lonely…
Subaru: …Geh.
Ema: Come on, let’s do it.
Subaru: I, I got it! I got it, so don’t grab my hand!!
Kaname: Then, let’s do this.
Wataru: KanaKana, come quick!!
Kaname: Yes, yes.

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