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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Yusuke Event 15: White Day (English Translation)

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Yusuke: …H-Hey!
Ema: Yusuke-kun!
Yusuke: Um…here…

Good relationship with Yusuke

Ema: This is…?
Yusuke: It’s thanks…for Valentine’s…!
Ema: Oh…thank you! Can I open it?
Yusuke: You mean…here?!
Ema: Is that a no…?
Yusuke: N-no, it’s fine…!
Ema: Ahh…!
Ema: (A bottle of candy, and stationery with a character that I like!)
Yusuke: You…use a notebook with the same character, right?
Ema: (Yusuke-kun noticed?)
Ema: Yeah, and I love it! I’m really happy!!
Yusuke: G-Good.
Yusuke: U-Um, those round chocolates from Valentine’s… were really good!
Ema: (Round? Oh, the truffles.)
Yusuke: There were various ones, so I didn’t know where to start at first… in the end, I picked the standard, brown ones.
Yusuke: The ones with powder.
Ema: (…Powder? Oh, the truffles with powdered cocoa.)
Yusuke: When I tried eating it, I coughed.
Ema: …Coughed…?
Yusuke: Yeah, and the power even got to my nose. I guess I can taste things with my nose, too.
Ema: ………
Yusuke: And the ones with the strawberry bits were so green they looked like moss…
Ema: (Because it’s sprinkled with green tea powder…)
Yusuke: I guess you’re really good when it comes to food.
Ema: Yeah… Thanks for those impressions that were certainly like you…
Yusuke: H-Hey, are you pitying me?!
Yusuke: A-anyway, don’t tell anyone I gave you stuff!
Ema: Why not?
Yusuke: Don’t ask!
Ema: …Alright. Then it’ll be our secret.
Yusuke: …….!!
Yusuke: …Yeah, sure.

When your relationship isn’t as good

Ema: Is this…from Valentine’s?
Yusuke: Yeah, I promised to return the favor…
Ema: Oh? Thank you, Yusuke-kun!
Yusuke: Sure…they were really good.
Ema: (I’m so happy that Yusuke-kun gave me a present.)


Yusuke: …Anyway, I’m heading back.
Ema: Okay, goodnight.
Yusuke: See you.
Juli: …Chii? Why are you grinning?
Ema: Huh…? I’m not grinning!
Juli: You got candy and stationery from Yusuke?
Ema: Y-Yeah…
Juli: I’m eating every single piece of candy in that bottle!!
Ema: What? N-No, Juli, don’t!!
Juli: And that stationery goes out the window!!!
Ema: You can’t! I want to keep it!

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