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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink White Day (English Translation)

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Ema: ……
Juli: Why are you fidgeting so much?
Ema: I’m not fidgeting.
Juli: Huh, I guess it’s natural, considering what today is.
Ema: (I couldn’t stop thinking about Valentine’s…)

If you gave someone chocolates on valentine, they can come to give you something (This part doesn’t happen for Hikaru)
Ema: Coming!

After this an event will happen. Check the route to see which one, or just see which brother shows up.

Masaomi’s Sixteenth Event
Kaname’s Fourteenth Event
Hikaru’s Tenth Event
Tsubaki’s Sixteenth Event
Subaru’s Fifteenth Event
Yusuke’s Fifteenth Event
Fuuto’s Twelfth Event

No event
Ema: What’s wrong, Juli? You don’t look so calm, either…
Juli: H-hey. Chii…
Juli: Today’s White Day, right? I’ve got something for you.
Ema: Huh?
Juli: It’s thanks, for Valentine’s.
Ema: (Wow…I didn’t think Juli would give me anything…!)
Ema: …Can I open it?
Juli: Sure.
Ema: A scrunchy…it has the same pattern as your ribbon. It’s so cute!!
Juli: I’m glad you like it.
Ema: But…how did you make it…?
Juli: I had help from Louis. He couldn’t give it to you today, even if he wanted to.
Ema: Alright. I’m really happy, Juli. I’ll take care of it.
Juli: Yeah.

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