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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Ecstasy 4 (English Translation)

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Reiji: kh…… What kind of behavior is this, Cordelia?
Yui: Nfu. It’s because I’ve got time. So I thought I’d use you as a pastime, you know?
Yui: (kh……Cordelia, stop!)
Yui: – You’re annoying. In the end,you’re just a freeloader inside of me, so envy me quietly.
Yui: (kh…… That…… I mean, silently watching you push down Reiji-san……)
Yui: Nfu. Is that jealousy I hear?
Reiji: What are you saying?
Yui: This girl says it’s unbearable to watch silently.
Reiji: kh……
Yui: (S-Saying that this is jealousy……)

Choose Exactly (Correct choice)
Yui: (But, there’s no use in lying after all this time, huh…… Yes, exactly)
Yui: (I’m jealous)
Yui: She says that’s how it is, you know?
Reiji: Ha…… What kind of stupid things……
Yui: Oh, you’re blushing. This time I’m the one getting jealous.
Yui: (That Reiji-san would get embarrassed…… I’m a little surprised)

Choose You’re wrong!
Yui: (Y-You’re wrong!)
Yui: This girl says that just now was wrong.
Reiji: I thought so. There is no way she would feel something like jealousy.
Reiji: If there were things like that inside of her, she truly would not be quite right in the head.
Yui: (kh…… I wonder if I should have answered honestly……)

Yui: Well anyway, let’s leave this kid alone and have fun with each other.
Reiji: What are you planning to do at this place?
Yui: Oh, and there I thought there was a bed close by as if on cue. You can’t say you don’t know after all this time.
Reiji: ……
Yui: (Reiji-san…… Won’t you resist?)
Yui: Oh, you have a pretty nice body, don’t you. Not bad.
Reiji: That is because it is trained.
Yui: Nfu. All right, I will make you feel good……
Yui: (Wa……it! Stop! What are you doing with my body……!)
Shuu: ……Huh?
Reiji: kh……!?
Shuu: ……
Yui: (Shuu-san!?)
Shuu: …… Sorry. I’ll leave.
Reiji: Hey, wait a se-……
Yui: – That’s Beatrix’s oldest son…… I see, your older brother.
Reiji: That is true, but what of it?
Yui: Nfu. I thought of something nice…… Hey, Shuu-san! Wait!
Shuu: What is it, go be Reiji’s partner.
Yui: No. I thought you coming in saved me.
Yui: (……!? Cordelia’s way of talking…… Is she copying my behavior?)
Reiji: kh…… Hey, Co-…… No, Yui, what are you doing?
Yui: Reiji-san, I’ll do it with you again next time, okay?
Shuu: …… What’s that. Annoying. What’s this twist of fate?
Yui: Nfu. Sometimes it’s nice to play like this with a different partner, isn’t it?
Yui: I’ve gotten a bit tired of being that quiet unsociable person’s…… No, Reiji-san’s partner
Shuu: Hmmm. Well, it’s fine with me.
Reiji: kh……!!
Shuu: Well, if you want to come along, do what you want.
Yui: (Following Shuu-san of all people……)
Reiji: That bitch……!
Yui: Hey, what should we play? For now I’ll do what you want.
Shuu: Noisy.
Yui: Nfu. Well, then I’ll have to do as I please.

In the hallway
Yui: (Stop…… Cordelia, Shuu-san is the only one……!)
Yui: – Nfu. You’re annoying, aren’t you. Try imagining it. About now, his face is bright red, you know?
Yui: (But……!)
Shuu: Hey, who are you talking to?
Yui: Eh? Oh, I’m talking to myself. I’m sorry.
Shuu: Huh? Isn’t the atmosphere around you somehow different from always?
Yui: Is it? Well, you could say that if you’re in this residence all this time, even your character changes.
Yui: If you have to be that person’s partner every night, right?
Shuu: Ts. It’s annoying, huh. Don’t come close to me.
Yui: Yeah, yeah.
Yui: (He left……)
Yui: Ahh, that felt refreshing. Since I could watch that priggish face change color.
Yui: (Why do you do such things!?)
Yui: Nfu, because I’ve got free time. Also, it isn’t bad if that guy who always seems to keep calm looks pained.
Yui: (Not at all……)
Yui: Hihi. You’re just a little girl. Just like humans, of course vampires have weak points, too.
Yui: Finding and pecking at them is fun.
Yui: (You’re the worst……!)
Yui: Say whatever you want. That’s like spitting at the sky. I mean, I am you.
Yui: That means you are me.
Yui: (I wonder how long this situation will continue. Forever? No, there’s no way I’ll have to be like this all the time from now on……)
Yui: (Ahh, what should I do…… Also, is Reiji-san all right? I’m worried……)

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